Glen Wakeman Helps Entrepreneurs Avoid the Pitfalls that Result in Business Failure

Glen Wakeman helps small businesses avoid the pitfalls of entrepreneur business failures by utilizing a vast career of business experience and strategic guidance. (Glenwakeman) utilizes a simple formula for evaluating where a company is and establishing a plan utilizing simple steps to achieve business success. The idea is basic in business, companies that fail to plan literally plan to fail. After creating a solid foundation with a great corporate structure, a developing company will also need to establish a game plan of how to transition an idea or product or service into a monetary windfall for the company. Glen Wakeman has an approach that answers the perplexing question of why great ideas in business are not enough for companies to succeed; they also need a strategy and a game plan in order to bring about the results that are necessary to transfer the business into a lucrative venture. Furthermore, a simple approach to making complex business concepts and strategies easy to comprehend for the average start-up business owner is crucial. Glen masters the techniques of making the complex business concepts and strategies easy to comprehend and follow by utilizing his company Launchpad Holding LLC’s software and services. Also, Glen Wakeman stresses the importance of taking every aspect of the business seriously. In order for venture capitalist and banks to provide capital funding to a new business, the business will have to be structured and set up in the proper way to attract funding opportunities. There is a systematic approach taken by venture capitalist when evaluating to whom and for how much money can be made available or put at risk in new businesses. Glen Wakeman can help entrepreneurs attract investors and lenders by establishing the proper structure in their business utilizing the services of Launchpad Holding LLC. Glen Wakeman gives new entrepreneurs that utilize his services and software the guidance needed to avoid the pitfalls new entrepreneur failures.


A True American Hero Named Perry Mandera Helped Chicago Residents

Perry Mandera is a name that not many people recognize but is one that synonymous with what we consider the American dream. Mandera is a real man’s man; he is a veteran of the Marine Corp, has been involved in politics as a Republican candidate, and has seen his fair share of hardships through his life. He is a strong and capable businessman and a devout Christian who embraces his religious views in everything that he does, enriching his life and those who work for him. During his time as a soldier, Perry Mandera was introduced to the world of transportation, where he was in charge of operating motor vehicles in supply and military convoys (Affiliatedork). It was during his time abroad for the armed forces that he developed a love for providing quality transportation solutions for others, and what originally gave him the idea to begin his own business doing the same after being discharged.

Perry Mandera started his first company in 1980, focusing on a more private form of transportation. The company he founded was small and he would eventually decide to sell it in order to make way for other options. He founded his current company, Custom Cares Charities, Inc., a corporation that allows Manera to serve others. The organization continues to offer transportation to those who require it, but they also are involved in a number of different charities that seek to assist the youth of the current American generation. Mandera has built this corporation from the ground up and Custom Cares Charities is now worth an estimated 200 million dollars and employs hundreds of able-bodied and caring individuals who are focused on offering the highest level of support to their customer base (

What Perry Mandera was able to do in the Marine Corp he has successfully brought into the business world, By providing the levels of care of a Christian organization and mingling it with the heart and soul of an American hero he seeks to provide different areas of support for those who need it most; Americans who are not able to help themselves.


Lives of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael Lacey was born and raised on the east coast. His father was a construction worker how taught him the importance of standing for something. Lacey didn’t want to be a construction worker like his dad, so he moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University.

Once there, he immediately noticed the difference in how people behaved in Arizona. Most of the people his age wanted change and more peaceful resolutions to things. The ultra-conservative media didn’t see things that way. They viewed antiwar protestors as un-American and portrayed as such in the media coverage.

Lacey was shocked by the media’s coverage of protestors and started a small paper with some fellow students. Before long, his paper picked up traction, and he dropped out to focus more on his new business. Eventually, Jim Larkin, another college dropout and Phoenix-native, joined the paper and headed up advertising.

Phoenix New Times quickly became a go-to source for non-conservative media coverage. As their paper grew in popularity, they began buying other papers in other states. They started a new company that would become the multimillion-dollar media conglomerate Village Voice Media. VVM was made up of 17 other like-minded papers.

Even after reaching such success, they still had to deal with a vengeful sheriff in 2007. The vengeful sheriff in question is former sheriff Joe Arpaio. He’s no longer sheriff for many good reasons; least of them being that he’s racist. When Lacey and Larkin’s paper started reporting on him, Arpaio went insane.

