GreenSky Credit works with banks, not against them

The fintech sector has been wracked by systemic problems and unicorns that turned out to be little more than ponies with fake horns strapped on their heads. Many of the industry’s startups were heavy on revolutionary fervor but light on anything resembling a viable business plan. These companies, such as OnDeck and Lending Club, sought to overthrow banking’s old regime and replace it with a radical new model where street people and drug addicts could have access to the same kinds of credit as General Electric. The results have been as clear as they were predictable. With both of those companies’ market values decimated, the fintech sector has been described by some as being on its last leg.

But there is one fintech company that has followed a radically conservative approach. GreenSky Credit, rather than chasing new ways to make NINJA loans work, decided to instead focus in on a tried and true way of making money in the lending business. By lending only to prime borrowers, GreenSky Credit has found a way to add tremendous value in the purchase of big-ticket items.

Unlike some other businesses in the sector, GreenSky Credit understood from the beginning that lending is not the same game as venture capital or futures speculation. The reason that the current banking model places so much emphasis on taking only good risks and being properly compensated for anything approaching subprime is that lenders do not participate in the upside. This means that the relative risks for lenders are not offset by the potential for huge gains. For bankers, those huge gains only come from steadily making solid loans to high-quality borrowers.

GreenSky Credit was able to apply this principle to borrowers who were looking to complete home renovations but who didn’t have the cash on hand to make the deal happen. The company recognized that many such deals were simply falling through as a result of customers underestimating the cost of home renovation projects.

Now, with loans from GreenSky Credit, everyone wins. The customers get their renovations, which often add more value to the homes than the projects cost. Banks get good loans to pad their books, and contractors get jobs that they would have lost.

ClassDojo Helps Make Learning Fun

Education technology startups are making learning fun for kids and easy for teachers. Teachers are voicing their opinions and letting these companies know what they expect from the ed-tech products. First, they must be necessary to the child’s education and not be focused primarily on “wowing” the user. Sam Chaudhary created the successful tool ClassDojo, thanks to the feedback from parents, students and teachers.

ClassDojo helps teachers communicate student progress efficiently to the parents. Class Dojo is currently used in K-8 school districts throughout the United States. With so many products claiming to offer this service on the market, it’s hard for teachers to decide which is the best fit for their classroom. Almost every school these days are online with over 80% of classrooms having broadband internet.

ClassDojo creates happier and healthier classrooms. Teachers can choose their class curriculum based on any students skill and encourage them to be kind, work hard and help others. Students also have the ability to upload photos and videos to their portfolios to share their learning with their parents and peers.

The ClassDojo toolkit provides everything you need all in one place. You can turn on background music, create groups of students and display activity directions. Teachers can privately message parents, share photos, announcements and videos related to what their child is learning. ClassDojo can be accessed through any computer, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, iOS or Chromebook. Parents can join their children’s class using any compatible device. This product can also translate messages into over 30 languages. Teachers have the ability to set the product to “quiet hours” to let parents know that they are busy. ClassDojo is always 100% free of charge and provides free resources and FAQs. Teachers, parents and children all over the world are loving the results that ClassDojo is bringing to their classroom.

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Talk Fusion-More than a Successful Company

After over a year of careful planning and thousands of hours of intense work, Talk Fusion, a global leader in video marketing solutions, recently launched its 30 day Free Trials in over 140 countries and in over nine different languages. Prospective customers can now access Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Solution completely risk-free for 30 days. Customers can now see for themselves just how effective video marketing can be from a first-hand experience.

Bob Reina, Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion is confident that there is no comparison to the value of what the company brings to the world. He also knows that once prospective clients get to experience Talk Fusion first hand, they will want to buy them.

It’s easy to access the many benefits that Talk Fusion offers by signing up through their newly designed website: Now businesses, charities, and individuals can gain full access to Video Email, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, and Sign-Up Forms. They can also get access to their 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award-Winning Video Chat. All you need to sign up is your name and email address-no personal information or credit card details required. Their website is easy-to-use and is even equipped with a comprehensive library of easy-to-understand resources. They include step-by-step guides, helpful tips, and white papers, to help boost business productivity.

Talk Fusion is committed to change lives through video technology and is dedicated to help grow businesses to their full potential worldwide. Their unique products are marketed person-to-person by Associates in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion introduced the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan and follows the highest ethical business plan. Talk Fusion is also a member of the Direct Selling Association. Its founder and CEO, Bob Reina, is a firm believer that “with great success comes greater responsibility,” and works hard to uphold this value. Talk Fusion is a strong believer in giving back to friends, family, animal charities, and to the community, to enforce a positive global movement.

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Class Dojo Is The Leading Communication and Education Platform For Teachers

Class Dojo was launched in 2011, based in San Francisco. They are dedicated to providing solutions for improving education all around the world. Since it launched, Class Dojo has expanded to being used by every 2 out of 3 schools all around the the United States. The program is available for use in more than 180 different countries, and has raised millions in funding in order to expand it’s reach further.

Founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, Class Dojo was designed to provide solutions to education problems that are not really available on the market. Other companies with educational tech at the time do not typically offer free apps, nor are they easy to use. The founders of Class Dojo were aware of this and wanted to create a product that was easy to use for parents, teachers, and students.

The advanced communication platform offered by Class Dojo offers parents the ability to monitor their child’s activity and progress in the classroom. It also allows teachers to take photos and videos to share special moments happening in school. Teachers can also post notes and reminders for parents and students. This program allows students to view the classroom as a positive experience with helpful encouragement throughout the learning process.

Class Dojo’s founders created the program in order to bring parents and teachers closer to the students to allow for more engagement in class. The app allows for instant and constant communication for teachers and students every day, instead of the usual scheduling of appointments and conferences. Teachers can leave notes for parents for guiding parents with what their child needs to know or learn while at home as well.

Due to the positive reviews and general success of Class Dojo, the founders stated they would be able to expand the team as well as continue to develop features and content for the program. As time goes on educational platforms will continue to develop and include more features that help provide more engagement and build a better community.

The app is entirely free for users and the company has not gone after money for the educational service they offer. As the company continues to grow and distribute its app to more people around the world, they will develop ways of generating income with special features while leaving the main features available to all uses to experience.


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