The Academy of Art University Helps High School Students Prepare for College Both Academically and Financially

The Academy of Art University, created by artists for artists provides an excellent opportunity for students. The university which is housed in San Francisco, California offers a wide array of academic options including undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates, and pre-college programs in the creative arts field. A few of the scholarly choices are Animation and Visual Effects, Landscape Architecture, Motion Pictures and Television, Music Production, and Sound Design for Visual Media.

Not only does the Academy of Art University in San Francisco offer academic growth, it also provides ample student life opportunities. These opportunities include events such as open houses and art exhibits. Students certainly benefit from living on campus and being in the center of the lively projects taking place on campus.

The admission requirements for the Academy of Art University are: a high school diploma or GED and completion of the Department of Education Approved Ability to Benefit test, or the completion of at least six college credits. Individuals interested can find more information about the application process online at the Academy of Art University website.

The Academy of Art University even provides an online option. Online class options provide more flexibility for students allowing them to set their own schedule. Distance degrees provide students the opportunity to take 15 module classes while living a full life outside of the campus environment. This provides working professionals a chance to delve deeper into a field of interest while working. Additionally, the university provides a pre-college online program that helps prepare high school students for college. The online pre-college program gives the opportunity for high school students to grow artistically and become more aware of career roles in the creative arts. High school students can take 2 online classes during the Fall/Spring semesters and 3 classes during the Summer. The Academy of Art University provides an additional incentive for high school students. For every PASS grade for online classes a high school student receives $1,000 towards an undergraduate degree at the Academy of Art University.

Financial aid is available. Students interested in receiving financial aid must first file a FAFSA.