For most of his time as sheriff, he could easily silence critics or bully them into quitting altogether. Phoenix New Times was different. They didn’t back down just because he started harassing them. The harder he came at them, the more they wrote what he was doing.

Every time they thought they’d found the worst thing he’d ever done, he’d do something worse. As if systematically abusing Latinos wasn’t bad enough, he started using fake subpoenas to try to shut New Times down. On more than one occasion, he used fake papers to try to force Lacey and Larkin to hand over all notes and papers on him.

After having the duo arrested, he used fake subpoenas to try to convince them to give him the names and personal information of their readers. He not only wanted them and their employees but also their readers.

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CEO Graham Edwards Displays Leadership at Telereal Trillium

There is a company known as Telereal Trillium that was created in 2001, by the Chief Officer of Telereal, Graham Edwards, when a property outsourcing contract he initiated was signed. The whole reason on why Telereal Trillium’s contract was signed in the first place, was to focus around getting British Telecom Holdings to a fledgling company having a major role in the United Kingdom, and also in the world of investment with Chief Executive Officer Graham Edwards establishing it all. The culture of Telereal Trillium was set in place after Graham Edwards making his first deal having a positive influence on how this company has turned out to be.

In December of 2001, when the deal that Graham Edwards executed was signed, British Telecom decided to start a 30-year partnership to help strategize with Telereal Trillium. This created Graham Edwards accumulating a large amount of properties through Telereal Trillium, acquiring 6,700 properties with a 59.2 million square feet of total floor space. With the experience of being an investor, and also being a graduate from Cambridge University working with innovate minds, right away, Graham Edwards knew what value this contract was setting into place. He has an extensive history working in the field of investment, whether it’s being a fund manager, or the head of finance, Graham Edwards experience has propelled himself to be more than capable to keep leading Telereal Trillium in the right direction. As chief executive officer, it’s imperative that those qualities of being a leader keeps proving itself in this competitive market.

His leadership has made an impact on the entire company, spreading his positive energy in the workplace having a effect on his dedicated team ( Graham Edwards likes to give more value than what he asks for in exchange, creating the standard of being diligent and setting the tone for success moving forward in today’s changing global economy.


Sujit Choudhry’s contribution as a constitutional advisor.

Born in 1970 in New Delhi India, Sujit Choudhry is a successful career man and has received several awards due to his work. Since 2014, Sujit has served as the dean at University of California Berkeley school of law, he later resigned as the dean and has worked in other Universities, among them include; New York University school of law, and the University of Toronto.

Also, Sujit Choudhry also practices law; he is also an adviser as well as an author and has published several books. Currently, Sujit Choudhry serves as the director at Center for Constitutional Transitions; this organization aims at supporting the constitution structure by uniting global experts to provide proof- based possibilities for those tasked with making the decisions and conducting research. This institution comes up with the knowledge necessary to offer their support to the constitution making process.

In a recent interview, Sujit revealed how he came up with the idea to establish Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit has worked as a constitutional advisor for almost two decades now, during his years as an advisor he worked with many upcoming democracies all over the world. He helped the countries amend their constitutions, during his work he noticed that there were some concerns, regarding the lack of knowledge or outdated information. This triggered the idea to establish a research firm that would help fill the gap and provide adequate information for constitution formation or amendments (

Being an immigrant Sujit explains how he has succeeded in this field. Mr. Choudhry has received law degrees from three different countries, and this helped him understand the different law systems of the states, the history, and the political atmosphere. Sujit’s educational background has profoundly contributed to his success; he also adds that his education achievements from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford have been instrumental in him achieving his successful career

Sujit Choudhry reveals that for one to excel in what they do, it is critical to listen to people and be ready to adapt to new environments. People on the ground understand better what is happening and solutions to these problems and once adjusted and modified help bring solutions.  Read more on

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Michael Hagele is Taking a Look at Things Differently

Michael Hagele is a general counsel working with the technology companies and industries including defense, biotechnology, and aerospace. Michael Hagele mainly capitalizes on the upcoming technology companies. He is the founder of numerous businesses in the hospitality and restaurant industries. Michael tirelessly works to outline, close and bargain for agreements in both local and international telecommunications sectors. He also deals in intellectual assets rights matters, business agreements, and various corporate dealings. In the past, Michael was working as an intramural attorney. He was also a general legitimate counselor for enterprise capital control, employment, and joints. Michael Hagele is an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley where he received his law degree.

