Wengie Hacks To Help Survive Emergency Situations


Wengie is an Australian vlogger that regularly posts videos to Youtube and Instagram. Her videos range from beauty tips to life hacks. In one of her most popular hack videos, she shows her viewers some very important life-saving hacks for emergencies Her first hack is a quick and easy emergency phone battery charger. She takes a metal key and attaches one end to a 9-volt battery and the other terminal is attached to the tip of a car charger. She tapes them in place, and her phone charges. Her next hack it filtering dirty creek water in an emergency. She takes a piece of fabric from her shirt and connects the jar with dirty water to the empty jar. The empty jar is lower than the dirty water jar. The water wicks up through the shirt and then down into the empty jar.


Next, she collects rainwater to drink by cutting a plastic bottle into the shape of a flower with the bottle opening placed inside a container to catch the water. Other tips in the video include putting spare cash in between the phone and the phone case, using your bra as a smoke or dust mask, using corn tortillas to start a fire, using a sandwich bag or a water bottle to catch sunlight and start a fire on paper, performing the Heimlich maneuver on yourself by putting a fist just above the navel and pushing up and in or using a fist and pushing it into a chair with force in and up, using a needle that has been magnetized by rubbing it on a shirt in one direction about one hundred times and then placing it on a small leaf that is floating in a container of water to show North, using a balloon or stretchy material placed over the opening of a water bottle the has been cut at the neck to launch a pointed stick for hunting small animals, using a crayon as a candle, checking your local wifi connections on your phone to tell if the power is out in the area or just your house, using keys placed between the fingers to attack an attacker, and finally using a rolled up piece of aluminum foil to create an extra contact between two batteries if there are not enough to power a device. Wengie has other hack videos on Youtube with very helpful information.