How OSI Food Solutions is Reaching the World

OSI Food Solutions now has more than 64 facilities around the globe. The fact that they could be opening more facilities around the globe is highly possible. As one of the world’s largest food suppliers, the company has worked to grow their presence in Europe and China. With the company operating in more than 17 countries and 20,000 employees, OSI Food Solutions is amongst the largest of privately held companies in the United States. One of the reasons this company has such a strong foundation is it’s beginning. Starting out as a small family business in Oak Park, Illinois, OSI Food Solutions took pride in offering high quality meats and customer service to all of those who were living in the community.

The founder of OSI, Otto Kolschowsky, was determined to provide the best food products that he could for this small village of immigrants that hailed from Germany. Otto knew what it took to come into a new country having traveled by boat just two years prior to starting his business. Opening his meat market was about taking pride in his unique skills and the type of work he knew best. It was around 1928 that the business was officially named Otto & Sons. It was from this point that their business began to grow as they opened up other locations in nearby towns.

The mid 1950’s would bring even more good news when Ray Kroc opened a burger franchise known as McDonald’s. This was the beginning of a solid relationship between Otto & Sons when Ray Kroc chose them to supply the fresh meats and other goods. With this partnership as McDonald’s was growing, this meant that Otto & Sons was growing as well. Supplying meat for their hamburgers became a top priority, and it was just the right combination of business to help OSI grow into OSI Food Solutions. Click here.

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