How the Evolution of Smooth came to be a leading brand

Chapstick has been many people’s favorite lip balm for a long time. It comes in different flavors, which the customers can choose between them. The Evolution of Smooth brand came up as a strong competitor in the market. These lip balms are unique even in the packaging. Instead of the traditional cylindrical package, the EoS has a round packaging. The packaging is also colorful making the product even more attractive.

They are natural, made from organic ingredients, and cruelty-free. The Evolution of Smooth lip balms is also incorporated with some vitamins, which are good for oral care. They come in six flavors including strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, and sweet mint.

Jonathan Teller, Sanjiv Mehra, and Craig Dubitsky co-founded Evolution of Smooth. They were focused on making an impact in the industry. To do this, they had to come up with a product that would compete with the existing brands. According to Fast Company’s interview on Teller and Mehra, getting the products in stores was also not easy. The sales people found it easier to sell to female buyers. The packaging made the product stand out in the stores.

Since the EOS lip balms entered the market, they have become very popular. Some celebrities have also been spotted using it. Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez have also had them on their music videos making the products even more popular. The marketing strategies, which include using blogs and Facebook, have been successful considering the target market is mostly 25-35-year-old women.

The Evolution of Smooth has also become partners with other companies. Increasing its products by working with other companies has helped in its growth. The consumers love their products. Other companies have also taken up the package. Currently, the EoS lip balm sales in a week are more than its sales during the first year. More information can be found here.

EoS lip balm products are available on ULTA and