The Unbelievable Struggles Of George Soros

George Soros was born in 1930, in Budapest. He survived the Nazis because his father had fake identities for the family to hide the fact that they were Jewish. George Soros witnessed the dictatorship of the communists as a teenage boy, finally immigrating on his own to England. While studying at a school for economics, he realized he had an aptitude for finances.

His parents joined up with him in New York after he began working on Wall Street. He became so wealthy, he now holds the number thirty-five space with Forbes as one of the richest people worldwide. George Soros’ billions were made with stocks and currency speculation.

He stated Soros was trying to destroy America’s political system. Although this was untrue, the long history of anti-Semitism was once again brought to light. In the last one hundred years, countless governments and people have found a way to blame the Jews for whatever activities they were undertaking themselves. From Hitler, and his intention to exterminate all of the Jews, the question remains. Why the Jews?

One of the answers to this question concerns the conspiracy that began at the start of the twenty-first century. This was started by Protocols of the Elders of Zion that said the Jews had a plan to destroy all of the governments throughout the world to achieve world domination. Although this theory was blatantly false, it was fueled by fear. Theories involving anti-Semitism ran rampant without any checking of facts.

Glenn Beck completely misread George Soros to the point of being ridiculous. This involved a series based on those who were born Hungarian. Matt Welch, the editor of Reason has several thoughts on the matter. Beck actually lived in Budapest for a period of three years. He feels Soros acted with bravery considering the conditions under which he grew up. He believes George Soros was under an immense amount of pressure and should not be condemned for making decisions we can’t possibly understand. This was a mere boy of fourteen years of age whose main goal was to stay alive. Another prime example of anti-Semitism.

Beck also discussed all of the property that was taken away from the Jews. For those Jews who were acting as though they were not Jewish, this was especially difficult. If you were caught pretending to be something other than Jewish, it was an instant death sentence. The Jews had to stand by, knowing they could do nothing while their possessions were taken.

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