Rodrigo Terpins Rally Career in Brazil

The Terpins brothers –Rodrigo and Michel are Brazilian drivers that participate in the Prototype T1 races as teammates. They are known in Brazil and the world for their unique talents and driving skills. The MEM Motorsport organization developed the T-Rex racing event specifically for the two brothers. As of today, they have raced together on the T-Rex for four seasons. Rodrigo Terpins is the older of the two and is currently in his forties. Their father, Jack Terpins was a basketball player and is now the President of Maccabi Latin America Confederation and Latin America Jewish Council.

Rodrigo competed in the Sertoes Rally with Fabricio Manchiana as his teammate. They finished at the 6th position within 58 minutes & 9seconds. His brother also participated in the same rally with a different partner where they came in fifth with a record of 56 minutes. The rally was 2600 km long and crossed over two states. It had unique challenges that were put in place to test the strengths of the drivers and their will to succeed. It was referred to as the most prominent off-road rally in Brazil and attracted different fans, rally drivers, and sponsors.

Rodrigo believes that his past performance is what has made him a great rally driver in the present times. He says that he has excelled in his career due to his determination to succeed from the beginning to the end. He credits his brother for all the successes they have has as a team in the rally world. His love for driving cars goes way back to when he was a young boy repairing vehicles in Brazil.

Rodrigo Terpins is a modern rally driver. He has social media accounts where he interacts with his fans. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and LinkedIn. He also regularly updates his fans all over the world about his upcoming races and even personal life. He is not shy to put up his performances on social media too. Check out his website

Terpins is a business management graduate from the University of Sail Hilaire. He worked at Lojas Marisa for sixteen years and climbed the ranks up to the position of the president. He left Lojas Marisa in 2007 and went ahead and founded his company, T5 Participacoes. The company is based in Brazil and organizes competitive rallies regularly. You can visit Vimeo to see more videos.

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