Guilherme Paulus Reveals the Secrets to Becoming a Better Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is the current president of the GJP Hotels. He is also the founder of the CVC company. He is a well -known and successful Brazilian entrepreneur. After he was done with his studies, Paulus secured an internship opportunity at IBM where he worked for a certain length of time before he decided to venture into the entrepreneurship industry.

Guilherme Paulus reveals that the idea to establish his company came from a colleague by the name Carlos Cerchiari. They met when travelling during which Carlos shared his dreams of establishing a tourist agency. They decided to come up with a partnership to establish the agency. Paulus chose a good and strategic location which was just at the exit of a movie theatre. They worked together for some few years before Carlos decided to exit and venture ino another business.

Paulus always ensures that he starts his day by being thankful and optimistic. He is always ready to face what another day brings along. He has a diary where he schedules all his daily and weekly activities and this avoids confusion and also saves on his time. This also makes him orderly. He believes that ideas are mainly brought to life through faith. For an idea to either fail or succeed, it must be put into action.

Guilherme Paulus loves the way technology is simplifying our day to day activities. Technology has made it easy to access information that is of great importance to the business. Information such as customer preferences and opinions are very crucial for most business managers. Paulus ensures that he offers close supervision the various facilities under his management. He holds discussions with both the customers and the employees and from this he gets to know their views and suggestions. He advises the young people to always seek for advice and especially form the elderly people who have knowledge and have also undergone various life experiences.

Guilherme Paulus strongly believes that what maters a lot in today’s society is the way one integrates both hard work and knowledge in their endeavors. He terms the combination unbreakable.

Matt Badiali: Investment Strategies for Success in the Natural Resources Sector

Matt Badiali is considered an expert in the natural resources industry. Having graduated from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University with a B.S. in Earth Sciences and a Masters in Geology, his background knowledge makes him the go-to guy for anyone seeking to invest in the industry. While pursuing his Ph.D., a friend came and took him out of the classroom ten years ago seeking expert advice for an investment he wanted to make. The job involved traveling across assessing various investment opportunities and Matt Badiali jumped at the opportunity. Since then, his advice on investing in the sector has enabled many people to earn huge returns on their investment.

Taking on a hands-on approach, Matt Badiali knows that in this industry, sitting at the office won’t give you the best results from your investment. You have to go on the ground, meet CEOs of different companies, assess the abilities of their crews, and above all look for any red flags before investing. With his geology and financial investing background, his strategies and secrets of riding the booms while dodging the busts in the industry set him apart as a guru in the field. For now, Matt Badiali believes the world is about to see a major shift in energy consumption. As soon as the right battery technology comes along, people will move from consuming fossil fuels to electricity supply. In his prediction, there will soon be batteries with the ability to fuel whole cities.

To share his knowledge and experience in making profitable investments in the industry, Matt Badiali took a plunge into the publishing field with a subscription newsletter called The Real Wealth Strategist. The newsletter is a monthly investment newsletter for natural resources stocks containing in-depth research and information on different investment opportunities. It also includes his model portfolio on what is on his buy list. Additionally, with the newsletter, subscribers receive immediate trade alerts via email (if there are any) weekly podcasts on assessment of the industry, and interviews with industry insiders. The Real Wealth Strategist is a partnership between Matt Batiali and Banyan Hill Publishing. Subscribers have access to its subscription website all week long, and they can cancel their subscription at any point. The amount of information one has access to is dependent on the choice of subscription. Subscription choices are priced differently.

Guilherme Paulus: Challenges As a Measure of Progress in Business

In Brazil nurturing a business is probably the second hardest thing from developing a rocket. entrepreneurs are faced by hardships which they have to overcome for them to crowned as winners. However, entrepreneurship in Brazil rewards those who remain focused.

When one is determined to succeed nothing can stop him. Guilherme Paulus realized his dream and planned for it at a tender age. He specializes in tourism and accommodation business. He learned a very simple important virtue, to listen. He listens from his customers, peers and also the government agencies. Through listening, he receives feedback, ideas and customer expectations.

