Dogs Eat Like Humans Thanks To Beneful

After a lawsuit was filed last year against Nestle Purina PetCare and its Beneful brand dog food, consumers heard increasingly alarming reports regarding the contents of the dog food. As it happens, concerns about antifreeze or mycotoxins were blown wildly out of proportion and stemmed from a bigger problem in the ways human owners perceive their pet’s food. That is, they expected their pets to have the same level of food quality as their own.

While the lawsuit has still not been resolved, Beneful has adapted its dog food to respond to the criticisms, regardless of how apt they may be. A new formula has actually been in Beneful’s plans for several years now, and was released on May 9th. As a part of this new initiative, Beneful’s dog food will include real meat as the first ingredient in each of its products. For example, its salmon formula includes actual salmon in the product.

Despite propylene glycol being approved by the FDA, Beneful has decided to remove it and any sugar components from its products in response to criticisms over its inclusion in their formulas. Interestingly, Beneful has also gone ahead and removed much of the food dye that had originally been included in their formulas, partly in response to concerns from consumers and partly due to increasing restrictions from the FDA. These changes may also be reflected in Beneful’s wet dog food, although it is currently restricted to just its dry food formulas.

As further reassurance to customers, Beneful and its parent company, Purina, have revealed that each dog food package goes through multiple quality checks. On any given day, tens of thousands of quality checks occur, from packaging to processing to shipping. With so many opportunities to catch issues in the product line, it should come as no surprise that Beneful is confident in the safety of its formulas. With the new changes having taken effect, it will be on consumers to decide if the new changes are what they want for their pets. As it stands, Beneful is producing dog food on the same level as humans.