Women Liberation in Brazil

In Brazil has many organizations designed to protect the rights of women. On March 8, Brazilians celebrate the International Women’s Day. In this particular day, women are recognized, and the importance of protecting women is addressed. In regards to this, Jose Henrique Borghi founded Mullen Lowe Brasil agency. The company advertises for Grupo Abril’s CLAUDIA Magazine.

Additionally, Jose Henrique Borghi launched a You Tube video skip ad that plays for 15 seconds. The YouTube video was developed by Mullen Lowe Brasil Agency to empower women. The video entails a text in it that states that in the fifteen seconds, a Brasil woman will experience growth. Also, Mullen Brasil agency encourages the viewers of the video to refrain from violating women’s rights. The company gives a donation link to individuals who wish to appreciate and support women.

With the aid of Jose Henrique Borghi, CLAUDIA Magazine has started to announce the International Women’s Day publicly. Henrique Borghi states that the day set aside for women is important. Henrique emphasizes advertising that the day represents struggles of females throughout history. CLAUDIA Magazine plans to effectively utilize the media. The magazine is planning to showcase a play whose main audience will be the females. The play’s primary aim is to let women understand their rights and encourage them fight for their rights.

Jose Henrique Borghi has received fourteen lions from Cannes Films Festival. He has also attained other national and international prestigious awards. The pieces developed by Mullen Lowe Brasil are revolutionary. The plays and pieces remain in the public’s mind for a long time and are effective. For this reason, Henrique Borghi believes that the women who will watch the play will be transformed for a lifetime.

Jose Henrique is recognized in the Brazilian advertising industry. With Henrique’s help, Women in Brasil will experience an empowerment phase. Together with the CLAUDIA Magazine, Mullen Lowe Brasil agency will equip women with necessary tools for their liberation.

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