Guilherme Paulus is probably the most successful businessman in Brazil. He was born in 1949 in San Paulo. He accessed university education where he graduated with a degree in business administration. After completing his university education Paulus got an internship with IBM. In 1972 he met a local government official called Carlos Vicente who had an idea of expanding his tourism business to Brazil.

Mr. Guilherme Paulus was keen and found the idea very good. However, he had no money to invest. Carlos saw the potential in this young man and decided to come up with a way for him to utilize his knowledge and skills. Carlos offered to start a business by the name CVC while Paulus would oversee the day to day activities.

There are many reasons behind Guilherme Paulus success in entrepreneurship. To start with, his vision for tourism in Brazil is fascinating. In his own view opportunities were lying underneath the Brazil tourism market. They just got the right tools and believed in their dreams. CVC grew to a point of expanding its territories. The company opened stores across Brazil in large retail malls.

Guilherme Paulus is a firm believer in fighting for what he truly loves. He believes that the easiest way to make it in business is by staying connected to your business. He often travels to talk to his client, figure out how the business is performing and see new trends in travel behavior.

Paulus success can also be traced in partnerships. He believes that you need people to succeed. CVS has partnered with more than 30,000 businesses. When he recognized tourism is wide, he had already won half of his battle.


Measures of Success of Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna is a middle-aged entrepreneur who is an industrial engineer by profession based in America. In his early career life, Khanna served as a senior employee at Oracle Solutions which deals with computer technology internationally. He was a co-founder member of the Saber Corp in the late 90s. Khanna`s commitment resulted in Saber being recognised as the largest independent state government solution provider. Nitin Khanna is mainly known for his accomplishments at Merger Tech where he serves as the chief executive officer. His success is primarily because of the excellent foundation in his career which is based on his experience.

Nitin Khanna has gained numerous acquisition deals for Merger Tech. These acquisitions include; ArcTouch by Grey, Springbrook by Accela, GlobeSherpa by Ridescout among others. This has led to successful partnerships which have accelerated the growth of the Merger Tech Company. He is a board member of various companies such as Vendscreen, Freewire Broadband and the Classic Wines Auction.

Nitin continues to explore and create new entrepreneurial opportunities which have led to the establishment of new industries such as recreation and medical marijuana industry. Cura Cannabis Solutions has rated among the most successful marijuana oil providers His involvement in the Indian Tech through investment with the iSOS Inc, led to the enhancement of software solutions. This has facilitated the acquisition of features like inventory management, real-time tracking and elimination of the use of cash during transactions. Click this link to see more about Cura Cannabis Solutions.

In 2002, Nitin`s contributions to the economy were , and he was awarded Portland`s Top under 40 civic and entrepreneurial leaders. Merger Tech is known internationally, through Nitin`s efforts in his area of expertise in mergers and advisory services. His leadership skills have attributed to this success as depicted in EDS` government operation in 2007 which is associated with a tremendous increase in revenue. Nitin is known to be a philanthropic entrepreneur as he offers advice to many companies regarding social, mobile and cloud spaces for no profitable gains. His innovations have led to the sustainability of the success of many businesses. Nitin Khanna is a pillar of change in industry and entrepreneurial sector that motivates young stakeholders.

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Jason Hope Believes That It is Important to Use His Passion for Good

Jason Hope believes that something needs to be done to stop the effects of aging on the human body, and he works with SENS to discover ways to prevent aging. The organization is all about coming up with preventive healthcare so that people will not just get better after they are sick, but won’t get sick, to begin with. Jason Hope believes that living a long and healthy life is important and possible, and that is why he focuses his philanthropic efforts on that.

Jason Hope is doing a lot with his career, including investing. He studied at the Arizona State University and was born and raised in Arizona. He currently resides in Scottsdale, and he is known as a futurist and an entrepreneur. He has been running Jason Hope Tees since February of 2008. It has all kinds of t-shirts with funny and lighthearted saying and photos on them. The t-shirts are made for those who want to have a good time with their clothing. And, the items are available from the company’s website and through Amazon.

