Review on the New EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm is one of the new trending commodities in the market. It is manufactured by a company known as Evolution of Smooth, EOS. The lip balm is supplied to malls and retail shops for the customers to buy. This lip balm is created from organic ingredients with no animal origin. The manufacturers also add organic hydrating compounds that help in preventing the lips from cracking.

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The packaging of the lip balm has been designed in a way that buyers can easily spot them among the many other brands in the market. EOS Lip balm comes in different flavors such as Vanilla Orchid, Hibiscus Peach, coconut, Shea butter, honeydew, grapefruit and many others. EOS lip balms also have jojoba oil and vitamin E as significant ingredients. It has also been tested by a dermatologist. This ensures that EOS lip balm doesn’t cause any allergies or skin diseases that may result in health risks to its users, view here.

EOS has recorded huge sales for these products. This includes the sales recorded by the retail stores that purchase these vegan crystal flavor lipsticks for resale. These retail stores are the famous Walmart, Walgreens etcetera. This unique brand of lip balm has gained so much popularity such that celebrities like the Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have them in their makeup bags. The packaging of this product is very appealing to the eye. Anyone who loves them wouldn’t miss spotting the pastel-colored orbs.

The company has been making huge profits on a daily basis and have even attracted media houses who invite them for interviews, refer to Having risen from zero to a hundred real quick, many editors for magazines have written articles about this vegan flavored lip balm.

The users of this vegan lip balm have given positive feedback to the company through their website and other social media platforms. Its use has enhanced the beauty and the smoothening of lips.

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Bradesco President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is Shrewed, Determined and Highly Approachable

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the current president of Bradesco. He has been working at the Brazilian bank for 58 years now. After joining the bank aged 18 as a clerk, he has earned numerous promotions up the ranks, ultimately leading him to the top position in 2009. A few of his achievements, in particular, have stood out over the years.

Marketing Director at 34

In 1985, having spent only 15 years at the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco assumed the position of marketing director. His appointment came a critical time for the bank. The competition was heating up in the industry, spurred on by the growing influence of technology in banking. To stay ahead of its competition, the Bradesco brand needed more visibility. Consequently, Trabuco heavily invested his time in building bridges between the bank and members of the press. With more media attention coming the bank’s way, members of the public started developing trust in the bank. Till this day, the client trust cultivated in the eight years served as marketing director has not waned.

Impressing at Bradesco Seguros

A decade and two promotions after his stint as marketing director, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed the president of Bradesco Seguros. The insurance company was already the largest player in the market by the time he took over in 2003. That said, he did not see this as an opportunity to rest on his laurels and quickly set about growing the company further. His first year at the company was so impressive that he was even named the insurance personality of the year. However, even that award could not have prepared industry players for the extent to which Luiz Carlos Trabuco would improve the insurance company. By 2008, he had doubled the company’s value from R$32 billion to an estimated R$78 billion, making it the largest insurance company in Latin America. Additionally, the company ownership of the insurance policies grew to 25 percent of all policies in the market. Most importantly, the improved bottom-line under his tenure represented 35 percent of Bradesco’s earnings in 2008, compared to 26 percent the year before he took over.

Extended Tenure at Bradesco

After spending six highly successful years at Bradesco Seguros, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was in 2009 selected to become the president of the Bradesco Group. While his appointment coincided with a slowdown in the financial industry, he still managed to significantly grow the company – adding 211 new branches in by the end of 2009 alone. While organic growth does not have many associated risks, it is unfortunately very slow. Consequently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has throughout the entirety of tenure been on the lookout for good acquisition opportunities. One such opportunity came in 2015 when Bradesco acquired the then fourth largest private bank in the country, HSBC for an estimated five billion dollars. The acquisition was the biggest deal of the year and significantly improved the bank’s future prospects. Owing to his effectiveness as Bradesco president, the bank’s board in 2016 decided to extend his tenure for a further two years, meaning that he will now retire in 2018, aged 67.


For a man of his stature, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a very disarming personality. Those around him know him to be a humorous man when the situation allows it. Understandably, this is an important quality for a man of his position as many of those who approach him are already intimidated by his titles and achievements. The humorous nature helps calm people’s nerves, thus allowing them to speak freely.

