Measures of Success of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is a middle-aged entrepreneur who is an industrial engineer by profession based in America. In his early career life, Khanna served as a senior employee at Oracle Solutions which deals with computer technology internationally. He was a co-founder member of the Saber Corp in the late 90s. Khanna`s commitment resulted in Saber being recognised as the largest independent state government solution provider. Nitin Khanna is mainly known for his accomplishments at Merger Tech where he serves as the chief executive officer. His success is primarily because of the excellent foundation in his career which is based on his experience.

Nitin Khanna has gained numerous acquisition deals for Merger Tech. These acquisitions include; ArcTouch by Grey, Springbrook by Accela, GlobeSherpa by Ridescout among others. This has led to successful partnerships which have accelerated the growth of the Merger Tech Company. He is a board member of various companies such as Vendscreen, Freewire Broadband and the Classic Wines Auction.

Nitin continues to explore and create new entrepreneurial opportunities which have led to the establishment of new industries such as recreation and medical marijuana industry. Cura Cannabis Solutions has rated among the most successful marijuana oil providers His involvement in the Indian Tech through investment with the iSOS Inc, led to the enhancement of software solutions. This has facilitated the acquisition of features like inventory management, real-time tracking and elimination of the use of cash during transactions. Click this link to see more about Cura Cannabis Solutions.

In 2002, Nitin`s contributions to the economy were , and he was awarded Portland`s Top under 40 civic and entrepreneurial leaders. Merger Tech is known internationally, through Nitin`s efforts in his area of expertise in mergers and advisory services. His leadership skills have attributed to this success as depicted in EDS` government operation in 2007 which is associated with a tremendous increase in revenue. Nitin is known to be a philanthropic entrepreneur as he offers advice to many companies regarding social, mobile and cloud spaces for no profitable gains. His innovations have led to the sustainability of the success of many businesses. Nitin Khanna is a pillar of change in industry and entrepreneurial sector that motivates young stakeholders.

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How Heather Parry has Redefined the Art of Storytelling

Heather Parry is without a doubt one of the few professionals that have been able to create the best musical documentaries of our time. Entertainment pundits for the last two decades have termed this niche as one of the hardest areas to create classical content, but Parry has proved this notion wrong. In only three years, she has not only created one of the best collections of work, but she has also brought some of the best celebrities alive, back to our screens. Some of these stars that she has been able to bring back, with amazing stories and unmatched documentaries include the legendary hip hop star Puff Daddy and the unmatched Lady Gaga.

Live Nation Productions has given her the freedom to make incredible pieces of entertainment. Although Heather Parry has worked in some of the best production companies and the finest media companies, working for this entity means a different phase of creating different body of works and working with different producers. One of her greatest partners in this creation process is Colin Hanks. Although they have known each other for long, working with him on these projects meant a lot for Heather Parry. This impressive working condition with talented producers and directors have made Parry a two-time nominee of Critics’ Choice awards.

In addition to creating some of the best and entertaining musical documentaries, Heather Parry has also been part of creating pieces that reflect different global issues such as terrorism. Due to the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and other countries, she is keen on telling these stories in better and objective ways. According to her, the best way to understand these global issues is by capturing them in films. Working with best storytellers such as Colin Hanks helps her to produce not only objective documentaries but also pieces that are informative and classical.

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‘Invest wisely’ is the ultimate slogan of Agora Financial- A Top Rated Publishing Co

‘Invest wisely’ is the ultimate slogan of Agora Financial- A Top Rated Publishing Company

The experts at Agora Financial are always available to provide financial guidance and unbiased market commentary based on high-quality publications to all the investors who want to achieve financial success and security.

The company seeks various insights from renowned publishers like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Los Angeles Times, CNBC and many more. Agora Financial determines to provide quality publications and commits to deliver valuable analysis and education to its customers through highly experienced professionals.

The company assists a variety of customers on a yearly basis as it has access to all the major resources required to ensure effective financial planning as per the request of the clients. Since financial planning is an important tool to achieve long term financial goals, the analysts at the company are entitled to guide clients with reliable information.

