Larkin and Lacey Foundation: We Believe in Freedom

Cultures of diversity have struggled very hard to fight for their emancipation and personal rights for many years. But very recently, Africa was hit with domination and enslavement, which has been a cruel and heartless problem even for other countries all over the world right now.

In a retaliatory move, move, many individuals who have already been slaves for some years, have started to rebel and fight against those who have subjugated them and had finally been able to gain the freedom and peace that they deserve, which is the independence that many oppressed people need now.

As much as we would want this right this minute, it must first be granted by officials, and there are many people who feel that their luck can be pushed further so that in return, it will give them the permission to resources and cheap labor.

Luckily, two people were able to give those troubled immigrants a voice to fight against those who have oppressed them. Those two individuals are Lacey and Larkin. Both of them have shown their compassion for helping the underprivileged through their organization, which they have called the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

Since the group has been formed, it has been well known for providing immigrants and those unfortunate people with financial support to fight for their human, civil and migrant rights. Throughout both of their careers, they have been able to face a lot of false convictions. Aside from that, when they are not working, they live a pretty exciting life.

Lacey & Larkin are journalists since they travel and go to different places almost all the times, they write about most of their accomplishments and have spread it around to make the world aware of what has been happening to those poor migrants.

The organization that they both created has also been responsible for providing immigrants with places to stay among many other things that can be found at the Southern Arizona Camp. Most migrants cross over to the Mexican border and seek shelter at the premises of the foundation. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Aside from that, the group has also been able to help deportees and families on the other side of the frontier, and assist them to regain their personal belongings and properties that have been confiscated by security when they reach the border of Mexico and the United States.

All of the above mentioned are only a portion of what the organization has been able to contribute to those in need. They have also felt that the security personnel that can be located at the borders take an interest in their personal belongings and keep it for their personal use without the intent of giving it back.

Through the organization’s efforts, they have been able to protect and grant migrants freedom. Under the watchful eye of the two journalists Lark & Lacey, they have been able to give families the happiness that they deserve free from the bondages of oppression from those people who do not deserve to be killed.

Paul Mampilly’s Wave-Making Newsletter

     Business newsletter has always been exceedingly useful but they have never really been something that has been considered a “popular” medium – rather, a professional one. This is due to the fact that most business newsletter, as one might expect, are not meant to appeal to wide audience, but rather to a niche audience who already has some basic understanding of whatever business the papers are trying to expound upon. Thus, it is highly impressive whenever a particular newsletter breaks the mold and starts gaining popularity – such is the case with Profits Unlimited, the highly lauded eight page newsletter from the decorated financial investor and Wall Street guru, Paul Mampilly.

One of the primary reasons why Paul Mampilly’s eight page newsletters, which are mailed out to subscribers on a monthly basis, have become so popular is the depth and breadth of financial wisdom portrayed within. Mr. Mampilly, for those whom may not yet have heard of him, has a long and storied career within the financial sector who got started in the industry way back in 1991 working for Bankers Trust as a assistant portfolio manager, from there he would go on up the ladder, working for such corporate giants as ING, Duetsche Bank and Kinetics International.

Each issue of the newsletter focuses on a suggested model for the creation of optimal portfolio for the user – that is, those stocks which Mr. Mampilly has tracked and or utilized himself, ones which are proven to be, not just slightly profitable, but highly profitable. He also sends out podcasts to those signed up to his email list that will go into even more depth on the stocks included in his newsletter to ensure that subscribers have the absolute optimal amount of information, and thus security, before they make any significant investments.

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How Beneful Dog Food Stacks Up to Other Brands

To get a better understanding as to how Beneful brand dog food stacks up to the competition, we only need to look at how your dog will respond when they see that delicious food in their bowl. The first thing you notice is those huge chunks of farm-raised chicken, then you can not help but see and endless array of colorful and healthy dog food accents ranging from blueberries, spinach, to pumpkin.

Your dog is getting 23 essential vitamins and minerals in each meal, minus all the fillers that you find in other brands like grains and corn. Beneful brand dog food not only looks and tastes good, it is the healthiest option for your furry family member. Your dog will thrive after eating this brand dog food, bursting with energy while the food helps them to live a healthier life.

