A Look At All That Desiree Perez Does At Jay-Z’s Roc Nation

Desiree Perez is a highly influential executive in the music industry. Along with other executives at his company Roc Nation, Jay-Z recently honored her by hosting a dinner at Fresco by Scotto. This is an upscale New York City restaurant that is known for serving great food and impeccable service. 

She is Roc Nation’s chief operating officer. One of her duties is managing the tour campaigns for the artists that are signed by Roc Nation. She is in charge of deciding what venues concerts will be held in and negotiates contracts with venue owners. Desiree Perez also manages tours marketing campaigns in order to get people to buy tickets.

Desiree Perez also manages the release of new albums. She does the marketing for these as well. This includes knowing who to market to and generating hype. Many of the albums releases she has managed have resulted in albums debuting in the number one Billboard spot.

She also negotiates deals between Roc Nation and others. Many recording companies try to take advantage of artists and take the lion’s share of the money that is made. Desiree Perez is very savvy and is great at representing these artists during negotiations with recording companies. She says that she is really proud of how she helps artists get their fair share.

She doesn’t like being in the spotlight which is why most people haven’t heard of Desiree Perez. She enjoys working behind the scenes and letting the artists get all the attention.

Paul Herdsman Creates A Thriving Customer Service Business


Paul Herdsman is a prominent entrepreneur and the chief operating officer of one of the highly successful customer service companies based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Herdsman is the person behind the success of this business since he has taken the pivotal role of leading all the operations of this company.

It is through previous employment opportunities in the past that he learnt some of the most important skills that he is now utilizing in growing NICE Global. He has adequate experience and crucial skills that can help the business he’s running to attain long-term success in the field of customer service.

Paul Herdsman’s main mission is to help businesses to retain customers, satisfy their customers, and increase their marketing and sales capacity as well as to promote human resource by growing talent within the company. NICE Global is currently a leading organization in the world with customers coming from different corners of the globe to seek their services.

What makes Paul Herdsman unique is his ability to support his staff by taking care of key components of human resource management. He understands the importance of staff retention, promoting staff expertise, and creating morale in his team. He understands that the employees play a crucial role in the growth of any business and he is not ready to risk having a reluctant workforce. He also understands that the employees play a crucial role in the daily as well as the long-term success of a business. See This Article for more information.

By investing back in his employees, he has a team of highly skilled individuals who have the capacity to reach the highest levels of growth possible. He also makes sure that employees’ retention is high such that there is an accumulation of experience in the organization. Today, Paul Herdsman has created a business that offers outsourcing services to many companies from around the world. As the business sector becomes a global village affair, outsourcing is becoming part and parcel of many organizations.


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Paul Herdsman Is The Man Behind The Success Of Nice Global


Paul Herdsman is a successful entrepreneur who co-founded NICE Global. He serves as the company’s chief operating officer and brings years of experience in the customer service sector with him. Herdsman knows that any successful company is made up of its workers, and he knows that it is important to keep them happy. He has learned that investing money into his workforce pays off in dividends, and he encourages other companies to do the same.

NICE Global is located in Jamaica, which is where Paul Herdsman was born. He originally didn’t know a thing about starting up a business in Jamaica but has been a huge success there after learning all of the ropes. NICE Global offers nearshore outsourcing services to its customers, and many of these customers are located in the United States. This allows these companies to have a closer relationship with the company they are outsourcing to.

Paul Herdsman admitted in a recent interview that he has always had a very curious nature and this has been a gift in his industry. Paul Herdsman enjoys creating excellent customer service experiences for the customers of his clients, and he does this very well. He helped to startup NICE Global in 2014 after outsourcing to many different countries for his business. He realized that it was becoming very overwhelming and realized that he could help to create a company that would solve this issue form other companies. Go To This Page for additional information.

Today, NICE Global offers technical support services, customer service, data entry, live chat services, and a whole lot more. Paul Herdsman is more than happy to be able to help his clients improve the aspects of their business that require the most attention. Looking into the future, he plans on continuing to grow his company and knows that he will be able to do so because NICE Global offers something very unique in today’s world.


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Paul Herdsman Shares 12 Tips For Upcoming Entrepreneurs


Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur and is the co-founder of company NICE Global, which is located in Jamaica and assists other businesses through its own services. Herdsman gives effective Business Tips which he likes to share to aspiring and established business owners alike can use to be successful like himself.

