OSI Making sure that McDonald’s Big Macs Stay Safe and Free of Preservatives

 Today we live in a world were we constantly worry about the foods we are putting into our bodies, the ingredients they contain, and the preservatives they might include. Many people are strongly believing that McDonalds burgers are full of preservatives, even though it is advertised otherwise, and it has not been proven. This led to the OSI factory in Günzburg Germany, being toured, and allowing us to see where these Big Macs really come from.

OSI Group is the company that supplies the burger to McDonalds, they produce about 5 million burgers a day, and about 30 million a week. The company may have a big turnaround rate, but they work hard each day, to make sure the burgers they send out are up to standards.

In order to keep the meat safe and to standard, the OSI Group makes their employees follow very strict rules. These rules include the prevention of sick employees working, the ability for them to wear anything that could go loose into the meat, and before entering everyone must were specific clothing. The also require workers to do handwashing before entering the factory and they make any visitors follow the same requirements.

When it comes to the meat, it arrives in large pieces where it is then checked to make sure it is bone free, and then put into containers. The meat later gets minced and then a machine turns them into the burgers. The factory often selects a few burgers to grill and test, to make sure that make it to fulfil the companies standards.

All burgers are placed in plastic bags and placed into boxes to be shipped from OSI. The boxes are stamped with information about were the meat came from, that way if there are issues when arriving at McDonalds then it can be tracked back to the source and resolved. OSI Group makes sure that the process of making the burgers is safe, to standard and that the burgers are preservative free.


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