He has shown an interest in politics even while working in his businesses and with his philanthropic efforts. He encourages others to give back in any way that they can, whether through their time or money, and he is always fighting for a cause that he believes in. He is interested in local government because he wants to help his state of Arizona. And, he is also interested in getting involved in politics nationally because he believes that he has a lot to contribute to it. Jason Hope encourages people to discover their passions and to be kind in all that they do. And he believes that it is important for people to do research if they want to get involved in politics or something like that.

His LinkedIn Profile:

Wes Edens: Chairman for Fortress Investment Group

Wesley Edens is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. He has been noted as the company’s chief for private equity endeavors. As a result of his involvement in the company, Fortress has been able to expand their financial deals. He serves as an investment officer for a range of industries. Investment officers invest in different types of companies in order to generate profit and advance industry efforts. For example, investing in the industry of technology allows advancements for tech products. In most instances, equity is given in exchange for funds. Edens has been able to invest in multiple companies as a result of his work at Fortress Investment Group. Serving as a co-founder of a corporation such as Fortress allows for proprietary business connections. See more on

Edens participates in Fortress’s business endeavors and company organizations. His investments include topics such as media, healthcare, finances, real estate and infrastructure. Prior to Fortress, Wesley Edens worked as a partner for BlackRock Financial. While at BlackRock Financial, he served as managing director. As a result of extensive industry experience, Edens is able to give investment advice to clients and provide consumers with financial portfolios. Fortress Investment Group has recently been involved with Centex Home Equity. Fortress Investment Group and Centex Home Equity have business relations as a result of the recent acquisition. Fortress purchased the subprime mortgage lender in order to advance company efforts and further the industry collectively.

Wes Edens purchased the Milwaukee Bucks with his partner for a total of $550 million. When Edens purchased the team from their former owner, he agreed to a business proposition. The proposition stated Edens would build a new stadium for the team. He also promised the arena would be located in Wisconsin. Wes Edens attended Oregon State University. While at Oregon State University he studied business and finance. He earned multiple degrees in finance in order to facilitate his career in the industry. He graduated in 1984. Edens has been a unique asset to Fortress Investment Group over the course of his career at the firm.



Jojo Hedaya Brings Order to Email Chaos

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald liked a challenge like every entrepreneur inventing new solutions that make people’s lives better. The young 24-year-old fresh out of college students were in a quandary to find a solution that they had been working on for sometime now. The problem was keeping the immediate messages in your email folder and separating them from the things you could still use, but later.

Hunting for the Solution

In other words, different things are needed in different parts of our day. When all of the incoming mail is organized, you can choose between unregulated incoming and regulated junk mail. These were issues frustrating the longtime friends. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald had both grown up in Jewish Private schools, enrolled in the university.

Competing with Software Developers

Now out of school, they found a problem which they both felt they could find a solution they could both contribute, so they chose a name, which took them several days and thousands of possibilities. Jojo Hedaya and Josh decided upon “Unroll,” since the service would allow its users to unroll from subscriptions they weren’t needing or filtering . out those that were not wanted.


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Solution Found

Jojo Hedaya and Josh both realized that if the user could only attend to the needed emails that came in their email folders, they could choose to put aside the rest of the emails to be sorted at a later time. After several versions of Unroll they were satisfied with the algorithm they were looking for. They officially started Unroll in 2011. Fast forward three years to 2014. was acquired in 2011 by Rakuten Intelligence.

Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is one of the co-founders of, which is a opt out service, a solution for email clutter. In 2010-2012, Jojo Hedaya attended the City of New York University, where he acquired degrees in Philosophy as well as Business. He is married with one son. He enjoys time with his family, and a Knicks fan. Jojo Hedaya is presently the Chief Product and Consumer Officer for

Real Wealth Strategist Matt Badiali

With a strong educational background and tireless efforts, Matt Badiali managed to earn the title of the “Founder of Real Wealth Strategist”. Badiali is a man who had a flair for science always. He received a BS degree in sciences from Penn State University and further pursued his master’s from Florida Atlantic University in geology. Until Matt Badiali was introduced to finance world, he did not end of the educational journey & continued with Ph.D. from North Carolina University. One of his close fellows realized that Badiali had the potential with science and geology and introduced him to this field hopping him to giving investment-related advice to the regular investors.