As an independent counselor and having worked precisely for companies, Michael comprehended that own small practices could serve customers better. He learned on tactics that ease methods of offering reasonably priced and first-class legal facilities for his technology customers. Follow Michael Hagele on Twitter.

Michael Hagele likes starting his day by revising his everyday tasks. He usually begins by handling general issues, intellectual property matters, and counseling. Michael follows by preparing contracts agreements including technology licensing contracts. In the afternoon, Michael likes to breathe some fresh air by riding his bike while developing supper ideas and figuring out the best ways out to difficulties. Having a clear head, Michael returns to his office and deals with arising client issues that and find solutions. Michael spends his evening on the phone conversing with his overseas investment partners and chatting on entrepreneurial strategies.

Michael never gives up and believes in persistence as the key to actualizing an idea. He utilizes new information and ideas to bring great outcomes. Michael is always excited about artificial intelligence. He argues that artificial intelligence has a diversity of application such as genomic programming that holds enormous potentials. He also acknowledges machine learning as a significant trend in the present world. Michael ever admires and practices in the habit of placing his clients first and believes that this preference has helped in his productivity growth.

Michael has ever worked at a car wash in Chicago at his young age. This job gave him worst experiences and incented him to make good use of his future and attain his academic dreams. Away from his official tasks, Michael practices physical exercise. It helps him sharpen his mind. He also feels recharged after the workout.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Plans To Attend Medical Conferences This Year

A Short Bio Of Dr. Rod Rohrich:

Dr. Rod Rohrich practices medicine at UT Southwestern University. He’s a plastic surgeon, and his patients have had great experiences with him. In addition, his colleagues think well of him. In fact, Dr. Rod Rohrich has upcoming speaking engagement.

What Are His Upcoming Speaking Engagements?

Dr. Rod Rohrich plans to speak speak at the following medical conferences:

  1. The Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting:

Not only is Dr. Rod Rohrich going to speak at this conference, but he also organized it. He continues to play a strong role in the management of the conference as the chairman of its board. Speakers at the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting discuss technologies and techniques that are used for rhinoplasty.

  1. The Cosmetic Surgery And Medicine Meeting:

This meeting was also arranged by Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr. Rod Rohrich is also one of the event’s most noteworthy speakers. The Cosmetic Surgery And Medicine Meeting is a good place for doctors to improve the techniques that they use during plastic surgery and begin using new technologies during procedures.

The Baker Gordon Symposium:

While this conference was not organized by Dr. Rod Rohrich, he will be esteemed faculty at the conference. The Baker Gordon Symposium features live surgeries. Viewing these procedures is a great way for any physician to improve his or her plastic surgery techniques. The symposium is quite popular among physicians, and it’s going to take place on February 8th.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Has A Positive Impact On The Community:

Dr. Rod Rohrich donates money to charity. In addition, he helps to ensure that people have better access to healthcare. Dr. Rod Rohrich improves access to medical care for children living in Dallas. However, he also works hard to improve access to healthcare for people who live in underprivleged countries. Follow  Rohrich

Matt Badialli’s metal magic

Matt Badialli is the editor in chief of Real Wealth Strategies, a newsletter published by Bayan Hills Publication. Real Wealth Strategies is a newsletter that looks to guide its readers into profitable investments in the world of natural resources. Its chief editor, Matt Badiali, is a geologist by profession. He holds a PHD in Geology from University. He uses his knowledge and understanding of natural resources to gauge their profitability. He also uses the knowledge he has gathered during his investing years to determine the best company that deals in the natural resource in question to invest in. Because of his unique skill set, he has been able to give his clients advice that is knowledgeable and practical.

Most recently, Mr Badiali has been urging his readers to invest in zinc. His reason is based on his expertise in Geology; Zinc is one of the most important metals in the world. It is used in every field; nutrition, medicine, engineering… This has made it one metal people cannot do without. However, Geologists say that the metal is getting depleted. Since 1990, no new reserves have been discovered. The existing reserves can only take the world as far as the next fifteen years. Because of this shortage, there is a supply and demand gap. This has caused the prices of this commodity to go up.

