The Effectiveness of Rebel Wilson In Isn’t It Romantic Movie

Rebel Wilson is a phenomenal character who stars in the isn’t it Romantic Movie well. As Natalie, she illustrates how individuals fall in love and the driving force behind some of their actions. During the cast of the movie, she becomes trapped with a mysterious object on her head; hence she works hard to get herself out of the situation.

If you are a fan of romantic comedies, you will realize that all of them start and end with true love. Moreover, there is usually a kiss among the actors. In the isn’t it Romantic Movie, Rebel Wilson falls in love with billionaire Liam Hemsworth who stars as Blake.

The actress thinks that the platform is an excellent platform for her to transform her life. During their courtship, Liam helps her to change her apartment into a luxurious palace. For instance, when you observe her closet, you will notice that it comprises of beautiful shoes and gorgeous clothes. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

Though her life is fun, Nat works hard to enable her to attain her real life. Before she got all the luxury items, she had best friends who include Josh and Whitney. Rebel Wilson is determined to regain their friendship which was once vital in her life.

Rebel Wilson

The actress is stunning in the movie. Through her role, she brings out an excellent talent which many individuals did not know. Even though she does not make any mistakes in her cast, her expertise enables her to visit various places which she did not know earlier.

During her role, Rebel Wilson brings out the feminity role efficiently. She uses chick-flicks to relate to the viewers quickly. With her beauty, Natalie highlights the importance of love in a relationship through her various escapades with Nat.

In the early scenes, Nat uses old chestnuts to enable Natalie to fall in love with him. Moreover, other women in the comedy apply makeup while adorning full hair most of the time. During the activities, the women fall when in counter with other objects which other individuals think that is a daring stunt.

Though the scenes are manly, the women are portrayed as robust since they can perform the work done by the men. During her first encounter with Nat, Natalie receives recommendation from the cupcake shops and flower beds. Initially, she had a dismissive neighbor who later became her best friend.


Furthermore, when she visits Nat’s apartment, the neighbor keeps her company by gossiping over some issues while taking some cocktails. Due to her good interactions, men usually visit her for some company. Blake, particularly, becomes fond of her even though he did not know she was acquainted with Nat.

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