Sawyer Howitt Iconic Entrepreneurial Success

The account of Sawyer Howitt is sufficient confirmation that the age isn’t a restricting element to what a man can accomplish in the business area. In spite of the fact that he is youthful, he has accomplished a great deal that a portion of the matured business visionaries has so far not possessed the capacity to accomplish. Sawyer Howitt emerges as a business visionary who has the capacity to understand the money related and operations requests of business.

Notwithstanding the capacity he has created in enhancing the operations in business, Howitt Sawyer is a man who acknowledges the association with buyers and the brand soul. One of the elements that ascribe to the accomplishment of Mr. Sawyer Howitt at such a youthful age is the ability to be up to any errand. In that capacity, he has been associated with notes taking in gatherings, nuanced introductions, and even complex spreadsheets. His prosperity is credited to the idea that there is no activity which is too little or too enormous for a man.

Sawyer Howitt is a moment semester senior understudy. His zones or determination in examines incorporate fund and business. Also, he has demonstrated enthusiasm for these fields while at temporary jobs. One of the components that have manufactured his notoriety for being a youthful pioneer is being a venture chief at Meriwether Group. He started exercises in this gathering in 2017. He has kept on demonstrating his flawless authority aptitudes through working with more tasks which go for changing the use of trade in future. Also, the activities go for investigating how organizations will change to adjust the innovative progressions.

Notwithstanding being an effective business person, Sawyer Howitt has been effectively associated with various magnanimous courses. Thusly, he is relied upon to be a standout amongst the most powerful representatives in the event that he proceeds with the pattern that he appears. His flawless execution in humanitarian courses is delineated by the predictable championing of the privileges of youths and ladies.

With the expectation of encouraging his insight in the business space, Sawyer Howitt is relied upon to go to the University of California. Be that as it may, the premiums of Sawyer Howitt are not gone for just adopting more about business enterprise but rather additionally meeting the objectives of Meriwether Group.

EOS Lip Balms That Reflect Your Mood and Advertise a Special Occasion

By now you probably have seen these unique lip balms in your favorite supermarket or at Target. You may have seen these spheres at your local flea market or specialty store. What you may not be aware of is that you can now order EOS Lip Balms and have personalized messages on the sphere. Second Story Promotions is one of the places where you can order these personalized lip balms, browse more details here on

EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm for example is a perfect refreshing flavor that creates a good impression for ice cream shop promotions. Passion Fruit flavor lip balm is perfect for an exotic and tropical party. Blueberry Acai EOS Lip Balm is an appropriate baby shower trinket for an expected boy baby. Strawberry Sorbet EOS Lip Balm is perfect for a girl’s baby shower gift.

EOS also has limited addition holiday flavors such as pumpkin spice available for a limited time. These small spheres make perfect holiday gifts. Since all their lip balms are made of organic ingredients you don’t have to worry about putting toxic chemicals on your lips.

EOS certifies that their lip balms are 100% natural and contain sustainable sourced ingredients and materials. The fact that these products are petrochemical free is a game changer for many who are allergic to certain chemicals. It is also good to know that none of the lip balms have been tested on animals. EOS stands by their products and listens carefully to their customers’ needs. The sheer variety of flavors is great because one day you may feel like indulging in a lemon creme lip balm that takes you back to your childhood, order now here at The next day you may feel a bit blue and want to reflect that with a blueberry acai lip balm. Whatever flavor you choose, you really can’t go wrong with this lip balm.


Human Rights Organization

As human beings we are afforded basic civil, and human rights. Sometimes immigrant workers are forced to bear conditions that are a violation to their rights in many ways.

This is a global problem and not one only in the United States. There are groups that work to insure these rights are upheld. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization is a non-profit group started in 1968 after his death. This group began as a memorial to Robert Kennedy and his dream of a fair and peaceful world.

Larkin and Lacey also sponsor an award that is given yearly to honor the work being done in human rights. The award is a prestigious honor and the nominees are looked at rigorously before by experts through the human rights field.

Another group is Avocats Sans Frontieres a group that looks to offer people justice in lands where their basic human rights are non existant. What started as an idea by a group of solicitors and barristers was brought to fruition by a group of Belgium lawyers.

