A Look at The Professional Career of Isabel Dos Santos

According to Wikipedia, Isabel dos Santos is Africa’s most successful female business personality. Dos Santos has an estimated net worth of $2.2 billion and is a celebrated public figure, entrepreneur, businesswoman, and philanthropist. Isabel is the top executive at Unitel, Angola’s leading telecommunication firm. Compared to other African female personalities, Isabel stands out because of her entrepreneurial skills. Dos Santos’ active career spans over two decades.

Peers in the telecommunication industry credit Isabel dos Santos with overseeing the success of Unitel in Angola. In the quest to ensure that Unitel becomes Angola’s leading telecommunication firm, Dos Santos embarked on forging long-standing and impactful alliances with various local and international enterprises. Besides Unitel, a look at Isabel dos Santos’ career shows that the business mogul has the knack of creating meaningful partnerships that play pivotal roles in the success of companies (Alivenewspaper).

Under the helm of Isabel dos Santos, Unitel has been undergoing tremendous growth and expansion. Serving in the telecommunication sector has provided Dos Santos with an in-depth understanding of infrastructure creation and development. Isabel’s position at Unitel has seen her deploy an array of modern, cutting-edge, and emerging technologies. Serving various institutions as a member of the executive management has given Isabel dos Santos an understanding of the effects of global economic growth on regional and local enterprises.

Isabel dos Santos is a philanthropist who loves giving back to local communities while also supporting an array of charities and causes around the world. Dos Santos believes that companies have to support and help local communities in the areas they operate. Besides providing financial assistance, Isabel engages women and the youth on how entrepreneurship can be used to attain financial freedom. Isabel has helped the creation of over 50,000 jobs during her career.

Other than being the senior-most executive at Unitel, Isabel dos Santos has business interests in other areas of the economy. Like any modern-day businessperson, Isabel has a diversified investment portfolio that has seen her invest in the finance, construction, energy, and the media industry. Isabel’s involvement in an array of fields is a testament to her entrepreneurial personality.

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