How Guilherme Paulus Built One of the World’s Great Travel Companies

They say that the French invented the modern vacation, but when it comes to the Brazilian market, CVC, founded by Guilherme Paulus, is synonymous with travel and tourism. In 1972, Paulus and a partner started CVC in Santo Andre, a city in the industrial ABC Region of Sao Paulo state. Paulus would build CVC into the country’s biggest retailer in the tourism sector as well as Latin America’s largest tour operator. Read more about Guilherme Paulus at

Guilherme Paulus began his journey nearly five decades ago after graduating with a degree in business. With his then partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, Guilherme Paulus formed CVC and has remained a key figure in the tourism giant’s half-century of growth. His passion for innovation helped turn a small travel agency in inland Sao Paulo into Brazil’s travel powerhouse. Today, CVC maintains a presence in over 400 major shopping malls all over the country, as well as 140 additional locations, such as stores-within-stores and storefronts at smaller shopping centers.


One of the keys to Guilherme Paulus and CVC’s success was pioneering smaller markets. In fact, CVC was the first major Brazilian chain to open locations in small towns. In addition, thanks to Guilherme Paulus’ vision, CVC is among the few Brazilian players that takes the omnichannel approach, allowing customers to engage with the company both online and in-person at their convenience.

Social responsibility is another area where CVC has set itself apart. The company is committed to improving the quality of life of the people it serves. For example, CVC supports the PIET Project, which helps vulnerable youths from the Foz do Iguaçu area in the south of Brazil find success in the tourism industry. The tour operator is also proud to sponsor the National Project for Professional Training in Tourism’s “Alfasol” program, which teaches young people the basics of the travel and tourism field with a view to inspiring them to become entrepreneurs. Visit Wikipedia to know more about GJP Hotels and Resorts.