This organization has helped people in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda to name just a few of the places receiving help from the ASF. The goal is to get people of all levels fair and equitable justice and human rights.

The Larkin & Lacey Fund is a human rights organization that started after the unfair arrest of the two founders for receiving and revealing grand jury information involving Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County turned out to be completely unjust. This grand jury had never convened and the two men ended up suing for 3.75 million dollars and winning.

With these winnings they started the Larkin & Lacey Fund to make a difference. While dealing with groups that handle civil and human rights they also want the freedom of speech emphasized for all groups. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The Larkin & Lacey Fund supports organizations like the Kino Border Initiative which highlights all that is wrong with our immigration system. By offering food, clothing, and care to deportees the hope with the Kino Border Initiative is to make a difference for deportees during a very traumatic time.

They also support the Arizona Justice Project which offers help to indigent people lost in the criminal justice department that could be innocent or have received sentences unfitting to the crime. The amount of organizations helped by the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is amazing.

Dr. Siegall Seeks to Create a Paradigm Shift in Cancer Treatment with Targeted Pharmaceuticals

Inspirey, a website dedicated to telling the stories of entrepreneurs all over the world, recently published an interview with Dr. Siegall called, “Dr. Clay Siegall- CEO, Seattle Genetics”. The interview discusses the career of Dr. Clay Siegall, co-founder of the biotech firm Seattle Genetics. The company creates targeted drugs for treatment of different diseases.

Dr. Siegall developed the first antibody drug conjugate that has been approved by the FDA. They have developed a strong lineup of more than 20 drugs and have partnerships with many drug manufacturers. His leadership has allowed the company to grow from a small, biotech startup to a leader in the cancer research niche.

Dr. Siegall has been interested in the power of overcoming diseases with technology since his days studying Zoology at the University of Maryland. However, after his father was diagnosed with cancer and Dr. Siegall saw how painful the treatment could be, he recognized that cancer treatment needed to change. He believed there had to be a better way than the radical surgeries and harsh chemotherapy treatments that almost lead the patient to death’s door from the severe anemia.

He also began the company after feeling the need for more autonomy and freedom in pursuing his own projects. Seattle Genetics sells their own patented proprietary drugs such as ADCettrics. They also have a revenue stream from the partnership programs and technologies that they have developed. The company was able to start making money after bringing a talented sales staff on board who were able to close many deals in the early 2000’s. They also developed a marketing strategy that develops relationships with buyers to gain 7 or 8 figure contracts.

Mr. Siegall believes the key to success is hard work. He follows the ideas of Charles Darwin and Francis Galton who believed that men do not differ greatly in intellectual abilities, but instead only in work habits. Those who work intensely are able to succeed.

Dr. Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, a biotech company dedicated to transforming cancer treatment with antibody-drug conjugate technology. He received his Ph.D. from George Washington University with a focus in genetics. After graduating, he worked with the National Institute of Health and later moved to the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

How EOS Lip Balm Unsettled the Lip Balm Industry

Demand for lip balm products is on a steady rise. Interestingly, women are not the only ones carefully looking after their lips these days; men have also not been left behind. A couple of years ago, EOS lip balms took over the market by storm. All of a sudden, you were surrounded by round, bright colored lip balms wherever you looked. The founders of EOS lip balm, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, created a buzz around the product on purpose. After plenty of research and brainstorming on the most efficient way to unsettle the lip balm industry, the two settled on different packaging and plenty of flavors, straying away from the traditional mint and cherry flavors. This paid off. Women across the globe loved the product. Celebrities were not left behind either, further increasing the buzz about the product. Since then, has launched several limited collections that have sold out in a few days only to end up on eBay later on at higher prices.


Most Popular EOS Lip Balm Flavors

People cannot get enough of EOS lip balm flavors which have boosted the company’s sales to at least one million a week. However, of all these flavors, some of the most popular are:

This lip balm is 100% natural and does not contain petrolatum or paraben. It is dermatologist-approved and contains shea butter and jojoba oil. As such, it guarantees hydration of the lips, enhancing your natural beauty.

