Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers says they are working to entertain more in their performances.

In our world today, an hour of radio music does not elapse without airtime for some well-mixed music with musical high notes and euphoric captures that galvanize the listener to a higher feeling. Only electronic dance music (EDM) brings this feeling, and the Chainsmokers are the hottest duo in the scene at the moment. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up this famous duo, and they have established their dominance with favorite hits such as Don’t Let Me Down and Roses. These are hits that have received massive airtime on radio, and The Chainsmokers are not the type to live in the glory and relax. The dance music sensation has now released, Closer, another track tipped to be a radio banger.

According to Alex Pall, they are in the process of cementing their brand and establishing their signature label in the dance music. Pall says that they are working relentlessly to change the face of electronic music, diverting from the traditional aspects of performance. Unlike their counterparts in the industry who just craft well-synched beats without any human vocals, the Chainsmokers are trying to find a way to introduce the human touch in their art.

Alex Pall says that the change was forthcoming, given their immense audience base that has grown to across an extensive age group. Previously they used to appeal most to college kids and young adults between age 20 and 30, but Pall says that the audience has grown to 12-year-olds. Alex Pall says that this has made it vital for them to integrate their music with vocals, and give their craft more human emotions. They have achieved this, in their latest single, by collaborating with talented and celebrated musician Halsey, who is the hottest talent in the industry today.

Pall who started Djing as a hobby in New York City, says that their relationship with the audience has strengthened dramatically following their decision to sing in their songs. Unlike before where they relied on the guest vocalist, Pall is happy that his partner Andrew Taggart is now singing in their performances and songs. The efforts of the duo to, give their audience more lively performances have received acclamation from all corners of the globe. Alex and Taggart had always worked with much dedication and passion, ever since their earlier days when they were producing music in Alex’s apartment.

More about Alex Pall

Pall who is in his mid-thirties was born and breed in Westchester, New York. He attended New York University in 2007. Alex Pall is also an actor, and he has featured in some TV series including Larry King Now and Ridiculousness. He began night djing as a hobby in Manhattan where he also worked at an art gallery. Besides being a music producer, he is a talented pianist and songwriter.

The Chainsmokers Dark Twist

The Chainsmokers started out in 2012 as an EDM DJ duo consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Since this duo has risen to the scene, they have churned out a total of five top ten hits (Paris, Roses, Something Just Like This, and Don’t Let Me Down) and one number one hit; Closer).


The Chainsmokers’ music fuses streams of indie, dance beats, pop, hip-hop, and expertly crafted electronic soundscapes into cool rifts of smoking sound. To start off 2018 on an interesting note, the duo has chosen to go down a much darker path with their new single ” Sick Boy”. (See: Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers).



This song, and some of the other songs they plan to release in the upcoming future, address, from their perspective, the political climate that a majority of the people from their own generation are facing and have faced as they were growing up. It relates heavily upon the rise of social media and the effects it has had on the youth around the world. It addresses several of the repercussions that social media has had since it began such as: creating a basis of social acceptance that most people otherwise would not seek out on such a scale, eventually elevating some to the lead of social hierarchy. View More Information Here.


Compared to The Chainsmokers type of songs in the past two years, this is an entirely new path, incorporating aspects of how dark everyday life can be with their already outstanding talents. It is quite the twist considering the previous tracks that this duo and their partners have released, but it is definitely one that will make waves all across the music world. As in the past they have worked with the likes of, Daya, Charlee, Halsey or XYLO, they are very excited about their upcoming partnerships, although they will not release the details on who they are quite yet. It will definitely be a huge year for these two, they have extraordinary talent and plenty of aspirations to fulfill going forward.