The Success of JetSmarter Under the Leadership of Sergey Petrossov as the CEO

Sergey Petrossov is a professional entrepreneur. His success as an investor has deemed him worthy of being ranked as among the top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs in the Forbes magazine. He has mainly focused on consumer technology. Petrossov is also based in South Florida. His main focus is on making sure that the innovative forms of technology that he has come up with are beneficial to the various industries.

His success and fame as an entrepreneur came about after he founded JetSmarter. Sergey Petrossov has also played a key role in the foundation of two IT companies. There was a corporation that dealt with distance learning, and it focused on educational institutions that spoke Russian. The other company dealt with making sure that websites that had an online chat system that would make sure that a company’s customer service is unrivaled. Apart from that, Petrossov has also worked at the South Florida-based private jet operator as a board advisor. During his tenure as a board adviser, the company was the largest private et operator, and the company’s services were on high demand.

After flying with a private jet for the first time, Sergey Petrossov came across various challenges. The manner used to book charter flights was not as advanced. To alleviate the difficulties that were present in the booking process, Sergey Petrossov saw it fit to harness the power that lied in technology. He then founded JetSmarter.

He worked together with the development team that helped him to come up with various projects in the past. He also used his own capital to invest in the project. During the planning phase, Sergey Petrossov wanted to formulate an application that would make sure that people could easily connect with private jet operators. In August 2012, Sergey Petrossov was able to launch the beta version of the mobile app. He then raised additional funds that enabled him to launch the application on March 2013.

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