Commitment to clients crucial in commercial, mortgage, and institutional banking

In cooperation with agent and advisory firm Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P, Nexbank was able to complete another private placement offering round for $54 million – bringing total capital raised since 2016 to $283 million. The fixed, five-year, non-callable notes are interest-bearing at 6.375%. After the five year period and up until stated maturity (September 2027), the interest will float on a spread above the LIBOR or the international, interbank benchmark rate for institutional lending.


According to, the investment grade, Tier 2 notes have been designated BBB by Kroll Bond Rating Agency, a research and analysis company nationally recognized by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The Dallas-based financial service provider plans to utilize the proceeds for a variety of general corporate purposes. As the exclusive placement fiduciary for the deal which closed on September 19, 2017, Sandler O’Neill & Partners facilitated completion of the sale through marketing the fixed-to-floating subordinated notes to high net worth individuals, and institutional investors.


Nexbank Capital specializes in delivering commercial, mortgage, and institutional banking capabilities for its unique set customers. With just over $8 billion in assets under management, Nexbank acts on behalf of large corporations, middle-market firms, and financial institutions.


The commercial and institutional servicer wishes to make an impact beyond business lines and earnings. Nexbank Capital’s executive management team believes that corporate involvement in helping build sustainable changes encourages stronger communities, and fosters young leadership. The company seeks to achieve its plan through strategic loan distribution programs, pledging resources for a range of community services, prioritizing financial education, and planting the seeds for progressive economic development.


Leadership at Nexbank exemplifies experience and expertise in wealth management, investor relations, commercial, and personal banking. The business was established in 1934, and is currently the 158th largest financial institution in the United States. It’s currently the 10th largest bank in Texas. For more on Nexbank visit



PSI pay Providing Convenient Online Payment

Nowadays, there has been an increase in the number of currencies that are in circulation. As a result, it has seen the rise of counterfeit money. Thus, a cashless method of payment was introduced. There are three different categories of money; commodity money which has to do with goods and services, and even gold and diamond; representative money which is in the form of bank notes and finally there is the fiat money which is used in the modern world. There has also been an emergence of cryptocurrency and crowdfunding. There are crowdfunding platforms like gofundme, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter that make it easier for individuals to transact with one entity.

Crowdfunding enables individual to invest in an idea and at the same time limit their risk. Cryptocurrency is a money trading model an example is bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is traded on the blockchain. Blockchain makes it easier and faster to exchange the cryptocurrencies. Anyone can create new cryptocurrencies because the software used is open sourced. There has been a rise of cryptocurrency and people are slowly embracing the digital currency. Nobody wants to be left out when it comes to using the cryptocurrency. Most of the transactions are done electronically. Such transactions include debit cards and PayPal which are used for online shopping.

With the increase in online fraud, there has been in place regulations to ensure that the finances are secure. The electronic transactions are like the representative money. There are e-money services like PSI pay which ensures that individuals can transact and access their funds in a system that is centralized. PSI pay is a company that provides individuals and companies from all over the world with an opportunity to make payments online. PSI pay is also an agent of Western Union. Given that PSI pay has secure transactions, Western Union will be able to provide safe and global trading to its customers worldwide.

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