Paul Mampilly Starts With Investing 101 In Giving His Secrets

When you want to learn investing in as simple terms as possible, you might want to follow Paul Mampilly. Mampilly is a founding member of Capuchin Consulting and the author of “Profits Unlimited,” a newsletter that starts with investing 101 and shows how you can start up a portfolio without a broker. Some keys to investing are finding stocks nobody is paying attention to and analyzing tech trends and looking at new entertainment. It’s a little known fact that Mampilly saw Facebook in its early days and believed it would take over social media. He was right and made over 200℅ in profit when that stock hit maturity. He shares his portfolio in his newsletters.

Paul Mampilly came from India and started his professional career at Deutsche Bank. He went from credit research to taking client Investments to the next level. From Deutsche Bank, he moved up into senior-level management positions at ING, Banker’s Trust and Sears. He soon became sought after by executive talent recruiters and was brought to Kinetics International Fund.

Barron’s magazine gave Kinetics International an honorable mention due to Mampilly’s savvy investment choices and building up the firm’s portfolio. In less than a year, Kinetics International Fund grew from $6 billion all the way to $25 billion and was seeing staggering gains of up to 20℅ on annual statements. Mampilly won several recognitions for his expertise, and also earned a spot in the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. In this competition, Mampilly took $50 million and found a way to gain 88℅ in spite of the tough investing climate of that year as a result of the recession. Mampilly also was one of the founders of Capuchin Consulting, a boutique services firm in North Carolina.

Mampilly decided to leave Wall Street even in the height of his career and by age 42 was considered retired. But he wasn’t about to completely close the door on investing because he felt a that stepping out of Wall Street would allow him to help Main Street better. He was most impressed by Banyan Hill’s newsletter space, and within the first few months of writing Profits Unlimited saw over 60,000 people subscribe. Check more:

Eric Pulier & The Method To His Madness

Greatness comes in many different forms. Some of the very products a person uses on a daily basis has some form of greatness implemented into it. Every man-made product on earth started out as an idea in someone’s head then it materialized into an actual object. This is the case with a brilliant individual named Eric Pulier. No he isn’t a professional athlete, television entertainer, nor a social media wonder, but he’s dedicated his life to better man-kind in numerous ways. This guy just has a way of creating something out of nothing or take the smallest idea and make it into a reality. Eric Pulier is simply a genius as he’s known for being a philanthropist, technologist, entrepreneur, guest speaker, as well as an author.


Having such high intelligence has given him the chance to attend some of the most prestigious colleges in the country being MIT and Harvard University. Between the years of 1884-1989 he wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson Publication and was the publication’s editor. Pulier finally graduated in 1989 and the world would soon be aware of his many talents. After moving to Los Angeles from his home town of Teaneck, New Jersey; Pulier began his professional career. People Doing Things was one of his first founded companies as it helped the education and healthcare fields solve problems by use of advanced technology. Oh yeah, Pulier had a strong passion and was considered a techno genius. He always seem to put other people before his own needs which would soon make a name for himself and it gave him the title of being a true philanthropist. Pulier has developed multimedia educational programs for people with specific diseases/illnesses as well as brought in innovative technology to the poorest of communities.


As of today, Eric Pulier has founded 15 companies, raised millions for charitable organizations, and invested hundred of thousands of dollars in start-up companies. This loving father of four currently resides in the Los Angeles Area where he will continue to spark the brain in attempts to save man-kind.