The editors at Agora Financial will not only provide you with the right source of information, but they are also not afraid to make bold predictions as well. The team follows multiple strategies in terms of wealth and money management.

The company aims to supply adequate and relevant information to all its customers including the general public and advises them to invest wisely. Established in 1979, Agora Financial is a leading subsidiary of Agora Inc., also known as the land of ideas. The building consists of a recording studio and a library that includes a large collection of books that once belonged to economist Dr. Kurt Richebächer.

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Improve Your Skin With The EOS Brand

Your lips are one of the first attributes of your face that people will see in face to face interactions. Your skin tissue is very delicate and should be nourished with natural products. The popular EOS brand is an all-natural formula that fortifies your skin from bad habits like smoking, the elements, and products that don’t work. Their lip balm is very popular in Germany for their fast acting ingredients. Enjoy a readily accessible container that’s easy to use right from the tube. The Evolution of Smooth brand also offers other skin care products including lotion and shaving cream.

In fact, the EOS brand offers products that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. You will notice improved skin in as little as one month. However, your lips benefit from the EOS brand after its first use. If you have dry chap skin on your lips, you can enjoy the EOS brand every day. Nourish your lips with vitamin E. You can purchase your favorite blend directly from their website. More importantly, enjoy a dual pack that will ensure you always have a spare. The EOS lip balm is one of the first to offer the maximum protection for your lips and aromatherapy.

China’s Leading Company in Innovation and Infrastructure,

Being the leading retailer company in China, JD. Com released reports on corporate social stability that addressed issues regarding innovation, empowerment and sustainability. JD. Com, Inc. also known as Jingdong is a provider in retail infrastructure services and has enabled customers to buy what they want and wherever they want to get it from. By helping a range of industries in innovation and productivity, the company has opened brands, technology and infrastructure across the country as part of their retail service. Aside from being the leading company in technology in china, is also a member of NASDAQ-1OO company.

JD has a number of accomplishment in the recent years some of them being, highlighting the importance of innovation, empowerment and sustainability. The company is cautious about the environment and the global community by creating, packaging and delivering products that creates a positive impact. has indulged in projects that have reduced the emission of waste and promotion of sustainable consumption of products by their customers. The company has had a technology unique way of linking the customers with the organization in terms of supplies, fast delivery across the country, Through the Green Stream Initiative and Recycling Project, the company has built transparency in their work across China.

Among some of the highlights from the report is; over five thousand new energy vehicles replacing the fuel vehicles, millions of donations collected for the JD’s charity programs, millions of clothing collected reused for donation of the people, packaging marking tapes saved through the innovation initiative and over three million products from the rural areas to benefit the poor people in china. has taken the initiative to participate in the sustainable development goals of the united nations through use of clean energy, poverty reduction and responsible consumption of products. Additionally, Jingdong has actively supported many charity programs, aiding education to the disadvantaged, protection of the environment and disaster management reliefs. They have achieved this through their active programs of innovative technology and infrastructure. The company’s aim is to create a sustainable consumption of products using their technology innovations to people in china and all over the world.

Lincolnshire Management Gains Investment Opportunities through Experience

Lincolnshire Management was originally founded in 1986 and is a private equity firm based out of New York City. The firm is focused on control investments particularly in middle market companies, and they are invested in an array of industries with over 85 acquisitions over eth last 30 years. The firm draws on extensive experience and has a collaborative approach to private equity investment.

When it comes to transitions, Lincolnshire Management takes a rather flexible approach. They structure investments that meet the needs of management, lenders, and sponsors. Their 30-year track record is combined with a broad investment charter that provides the seasoned company the flexibility to respond to all of the challenges that the company meets and they stand ready to provide the required resources for the financial success for any enterprise.

Lincolnshire Management is always on the lookout for profitable companies in growing industries and is open to investments of all kinds including distribution, service businesses, and niche manufacturing. They also look for strong management teams, diversified customers, competitive advantages, and good margins. Promising growth opportunities are another quality that the company seeks out. The pointers that the company looks for when making investments have been discussed here.