Apart from just telling his clients the most profitable minerals to invest in at a given time, Matt Badilli researches and suggests the best company to invest your money in. To get the best out of Zinc, Matt suggests that investors consider investing in Hudbay Minerals. Having looked at the advantages this company has over its competitors, its fundamentals and its capital structure, Mr Badialli thinks this company is an investors best choice when it comes to investing in zinc.

Matt Badialli has a passion for teaching and he makes a point of making his knowledge accessible to as many people as possible. Apart from his contribution to Bayan Hill Publication he uses his face book page to post articles and links that his followers would find useful. On his page, he also asks some of those difficult questions no one wants to engage you in. Since most of his posts are meant to benefit investors in this sector, he has attracted followers interested in the same. As a result, some of the questions and discussions attract responses from other likeminded investors. Talk of productive discussions. Some of his articles can also be found on

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Shervin Pishevar’s Help To Entrepreneurs

Shervin Pishevar is one of the few accomplished entrepreneurs who are determined to see other people also make it. He tries to show budding entrepreneurs the steps he took to become as successful as he now is. As the saying goes, show a man how to fish and you’ve helped him more than giving him fish for a day.

Shervin Pishevar is a teacher. He has shared platforms with many renowned business men who have the passion to teach upcoming entrepreneurs. What makes him stand out among others who share the same passion is the fact that he teaches from his own experience. After reading a number of entrepreneurship books, you will realise that some of the information given there are generic; hardly practical. Shervin Pishevar teaches on what he had tried and succeeded in and what he had failed in. This allows him to give his listeners advice that is not only workable, but beneficial.

Apart from teaching, he helps entrepreneurs with bright ideas to get the capital they need to set up their businesses. This has earned him a name as a seed investor or an angel investor. Shervin Pishevar realised that sometimes it is not the knowledge that is lacking, it is finances. As a result, he decided to meet the difference; to some he has given money as a loan and to others he has given money in exchange for equity. This has seen him help many entrepreneurs realise their dreams.

Because of his desire to see entrepreneurs succeed just as he did, he was chosen as a keynote speaker in President Obama’s entrepreneurship summit in Algeria. He also is a member of the UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurship Council where he serves as an enterpreneual ambassador. He has been part of several delegations to the Middle East and Russia. Every time he has been called upon to give financial advice whether to an audience, firm or country, he has proved himself knowledgeable and invaluable.

Shervin Pishevar is among the only 100 naturalised Americans to be awarded by the Department of Homeland Security as an outstanding American by choice.

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Award-Winning Entrepreneur Bernardo Chua And The Growth Of Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua wanted the world to know that the ganoderma mushroom offers many health benefits. In his quest to educate the masses, Chua has helped to make two companies, Gano Excel and Organo Gold, very successful. When Gano Excel approached Chua in the Philippines and offered him a position marketing their coffees and teas infused with ganoderma extract, it was the opportunity he had wanted all his life. He took the job and enthusiastically told people about all the things the ganoderma infused Gano Excel products could do for their bodies. People were impressed with Chua and the products and Gano Excel began to grow.

Within his first three years with Gano Excel, Bernardo Chua was able to recruit new customers outside of the Philippines. He began selling Gano Excel products to people in Hong Kong, the U.S. and Canada. The company loved it when Chua moved to California. They started Gano Excel U.S.A. and named Chua president. Given the opportunity to reach out to millions of new people and teach them about the benefits they could enjoy by ingesting ganoderma extracts, Chua created a network of over 800,000 independent marketing agents to offer the Gano Excel products and information about the ganoderma mushroom to people throughout North America. Read more on Business for Home for more info.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua left Gano Excel and founded Organo Gold. He immediately put a greater focus on customer education. He also had farmers develop the highest quality ganoderma mushrooms possible. In a flash Organo Gold was the network marketing industry’s fastest growing company. It now has marketing agents in over 50 countries. Organo Gold also won a slew of awards for sales as well as the quality of the products Chua had created. Chua seemed to have the magic touch. He is able to grow companies by educating the customers about the nutritional and health benefits of the ingredients.

In the Philippines Chua is hailed as a hero. He won two ‘People’s Choice’ awards and the ‘Outstanding Global Entrepreneur’ award. Chua also received the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan award for international business excellence and serving as an inspiration for Filipinos.