EOS Lip Balms For Every Season

If there is one thing that you know about EOS it is that it comes in a round sphere found in the checkout lines of most stores. What you might not know is that they make a lip balm that is not found in the sphere. The organic stick lip balm is different from the sphere by the shape of the container but also in the ingredients used to create the organic flavor. The long lasting hydration that is enriched with the oils that your lips need is flavored with scents that you are sure to love. Available in Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint, Pomegranate Raspberry, or Vanilla Bean.

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If you love the holidays, you know how nice it is to enjoy the smells of the season which brings the best out during the holidays. The EOS holiday pack is going to bring the scents of the season to your mouth. The vanilla bean fan favorite is included in the holiday edition along with the visibly soft flavor of peppermint mocha and adds the finishing touch to the collection with sparkling ginger lip balm.

If you are longing to enjoy the season throughout the whole year, the limited edition 2 pack will provide the user with tastes of the season year round. The 2 pack comes with the organic vanilla bean as well as with the pumpkin spice that is associated with the holiday season.

If you enjoy the smells of spring, you want to bring the scent of spring back year round. The duo pack contains the limited edition cucumber melon as well as the coconut milk lip balm, click here. The vitamins and minerals in the makeup of the EOS is going to provide you with all the hydration you need to have luscious and healthy lips.

The EOS brand is paraben free and will not leave your lips sticking together like most other brands of lip balm. The locked in moisture is sure to enhance the beauty tradition no matter what time of the year it is.