The number 1 tip he gives to entrepreneurs is to have a positive attitude as he believes people work better that way and are able to solve problems effectively with this mindset.

Taking risks, Paul Herdsman stated, is vital in entrepreneurship and taking them is a priority. Herdsman states that other businessmen must take risks and not be afraid of failure as it is a learning experience and can pay off in big ways. The next tip he shares is caring in what someone is doing. Without passion or caring about a business, the person will not typically do well.

Herdsman believes having a precise vision for a brand is also another key aspect of entrepreneurship. Setting goals and tackling them is a great way to run a business and improve. One person can do a lot on their own, but not everything as it is essential in entrepreneurship to have a good team around.

Having a great team can improve a brand as a whole. Another tip Paul Herdsman shares is just working diligently as entrepreneurs tend to work long hours and don’t give up on their vision. Many businesses fail within 4 years so learning from mistakes can be a key to success. Mistakes will be made but not committing it, again and again, will certainly help in the long run. Go Here for related Information.

Feedback is another good tip as it helps businesses learn what they are doing well and aren’t. Customers also will value businesses that care about them and provide them with excellent service.

Paul Herdsman advises businesses to be persistent to get results and another that goes hand in hand is giving customers more for less, going above and beyond for them. The last two tips from Paul Herdsman is to learn from a good mentor and to not say yes to everything as time is money and time is valuable.

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Paul Herdsman Is Bringing Business To The Next Level


Paul Herdsman is a businessman and entrepreneur with tremendous experience with marketing and sales, business growth and development, retaining customers and customer acquisition. Paul Herdsman is the co-founder of NICE Global. The company is based in Jamaica and is focused on providing out-sourcing services regarding a variety of business processes. The services provided by NICE are working to assist existing companies with customer retention while lowering overhead costs and customer contact increase for the purpose of providing profits.


NICE Global also provides the groundwork for companies to determine employee success and provide a variety of reward programs to keep morale high and determination even greater. The goal is to help companies encourage and maintain a culture of family within the companies that utilize their services. NICE and Herdsman recognizes the all-important link between team work and success.


Herdsman worked in a variety of management roles prior to establishing NICE. He is a problem solver by nature and that was one of the his greatest assets when he decided to take on the entrepreneurial path.


Paul also looked at streamlining the customer service process to increase business success. While working within the realm of out-sourcing some large business management entities, customer service was being utilized from five different countries. This type of customer service usage was only effective until a certain point of business growth.


This was the impetus to forming NICE in order to bring such service to a nearby physical location and utilizing near shore locations. Montego Bay, Jamaica was the most logical choice for providing the necessary workforce. Company operation was brought under one roof and that was the beginning of NICE. The company business plan is directly proportional to the success of the clients the company serves. NICE Global was off to a flying start from the day to day operational tasks. Read This Article for additional information.


Building a core group of team members that inspired loyalty was the number one objective when Herdsman began assembling his team. Paul Herdsman appreciated the hard work that was put forth when building his team and that became part of the success of the initial startup for his company.


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Paul Herdsman-Helping Businesses Reach Their Potential

With over ten years of online customer and consumer software experience, Paul Herdsman is known for his sales, marketing, and problem solving skills. Paul Herdsman is the CEO and Co-founder of a company called NIce Global. This company , which was created in Montego Jamaica in 2014, is a business solutions company. Nice Global company began as a result of Paul and his team outsourcing in five different countries.

As this job became more and more of a challenge to execute efficiently, it put a huge strain on the resources within the company. Paul Herdsman and his team decided to build their own company. Associates in Jamaica felt Paul and his team did such great work in the management of their business needs that Herdsman and team began to offer their services to additional clients. This success would later result in what is now known as the Nice Global Company.

In his interview with IdeaMensch, he shared that one of the character traits that he has developed for himself, and has encouraged others in business to do is to develop strong problem solving skills. He believes that individuals in business should ask questions such as:


  • What data points are irrelevant
  • What data points are important
  • How is the data processed properly


Herdsman believes all of these components are necessary in order to receive the best solutions. Subsequently, as each of these components becomes more developed, it will result in solving hard and easy problems easier.

One of the most effective tools Paul Herdsman uses in his business work environment is to ensure it is stress free as possible. Paul firmly believes that if employees are happy, they will in turn work at their highest potential. This approach has caused those working for Nice Global to feel that it is more like family than a work environment. Go Here for additional information.


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