Taking a look at the production of the Beneful dry dog food, we see employees at the US-based facilities performing several food quality checks from the beginning to the end of production. These employees feed their dogs the same food because they see exactly what is going into every single bag of dog food. Compared to the rest, Beneful is the only choice when the health of your pup is a top priority.

Investment Professionals Reveal Tips

If you haven’t heard of Warren Buffet yet, you’re about to be surprised by his million dollar bet. He wagered a couple of mutual funds of investment that he would be able to out perform them just investing in one thing, S&P 500 indexes. Warren says that most mutual funds don’t know what they are doing or make money overcharging in fees. With over decades of Tim Armour’s knowledge of education and experience, mr.Buffet has felt it was time to share some tips for small and big investors alike to learn more: click here.

One of the main things he enforces is the time you take to do your research. This was one of the first things Warren did when he started, diving into various financial companies looking for the right one to put his money on. He pointed out that if they are willing to put their own currency to invest with you, then the chances of losing money are lowered. While some people will tell you to be passive with your investments and don’t exchange or sell, it actually doesn’t matter. One of the things Warren looks at isn’t how many times you buy and sell, it’s about how much you made in the end. He tells us to always keep in mind that the marketplace is always changing, there’s no set trend that you can look out for. Even the safest investors can lose money on passive and active indexes fund when the market goes down.

Tim Armour is a chairman of Capital Group. Tim Armour made his way into the associates program with his bachelors in economics and spent over thirty years with the company. Group Capital and Samsung Asset Management partnered up to help investors in Korea, where Tim said himself will give Korean institutions and individuals opportunities just like they have in the United States, bringing people and their investment goals closer.

How Does Bruno Fagali Serve Brazilian Businesses?

Brazilian businesses are in need of legal support every day, and there are quite a few people who will find that they need help from Bruno Fagali. His office has been set up to help with compliance law and urban law, and this article explains how Bruno does his work. Someone who hires Bruno will find that they may receive consulting in a number of ways.

#1: What Is Compliance Law?

Bruno Fagali sits with boards of directors where he offers advice on compliance law. Every business that he consults must be in compliance with new business laws, and Bruno will help these companies make proper choices. Each firm that needs his help will learn how to remain on the right side of the law, and they will find it much easier to remain so when they keep Bruno on retainer.

#2: Urban Law

Urban law often has to do with development and a number of different building principles in business. Bruno helps many people who have concerns about development in their area, and he helps companies that wish to develop parts of their cities. He knows the law on both sides, and he knows how simple it is to read the law when required.

#3: Bruno’s Profile

Bruno has a public profile in Brazil, and he is known all over the country for the work that he does. He knows that there are a number of people who need help with their development projects, and he teaches people how to manage personal cases where needed. He works with large companies and private clients every day, and many people contact Bruno for help.

The law expertise that Bruno has ensures that all his clients are given the best services possible. Someone who wishes to make changes to their personal or business case must ask for help when they contact Bruno’s office. They will have many different things that may be done when they ask for help from Bruno Fagali’s office. A simple way to change a life or a business is to hire a law expert such as Bruno Fagali.

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The Journey of Lori Senecal to Become a Celebrated Executive in the Advertising Industry

In the recent years, more women have made a tremendous effort to venture into the corporate world. They have defied all odds to be successful business leaders in different niches. Lori Senecal is one of the women who fit well into this category. In fact, she has made a name for herself in business and more specifically in the advertising industry. Lori currently works at Crispin Porter + Bogusky advertising agency as the Global CEO.

Lori Senecal has been part of CP+B since 2015. Her current role involves overseeing the company’s international growth and expansion, as well as managing the coordination of its nine global offices. Lori is acknowledged for making a remarkable impact on both the culture and business of CP+B. As such, she has played a significant role in the creation of a modern global advertising agency that is collaborative, inventive and agile. Additionally, Lori’s leadership is attributed to fueling CP+B’s growth and development across geographies and disciplines.

Although Lori has had an illustrious track record at CP+B, MDC agency recently confirmed her departure from the company. The confirmation was done through an email that was sent to all staff members. Aside from being Global CEO of CP+B, she also served as the chief executive officer and president of MDC’s Partner Network.

