Dr. Siegall Seeks to Create a Paradigm Shift in Cancer Treatment with Targeted Pharmaceuticals

Inspirey, a website dedicated to telling the stories of entrepreneurs all over the world, recently published an interview with Dr. Siegall called, “Dr. Clay Siegall- CEO, Seattle Genetics”. The interview discusses the career of Dr. Clay Siegall, co-founder of the biotech firm Seattle Genetics. The company creates targeted drugs for treatment of different diseases.

Dr. Siegall developed the first antibody drug conjugate that has been approved by the FDA. They have developed a strong lineup of more than 20 drugs and have partnerships with many drug manufacturers. His leadership has allowed the company to grow from a small, biotech startup to a leader in the cancer research niche.

Dr. Siegall has been interested in the power of overcoming diseases with technology since his days studying Zoology at the University of Maryland. However, after his father was diagnosed with cancer and Dr. Siegall saw how painful the treatment could be, he recognized that cancer treatment needed to change. He believed there had to be a better way than the radical surgeries and harsh chemotherapy treatments that almost lead the patient to death’s door from the severe anemia.

He also began the company after feeling the need for more autonomy and freedom in pursuing his own projects. Seattle Genetics sells their own patented proprietary drugs such as ADCettrics. They also have a revenue stream from the partnership programs and technologies that they have developed. The company was able to start making money after bringing a talented sales staff on board who were able to close many deals in the early 2000’s. They also developed a marketing strategy that develops relationships with buyers to gain 7 or 8 figure contracts.

Mr. Siegall believes the key to success is hard work. He follows the ideas of Charles Darwin and Francis Galton who believed that men do not differ greatly in intellectual abilities, but instead only in work habits. Those who work intensely are able to succeed.

Dr. Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics, a biotech company dedicated to transforming cancer treatment with antibody-drug conjugate technology. He received his Ph.D. from George Washington University with a focus in genetics. After graduating, he worked with the National Institute of Health and later moved to the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute.