Allied Wallet- Among The Leading Firms in Provision of Payment Processing Solutions Globally

Allied Wallet is a profit private company located in California, West Hollywood united states of America. Its headquarters are located in the western side of United states, West coast, Greater Los Ageless Area. It was founded in the year two thousand and two by a great investor from united states Andy Khawaja (Alliedwallet). Currently, it is a big company since it offers opportunities for around one thousand to five thousand employees. Its major work is creating solutions in payment processes.

The company is not only located in united states but also has offices in other countries around the word including United Kingdom, china and Germany. Similarly, Allied Wallet is well known for its committed provision to consumers and businesses with flexible, cost effective and secure payment solutions. Alien serves over millions of consumers thus making it one of the largest firms leading in the world today.

Allied Wallet gives way to a variety of products for payment processing means which meets the diverse needs of their clients. Some of the products include prepaid cards, ewallet app, mobile point of sale service, global payment and affiliate payouts. Also, Allied Wallet gives numerous APIS that can be used by business of all sizes, be it Large scale or small scale businesses. This facilitates incorporation of Electronic commerce services. The data security that has been enhanced in the company helps in protection of every aspect of the company’s operations.

Over the years, Allied has been recognized for its diversity in their business operations. They are known for the great customer service they offer, their ability to innovate, the company’s culture, the offering in the company and also the immense growth of the company both in size and output. The stories of its success have been published in papers such as the guardian newspaper, fortune magazine, and also the wired newspaper. Nevertheless, Allied Wallet has shown philanthropic efforts and that has led to its recognition as well. The company’s effort has raised several organizations such as After schools all-stars, the wounded warrior project and also the ASACP.

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