Work Experience

Before joining MDC Partner, Lori served as the chief executive officer and chairperson of kbs+. After she joined Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners in 2009, the company rebranded to Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners (kbs+). Kbs+ experienced significant growth from a 250-individual domestic agency to more than 900 persons globally under her tenure. In fact, the company was acknowledged as one of the Best Places to Work in New York City by Crain’s and one of the Standout Agencies on Advertising Age’s list. Check out Inspirery to know more.

Prior to joining kbs+, Lori Senecal was the president McCann Erickson’s flagship New York office. Earlier on, she worked for McCann Worldgroup as the global chief innovation officer.

Recognitions and Awards

Lori Senecal has attained a reputation that cuts across the advertising industry. This repute is owed to her work ethic and ability to leave an impact in each company or firm that she joins. For this reason, she has received several industry recognitions and awards. In 2013, Lori received the Quantum Leap Award for leadership and innovation at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. Later in 2014, she was part of the Advertising Age’s list of Women to Watch.

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Micheal Lacey’s And Jim Larkin’s Fights For Reforms Of Immigrant, Human And Civil Laws

Micheal and Jim are the renowned activists and journalist transforming the immigration landscape of Arizona. Their time in the limelight started when they won a case against the crooked Maricopa Sherriff cop, Arpaio. After an extended fight in the courts, the two journalists receive a compensation of $3.75 million from Maricopa County for what was termed as unfair treatment.

The course of action that prompted the commencement of the case involved Arpaio’s wrongful arrest of Micheal and Jim in the middle of the night from their homes. The arrest warrant detailed that the journalists had refused to cooperate with Arpaio o reveal details of their magazine’s readers, including their browsing history.

Following the case’s resolution in court, Arpaio was ultimately labeled as a faulty policeman with the intention to misuse and abuse his administrative power in the defense force.

He was also exposed for the unjust means he used to screen immigrants and deport them. The case which took place at the United States Court of Appeals was a success in defense of First Amendment Rights and the beginning of a journey by Larkin and Lacey to support immigrants.

Micheal and Jim have a long history as journalists in the United States. They have several associations with leading media houses and their platforms where they campaign for freedom of speech and reform of immigration laws.

After their complicated case of Arpaio, Micheal and Jim started the Frontera Fund to financially back up foundations in Arizona promoting improved civil, human and immigrant laws. One of the cases highlighted on Frontera’s main page is that of the unfair treatment experienced by immigrant children and youth. They undergo intense vetting procedures to allow them basic opportunities in the States such as education and jobs.

The most recent hiccup reported by immigrants is the army recruitment process taking place through MAVNI. The organization signs up immigrants with special qualifications into the military to serve in various posts such as oral surgeons, psychologists, nuclear medical officers among other professions.

They consider nationals from more than 15 backgrounds including, Swahili, Igbo, and Baluchi-speaking regions. The foundation allows the recruits to gain direct citizenship into the States after ten weeks of combat training or to serve as Commissioner army officers.

MAVNI has been the recipient of some unsatisfactory reviews citing that immigrants undergo extreme scrutiny. The vetting negatively impacts their lives and seeps into other facets of their current involvements, ultimately corrupting their citizenship in the country. Additionally, MAVNI fact checks each person’s financial, educational and professional backgrounds for the past ten years.

The procedure is attributed to the fallout of more than 1,500 applicants who lose the statuses while awaiting verification. An additional 4300 are pending in status while they await the procedure’s maturation.

The immigration attorney David Leopold stated that it is vital for USCIS to find alternative ways for MAVNI to reduce fall out cases and reduce the vetting period since it is the only organization that ascertains entry of immigrants into the US army.

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Continues its Next Phase of Growth

Nexbank is continuing its recent pattern of growth and diversification with their recent acquisition of College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey. The purchase adds to their diversified portfolio of products and services. Nexbank adds to their arsenal a niche specialty consisting of 529 plan college savings programs. The college bank will keep its name and become a division of Nexbank.

College Savings Bank has focused on helping parents provide college tuition for their children since it first opened its doors in 1987. It is the program manager for two state-run college savings plans. Both Indiana and Arizona utilize their services.