They are a company that is flexible in the structuring of their investments and looks to transform orphaned or undermanaged businesses into companies that are reputable and desirable. The Lincolnshire Management team is made up of 20 operating, investment, and origination professionals and the teams have worked together for many years. They have also established a superior track record, and their operations professionals are aided by many analytics, associates, and principles as well. More about these professional that make the firm the best in equity funds can be found here

Lincolnshire Management has a hands-on approach to implementing new strategies and introduces the best sourcing strategies and also enhances production in a diverse range of different industries. This ensures that they are able to offer a unique heritage when it comes to formulating solutions to the challenges for prospective and existing portfolio companies.

Lincolnshire Management is an important component of a very sound and investment guideline that is thoroughly committed to gaining much higher returns. They are a company that is also integrated into the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing.

An Overview Of PE Firm HGGC

Armed with an extensive portfolio of industry achievements, HGGC is a private equity firm with a coveted reputation. Developed in 2007, the firm’s decade-long expertise inspires confidence. Steve Young, Richard Lawson, and Lance Taylor are the brains behind this leading middle-market agency, and they’ve been humbled by the immense success and praise their company’s earned. Forging partnerships with business owners, sponsors, and management teams, HGGC strives to take burgeoning companies to the next level. Specializing in platform investments, recapitalizations, private equity, add-on acquisitions, and information technology, HGGC has a vast array of knowledge at their disposal.

No doubt a prominent name in California’s financial industry, HGGC puts a premium on standing out from the competition. They use this same approach to arm their clients with a distinct edge. To date, Young, Lawson, and Taylor have acquired $4.3 billion in cumulative capital movements. Hallmarked for their advantaged investing practices, this PE firm pairs attractive multiples with burgeoning trends to source and acquire scalable businesses. Above all else, HGGC intends to propel companies to unparalleled heights using a repertoire of custom solutions, tried-and-true methods, and novel paradigms. One of their more recent ventures was funding FXP, a leader in CPQ solutions.

FXP, a company of tremendous promise and potential, piqued Lawson’s interest. Upon discovering the company’s vision, prowess, and talent, Lawson made the executive decision to take FXP on as a partner. Exceedingly grateful for the proposition, FXP promptly accepted the fundraising opportunity. With HGGC’s help, FXP’s exponentially expanded. In fact, Lawson’s mission was to evolve FXP into an internationally recognized brand. These days, Lawson, Young, and Taylor aim to fine-tune their skills while diversifying their knowledge. By keeping an ear to the ground, they intend to do just that. As the firm evolves, Young, Lawson, and Taylor hope to remain as profitable as they’ve been.

The Life of Yanni Hufnagel as an Excellent Assistant Coach

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Yanni Hufnagel, famous Jewish coach, grew up in Scarsdale situated in New York. Yanni Hufnagel developed an interest in sports at his young age playing lacrosse with his sibling, Alec. Upon graduation from Scarsdale High School, Mr. Hufnagel joined Pennsylvania State University for a single academic year. While at Pennsylvania, he nurtured his skills in sports serving as the lacrosse team defenseman. He transferred to the University of Cornell to pursue Bachelor of Science in Labour Relations. Mr. Hufnagel received his degree from the campus in 2006.

According to thecrimson, Yanni Hufnagel’s zeal in athletics continued even after finishing his studies. In 2009, he joined the Crimson men’s basketball initiative in Harvard serving as an assistant coach. Yanni Hufnagel was a recruiter under Tommy Amaker in the same program. As a recruiter, he worked towards improving his gaming capabilities and establishing a trustworthy relationship with Tommy Amaker. In 2011, CBS Sports recognized his improvements and selected him as the mid-major assistant coach. During his time in the team, Yanni Hufnagel was applauded for his excellence in managing the team. In the 2012-13 game season, Yanni received recognition as the most energetic and relentless recruiters in the game.