  • Organic Lip Balm – Passion Fruit

This lip balm is also 100% natural and does not contain paraben or petrolatum either. It has the added advantage of being gluten-free. It contains jojoba oil, vitamin E antioxidant, and shea butter, which keep your lips hydrated. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-approved, order here at

  • Organic Lip Balm – Blueberry Acai

This lip balm is 100% natural. It is rich in antioxidants and contains blueberry and acai extracts that contribute to its rich flavor. Like all EOS lip balms, it is dermatologist-tested, in addition to being hypoallergenic and gluten-free. It also does not contain paraben or any petrochemicals, see now.

  • Visibly Soft Lip Balm – Coconut Milk

For softer, smoother lips, this coconut milk flavored lip balm rich which deeply hydrates the lips is the one for you. It contains cocoa butter, shea butter, and a blend of four moisturizing oils. It is also hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and does not contain gluten.


Gregory Aziz Is The Visionary Of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is based in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. It manufacturers rolling rock. National Steel is the largest manufacturer of rolling rock in the country. It is a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. Greg Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car. The company was founded in the early nineteen hundred. A group of investors was led by Sir John Morison Gibson. Gibson and his team worked on a partnership with Magor Car Corporation. The National Steel Car Project came about later. It was led by about Basil Magor. The company grew its roots in Hamilton Ontario. It surpassed all expectations in the early years of operation. The Canadian rock business began to explode in 1913. The current leader of National Steel Car is Gregory James Aziz. The organization is consistently leading the freight car engineering industry. Greg Aziz is a native of London Ontario. Aziz attended Ridley College. He later went on to study economics at Western Ontario University.


Greg J Aziz found his initial business calling in the food industry. His family was involved. Their business was known as Affiliated Foods and it grew into an international importer of different goods from Europe. Affiliated Foods also worked in the areas of Central and South America. They expanded business into the United States. Gregory was involved in many different investment opportunities related to the industry. He went on to be a catalyst for the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994. Aziz had a vision to bring National Steel back to the successful status that it had been known for previously. The company’s engineering capabilities were a tremendous attraction to Greg Aziz. He believed that investing in National Steel’s human aspects would bring it to the level it needed to be.


Production capabilities expanded from 3500 cars per year to 12,000 cars under Gregory’s leadership. National Steel Carl also increased the level of employment from 600 to 3000 personnel. There was an aggressive move towards the improvement of manufacturing and engineering quality. This is what brought National Steel Car back to the spotlight within the industry. It is currently the only company to hold the ISO 9001. 2008 certification in North America. National Steel is also regularly awarded the TTX SECO award. The award is the highest honor within the industry. Read More on This Page.


Gregory Aziz is serious about National Steel Car’s commitment to the community that it works in. The company sponsors events that include Theater Aquarius, The Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army and the United Way. National Steel’s Christmas party is a collection of current and past employees. It numbers within the thousands. The company also participates in food drives that provide supplies for food banks throughout the area.


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Gregory Aziz Adds Pride to National Steel Car

Ever since he purchased the company in 1994, Gregory James Aziz has been a godsend for National Steel Car. Jobs have sprung up for the company. More rail cars and freight cars have been made available to those who need them, due to higher production on the part of National Steel Car. Greg Aziz has encouraged his employees to preoccupy themselves with charitable and philanthropic pursuits. One example of this is how every year, around Christmas time, there are annual drives to help out undeserved people. There is an employee Christmas party that brings everyone together. The whole point of this is to foster a sense of community between coworkers. Another point of the Christmas time festivities is to establish the idea that workers have a social responsibility toward others in their community. It’s very easy to forget this when people are caught up in their own lives and heads.


Gregory J. Aziz is an educated man, having studied Economics in Western Ontario University. He procured a job at Affiliate Foods, a company that his family owned, in 1971. Along the way, he became involved in investment banking in the 1980s and ’90s. The world witnessed the purchase of National Steel Car by Greg Aziz in 1994. That year was the beginning of a renewal for National Steel Car. Assembly of rail cars and freight cars multiplied, as did the number of employees who worked for the company. For more than a dozen years, the world saw National Steel Car gain awards for their great products and services. This is all because Gregory J Aziz took the lead.