This was the time when Matt Badiali gained popularity as his followers started generating profits with double and triple-digit gains. Later in 2017, he introduced the newsletter which was named “Real Wealth Strategist” with Banyan Hill Publishers. According to Matt Badiali, he believes that the energy consumption is going to have significant shifts soon. He stated that the world is going to have a substantial change from the fossil-fuel-centered industry to a purely electricity focused world. He highlighted that we are already trying to get rid and preserve our natural fuels, but the problem that is backing us is making a battery that has much-stored energy to provide power to the whole city. Once they resolve this issue, there will be a shift in no time. Making investments in the right resources makes it possible to gain considerable returns.

Once Matt Badiali was asked how does he bring such innovative ideas to his life? To which he replied that personal experiences play a vital role in bringing all these ideas to his mind. He claimed that he puts himself in the situation that people are facing and gives them the best advice by going through his memory when he went through such a case. He also claimed that he had traveled much which has given him exposure to other cultures thus he uses all those experiences when he is asked for advice or needs to write on a topic.

Ted Bauman Explains the Drop in Apples Market Share

Ted Bauman has expressed concerns about the future of Apple. Although the tech giant has posed some good numbers in the past, Mr. Bauman has reasons to think that it is future might be at stake. He is an experienced economist who was grew up in the United States and spent over 20 years in South Africa serving as a consultant to the United States as well as several European and African government agencies. The accomplished economist acknowledges the essence of analyzing performance.

Through a Banyan Hill article, Ted Bauman said that consumers anticipate continuous growth and sustainability from Apple judging from its past performance. However, he believes that since the death of Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO, the company has been stagnated and its future is not as bright. One indicator to that is the drop of the company’s stock by 6.5% following the earnings call.

Pricing power gives Apple a sharp edge in the market

According to Ted Bauman, Apple is the most profitable company in the world. Its iPhone brand has a strong market share in the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom. The company takes 20% of other parts of the world’s mobile market share. The company has excelled in its pricing enabled through providing a unique experience and exclusive perks and features to customers. Customers are willing to pay more for quality. Steve Jobs capitalized on giving quality to customers and creating loyal customer base, a thing that propelled the company further in the market.

The value of Apple brand grew tremendously to give the company a high magnitude of pricing power. It takes dedication and profound hard work to build a brand.

Bauman explains the reasons behind the drop in Apple’s market share

People buy products and services based on brands. According to Ted Bauman, Apple’s brand value grew a bit slower leading to the drop in market share. This will likely affect the company’s pricing power and with time, the market share will hit a low point. He is concerned about the cost of MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad pro, new apple models in town, is higher than that of other products yet they are not much different.

OSI Group and David McDonald

The food industry is vast with many companies vying for the top spot but OSI Group arguably takes the lead. They have gained much recognition over the years with President David McDonald leading the charge. The company has worked hard over the years to ensure they are always putting their best foot forward.

David McDonald always had a love for agriculture and food as he grew up on a farm in Iowa. He knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the agriculture industry and went on to earn a degree from wellknown Iowa State University. Joining the team at OSI Industries in 1991, David McDonald’s hard work and ambition paid off as he was promoted through the ranks and ultimately landed the position of President. Read more about David McDonald at Inspirery.

As President of OSI Group, David McDonald focused on building a foundation of strong partnerships and company expansion. David made such an impact in his position as company President that he was given the Wallace E. Baron Outstanding Senior Award. This recognition set him apart from other businessmen in his field and gained him much respect in the industry.

OSI facilities are currently located in over 17 countries and is leading supplier of pizza, sandwiches, and more. They also boast a whopping fifty facilities in several countries. The company also has a sound business partnerships all over the world and is working on becoming the largest supplier of poultry products in China. David plans on making OSI Group a global brand with ethical customer relations.

David prides himself on developing and maintaining communications with customers, ultimately securing his position within the industry. Word of mouth has made a huge impact on the company’s growth thanks to the support of devoted customers. Word of mouth is a tried and true way to gain recognition and respect in business. The company strives to come up with better ways to serve its customers by rolling out new products and services. Be sure to take a look at David McDonald’s website for more information about him and OSI Group’s next business venture.