Guilherme Paulus Reveals the Secrets to Becoming a Better Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is the current president of the GJP Hotels. He is also the founder of the CVC company. He is a well -known and successful Brazilian entrepreneur. After he was done with his studies, Paulus secured an internship opportunity at IBM where he worked for a certain length of time before he decided to venture into the entrepreneurship industry.

Guilherme Paulus reveals that the idea to establish his company came from a colleague by the name Carlos Cerchiari. They met when travelling during which Carlos shared his dreams of establishing a tourist agency. They decided to come up with a partnership to establish the agency. Paulus chose a good and strategic location which was just at the exit of a movie theatre. They worked together for some few years before Carlos decided to exit and venture ino another business.

Paulus always ensures that he starts his day by being thankful and optimistic. He is always ready to face what another day brings along. He has a diary where he schedules all his daily and weekly activities and this avoids confusion and also saves on his time. This also makes him orderly. He believes that ideas are mainly brought to life through faith. For an idea to either fail or succeed, it must be put into action.

Guilherme Paulus loves the way technology is simplifying our day to day activities. Technology has made it easy to access information that is of great importance to the business. Information such as customer preferences and opinions are very crucial for most business managers. Paulus ensures that he offers close supervision the various facilities under his management. He holds discussions with both the customers and the employees and from this he gets to know their views and suggestions. He advises the young people to always seek for advice and especially form the elderly people who have knowledge and have also undergone various life experiences.

Guilherme Paulus strongly believes that what maters a lot in today’s society is the way one integrates both hard work and knowledge in their endeavors. He terms the combination unbreakable.

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