Yanni Hufnagel worked with not only Harvard but also the California University, Maccabiah, Nevada University and Vanderbilt. During the 19th Maccabiah Games held in Israel, Yanni Hufnagel was operational as the United States team coach. In 2013, he became an assistant coach under the guidance of Kevin Stallings. Yanni Hufnagel worked with Vanderbilt for one season, with which he influenced different individuals positively. The personnel that Yanni Hufnagel nurtured include Wade and Matthew Fisher-Davis.

Hufnagel’s biggest debut occurred when he joined the Golden Bears staff in California chaired by Cuonzo Martin. During this period, he played a vital role in convincing Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown to join his team. He understood the relevance of the pair in the California Golden Bears team. In 2016, Jaylen and Ivan led Golden Bears to an NCAA Tournament berth, which was successful. In the same year, Yanni Hufnagel left California for the University of Nevada where he accepted the assistant coaching position.

Similar to other teams, Mr. Hufnagel utilized his capabilities to ensure his line-up succeeds. The strong support by the President of UNR, Marc Johnson, influenced Yanni immensely. He worked with the institution men’s basketball group ensuring that the team achieves in its endeavors. Yanni’s presence for one season at Nevada University was influential and worth it. Learn more about Yanni on

FPX Gets Capital Infusion from HGGC

HGGC is a middle-market, privately-held equity firm that has over $15 billion in investment transactions under its belt. In April of 2016 it acquired FPX, a global leader in enterprise Configure Price Quoting. In September of 2017 HGGC made an additional investment in the globally-expanding FPX to help facilitate further growth and expansion. The amount was undisclosed, but both parties state that it will be a useful amount that will assist in FPX growth and the profit of both companies.

Known for a successful track record of making investments in companies that compete in e-commerce realms, HGGC maintains a solid footprint in the digital market. FPX was a leading innovator in Business to Business sales, simplifying the process and increasing the profit for all concerned. Their 2016 acquisition of FPX seemed common sense, and the increased investment in FPX’s growth is seen as a natural extension of that initial investment.

FPX is a independent SaaS vendor that tries to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital marketplace and help their clients stay ahead as well while engaging in Business 2 Business transactions.

As a firm with a reputation for e-commerce investments, HGGC has conducted over $25 billion in aggregate transactions and has more than $4.3 billion in capital commitments. They not only acquire and invest in companies, but also engage in liquidity transactions, add-on acquisitions and recapitalization transactions, having more than 60 such deals to their credit.

The investment by HGGC in FPX is seen as an endorsement of FPX’s ability to continue to help their clients to increase sales compatibility and market share. As the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of HGGC, Rich Lawson emphasized this confidence, stating that FPX was acquired because they were the best at what they do.

As an investor, the company doesn’t simply buy up other businesses: They invest in their growth alongside the current operations, investment and capitalization entities that were already there. In other words, they don’t find weak businesses: They find strong ones in need of investment capital and then work alongside them to facilitate their growth, profiting both companies in kind.

Aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden

Plastic surgery is a hot topic these days. Celebrities and stars are not the only ones able to be indulge in such procedures either. Well known aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden brings her expertise to a spa setting in Austin, TX. Dr. Walden has been featured on CBS, Fox & E! and on magazines such as Vogue, Glamour & Self. Her social media page on Instagram highlights her professional opinion regarding plastic surgery, safety concerns, general surgery information and much more.

Her practice promotes a healthy approach to a personalized and comprehensive outline to cosmetic surgery. There is a vast array of procedures that can be done. From breast implants to nose reconstruction. Her Instagram page shows how her med spa is unique and it give a personal filter of her as an individual as well. In my opinion this brings you closer to how great this doctor is. The videos that are featured on her page also give a glimpse of how certain procedures are conducted and the results. Being able to view such live feed is great for skeptics or those that are cautious of what they are getting into. For sure the med spa inclusive with plastic surgery makes her vision of cosmetic surgery more than just an alternative but a definite enhancement for an patron that she sees.