OSI Group and David McDonald

The food industry is vast with many companies vying for the top spot but OSI Group arguably takes the lead. They have gained much recognition over the years with President David McDonald leading the charge. The company has worked hard over the years to ensure they are always putting their best foot forward.

David McDonald always had a love for agriculture and food as he grew up on a farm in Iowa. He knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the agriculture industry and went on to earn a degree from wellknown Iowa State University. Joining the team at OSI Industries in 1991, David McDonald’s hard work and ambition paid off as he was promoted through the ranks and ultimately landed the position of President. Read more about David McDonald at Inspirery.

As President of OSI Group, David McDonald focused on building a foundation of strong partnerships and company expansion. David made such an impact in his position as company President that he was given the Wallace E. Baron Outstanding Senior Award. This recognition set him apart from other businessmen in his field and gained him much respect in the industry.

OSI facilities are currently located in over 17 countries and is leading supplier of pizza, sandwiches, and more. They also boast a whopping fifty facilities in several countries. The company also has a sound business partnerships all over the world and is working on becoming the largest supplier of poultry products in China. David plans on making OSI Group a global brand with ethical customer relations.

David prides himself on developing and maintaining communications with customers, ultimately securing his position within the industry. Word of mouth has made a huge impact on the company’s growth thanks to the support of devoted customers. Word of mouth is a tried and true way to gain recognition and respect in business. The company strives to come up with better ways to serve its customers by rolling out new products and services. Be sure to take a look at David McDonald’s website for more information about him and OSI Group’s next business venture.

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Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. System

Jeunesse Global was started by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. Wendy Lewis studied math and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and she also received a master’s degree in Educational Psychology and Measurement Statistics from Temple University. After teaching for more than 8 years, she met Randy Ray. Randy and Wendy got married and started working together. First, they started selling software and created a company called Alpha Computer Services. Eventually, they started consulting for network marketing companies. In 2009, they started their own network marketing company called Jeunesse Global. The company was created after Randy discovered the benefits of stem cell research for his problematic knee. When Wendy saw that stem cells could improve the skin as well, they created a formula that would use the same ingredients but would be absorbed by the skin better. This allowed Wendy and Ray to create their famous Youth Enhancement System for their Jeunesse Global company.

The Y.E.S. system, better known as the Youth Enhancement System was created to combine the benefits of skincare with supplements to create a unique anti-aging line. The line uses nine different sources of skincare and supplements including the rejuvenate line of Luminesce which focuses on reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to provide a youthful vitality to the skin. It also includes a way to defend the body with the Reserve line which focuses on using antioxidants and superfruits to help the body defend against free radicals. The Instantly Ageless line is a small serum used to reduce the ap

pearance of wrinkles, under-eye bags, and pores in two quick minutes. The Finiti supplement is used to help the body restore itself to a more youthful state by using fruit and vegetable extracts in a proprietary blend.

The Enhancement line uses both AM and PM essential supplements to provide the body with key nutrients to slow down the appearance of aging while also improving your mood and helping your body get the most out of sleeping. The Zen Bodi system helps the body regain balance by helping you curb your appetite while still burning fat and allowing you to build muscle.