Nexbank recently completed a capital raise from shareholders of $24 million. It is an indication of ongoing strength in their operations. The money will go to support general corporate purposes. With recent statistics revealing a return on average equity (ROAE) of 37.6 percent, Nexbank continues to pursue growth opportunities. Last year total assets exceeded $3.5 billion and total deposits grew to a total of $2.6 billion. These substantial increases total 61 percent and 49 percent respectively, year over year.

Nexbank is a powerhouse amidst the thriving business culture in Dallas, Tx. They have three core businesses, Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Investment Banking. Nexbank has a charter dating back to 1922.

George Soros: A Man With A Goal To Help The World

George Soros is someone who is known all over the world as a person who cares about society and the betterment of individuals. His primary goal in live is to be able to create the world where everyone can coexist in harmony, and where political systems are always catering to justice. He is known to be one of the biggest charitable donors in the entire world and has contributed immensely to numerous different causes. He has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world by providing them with the kind of aid that they truly need. Soros has been featured numerous times on Forbes’ lists making it as one of the top philanthropist in the world. Soros’ reason for helping the world doesn’t just lie in his fame and his influence, but his sheer will to want to help people and get them out of the tough situations that they are in.

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Soros knew that he would require a lot of resources to be able to make a difference to people’s lives all over the world. It was for this purpose that Soros saw the world of Wall Street fit for him to make his money in. He started his ventures on Wall Street straight out of college, where he began working as a hedge fund owner. With some extremely risky trades that paid off even better, George Soros soon managed to rake up a fortune for himself. He was soon on his way to achieving the goals that he set for himself, and was on his way to make a difference in the world and political systems. He has influenced the political systems in numerous countries including America, advising the general public on whom to vote for and bring to power. Read his profile at Forbes.

This inherent need to want to help people stems from his childhood and the kind of life that he led when he was growing up. Soros was born in Hungary to a Jewish family. At the time, the part of Hungary that he was living in was still under the control of Nazi Germany, which caused a lot of distress to Soros and his family. His family and the people living around him were subjected to extremely harsh realities and had to lead a highly fearful lifestyle. This continued until his family managed to escape Hungary and move to London where they set up their new life. It was this childhood experiences that made Soros want to do something to ensure that the wrong people never come into power again and so that people can live without fear in their lives. When in London, Soros signed up for the London School of Economics which was his first step towards his goal. Learn more about his profile at

Chicago Entrepreneur, Rona Borre Completes An Interview With Ideamensch

Rona Borre started her company back in 2001. Since its inception, her firm called Instant Alliance has become heralded across the nation. Two factors that have helped Instant Alliance to stand out include that it is a female owned business in the technology and business world and that its revenues have steadily increased year after year. This represents not only a successful business, but also an expanding one.

Besides being a successful female business owner, Rona Borre is also very active in the Chicago business and philanthropic community. Some of the organizations that she is involved in include the Young Presidents Organization, the Economic Club of the City of Chicago and the Chicago Network. Many of these organizations help aspiring female entrepreneurs as well as young business owners such as herself.

Borre’s company has been featured on news outlets and publications such as USA Today, CNBC, Crain’s Chicago, CNN Money and Crain’s of Chicago. Check  During her appearances on business news shows such as CNBC Ronna Borre highlighted the trends in the staffing industry and what the tech and finance industry is now looking for. Business magazines have also highlighted Ronna Borre by naming her as one of the enterprising women of the year. Her business has also garnered numerous other awards for excellence in staffing and female leadership.

Mrs. Borre’s educational background includes studying at Arizona State University, where she completed a bachelor of science program in business administration. Her company is located at 200 W. Adams, Suite 1440, Chicago, IL 60606 in downtown Chicago. You can contact Instant Alliance for any staffing needs in the field of technology or finance by calling 312.582.2600.   More of Instant Alliance on

One of the questions asked of Rona Borre during her Ideamensch interview was what is a trend she finds highly fascinating. Borre sad that big data and analytics fascinate her. She said that they can make running a business more efficient. They nownow impact decision making from top to bottom.   For the full interview, click on