National Steel Car is a world-renowned organization that designs and produces rail cars and freight cars. Having been around since 1912, National Steel Car has seen many days, and has been around for about several generations of human beings in the world. The company is based in Canada, in the province of Ontario. The exact place where it is located is Hamilton. Greg Aziz actually grew up and lived in Hamilton, just like the original founders of the company in the early 20th century. On the website for National Steel Car, there is an archive of interesting photographs from the time that it was founded until now. National Steel Car is the one and only company in North America specializing in producing rail cars that is certified ISO 9001:2008. This is a great source of pride for National Steel Car.

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Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Promoting Migrants Rights

A wide range of parts of the world are experiencing desperate helpful emergency as of now, especially in the center east, where the fascism government administrations, and in addition the fear based oppressors’ associations, are slighting human rights on remarkable levels. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

There are a large number of individuals who have lost their lives, and a million others have lost all that they lived for, including their families, homes, cash, and all that one can consider. Notwithstanding, on account of the human rights associations, individuals can resuscitate their life and in any event get the fundamental conveniences they can request to survive such a pestilence level compassionate emergency.

There are numerous social equality and human rights associations that are working day and night to secure the general population under their supervision and challenge any monstrosities they can note.

A portion of the best human rights associations dynamic in the United States and a wide range of parts of the world incorporates Protection International, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Federation for Human Rights, UN Watch, Global Rights, World Organization Against Torture, Human Rights First, Human Rights Foundation, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

These associations are dynamic in various parts of the world to guarantee that the privileges of the general population are not grabbed or mishandled and that there is bolster accessible for individuals who have been casualties of human rights infringement. These associations additionally work intimately with the administrations to give equity to the casualties, diminish the human rights wrongdoings, and convey the guilty parties to equity.

In the United States, one of the real issues for which there are numerous non-benefit associations have surfaced in the recent decades are to challenge the racial divergence and to help evacuees’ and vagrants’ rights. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin-Frontera Fund

There are associations, for example, Border Angels, American Civil Liberties Union, EarthJustice, Anti-Defamation League, Lambda Legal, and the sky is the limit from there, which are effectively engaged with helping the settlers to battle against bad form and make social consciousness of the wrongdoing and divergence against the minorities.

One of the main two names in the field of human rights in the United States is Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

As of late, they were captured wrongfully by the Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They are the prime supporters of Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were captured at the dead of night without adequate proof to back the capture.

They began a reserve with the settlement sum they got and is presently known as Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The reserve expects to empower associations that are battling against common and human rights abominations occurring in the nation, and make wide scale mindfulness about it for a superior tomorrow.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Keep Their Audiences Updated Via FrontPage Confidential


In what seems like a continuation of vengeful acts by the authorities, the police recently raided the offices of the former founders who also happen to be the brains behind the Frontera Fund. They arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who was later released on bond under the first amendment. The authorities have since closed down the website, an indication of a serious affront on press freedom.

$1 Million Bond

On the morning of April the 13th, Michael Lacey was photographed leaving the Sandra Day O’Connor courthouse after being granted a $1 million bond. He was smiling as he walked hand in hand with his wife. Mr. Michael Lacey agreed to post the bond that was secured by two of his properties. He also agreed to electronic monitoring and travel restrictions. Michael Lacey was held in custody for a week. He looked a little frail and grizzled. He did not talk much when reporters moved close to interview him.

The Fifth Amendment

Mr. Michael Lacey invoked his rights as provided under the Fifth Amendment that allowed him to decline to testify. The government agents seized and arrested the site’s owners who happened to be the Frontera fund co-founder and one of Joe Arpaio’s main critics, Mr. Michael Lacey. The Front Page Confidential reveals the details of the arrests and the continuing drama between the two journalists and the US authorities under President Donald Trump. Trump recently invoked his powers of pardon and helped to set free the indicted former Maricopa County sheriff Mr. Joe Arpaio. The report that also appears on the Senate’s report on Backpage clarifies that there were no sex trafficking charges leveled against anyone.

FBI Raids

The arrest came as Michael Lacey and his wife were preparing for a celebration of their recent marriage. Witnesses watched as the FBI took hold of Michael Lacey’s possessions after the raid. The agents also raided another of Lacey’s homes in Sedona and his business partner’s residence at Paradise Valley.