Lincolnshire Management Gains Investment Opportunities through Experience

Lincolnshire Management was originally founded in 1986 and is a private equity firm based out of New York City. The firm is focused on control investments particularly in middle market companies, and they are invested in an array of industries with over 85 acquisitions over eth last 30 years. The firm draws on extensive experience and has a collaborative approach to private equity investment.

When it comes to transitions, Lincolnshire Management takes a rather flexible approach. They structure investments that meet the needs of management, lenders, and sponsors. Their 30-year track record is combined with a broad investment charter that provides the seasoned company the flexibility to respond to all of the challenges that the company meets and they stand ready to provide the required resources for the financial success for any enterprise.

Lincolnshire Management is always on the lookout for profitable companies in growing industries and is open to investments of all kinds including distribution, service businesses, and niche manufacturing. They also look for strong management teams, diversified customers, competitive advantages, and good margins. Promising growth opportunities are another quality that the company seeks out. The pointers that the company looks for when making investments have been discussed here.

They are a company that is flexible in the structuring of their investments and looks to transform orphaned or undermanaged businesses into companies that are reputable and desirable. The Lincolnshire Management team is made up of 20 operating, investment, and origination professionals and the teams have worked together for many years. They have also established a superior track record, and their operations professionals are aided by many analytics, associates, and principles as well. More about these professional that make the firm the best in equity funds can be found here

Lincolnshire Management has a hands-on approach to implementing new strategies and introduces the best sourcing strategies and also enhances production in a diverse range of different industries. This ensures that they are able to offer a unique heritage when it comes to formulating solutions to the challenges for prospective and existing portfolio companies.

Lincolnshire Management is an important component of a very sound and investment guideline that is thoroughly committed to gaining much higher returns. They are a company that is also integrated into the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing.

Stream Energy Leading the Way in Corporate Generosity in Texas

Stream Energy is a retail provider of electricity, wireless telephone services, home services, protection and natural gas in America. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji founded the firm in 2005.

It supplies energy in Washington, DC, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. However, the other services are available countrywide.

It uses direct selling to market the products to customers. It buys energy in bulk and distributes to its associates to market directly to consumers. Since its inception, the company has steadily grown its revenue collection.

In 2017, it got an annual return of over $7 billion in revenue collected in about seven states in America.

Stream Energy is making a name for itself in Texas and America as a whole with its philanthropic activities. American corporations are known for their generosity.

Unfortunately, Texas ranks the lowest in terms of corporate generosity. Stream Energy is reversing this trend, and it is raising the ranking of its home state.

In collaboration with American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, they have been at the forefront of the campaign to minimize cases of homelessness in Dallas.

They have been especially active in giving donations to victims of natural calamities, such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, and the Texas Tornadoes.

They donated $10,000 to the 2012 Hurricane Sandy victims through the American Red Cross.

In 2016, in the wake of the Tornadoes that ravaged Texas, the company joined hands with the Salvation Army to give emergency supplies to the victims.

The Stream Energy Associates gave their donations, and the company doubled them before forwarding them for distribution to the residents.

After the Hurricane Harvey, which brought down as much as fifty-six inches of rainwater in Houston, Stream Energy Swung into action in partnership with Hope Supply Co.

They donated cash, time and labor to help the victims rebuild their lives. Stream Energy also provides transport for relief supplies to be taken to victims.


Graham Edwards of Telereal Trillium Builds Business

Telereal Trillium is a successful commercial property management and investment company ( It was originally just called Telereal. Telereal was technically founded in 1997 before opening its doors to the public in 2001. Graham Edward has been its CEO since that time. In 2009, he led them in acquiring and absorbing Trillium for £750M. He has since led the combined company, Telereal Trillium, to be worth over £1 billion.

Graham began his career as CIO of Talisman Global Asset Management. Prior to coming to Telereal Graham also served as fund manager of Merrill Lynch Investment Management.

Graham is a member of several professional groups: the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the Association of Corporate Treasurers, the UK Society of Investment Professional, and he is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He has many other businesses interests other than Telereal Trillium in real estate, mining, software, water, and engineering. As accomplished as he is, Graham is still studying. He is working on an MA in International Relations at King’s College London. In addition to all of this, he is also an avid philanthropist.

All of Telereal Trillium workspace, has a total of 86 million square feet. It is also extremely proud of the fact it is responsible for housing 1% of UK’s workforce. Today Telereal Trillium’s portfolio boasts over 8,000 properties. They have their hand in multiple real estate projects at any given time. TT has also had professional relationship with some of UK’s largest businesses that have been long-lasting for many years. Some of these include BT, Aviva, and the Department for Work and Pensions and DVLA. TT has earned a great reputation for its cost reduction, risk management, capital release, and business transformation. Graham and the rest of the management are exceedingly optimistic about its future prospects.