The Influence of Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum at Bronxcare Healthcare

Before Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum does any activity at his facility, he usually checks his emails to ascertain his schedule. For instance, he uses LinkedIn to connect with most of his clients since they work in many industries. Later, he visits his office where he meets the top management to develop plans for the day. Book an appointment with Dr Ira here

Moreover, he might choose to attend to the patients in his office, or he would enact projects that aim to improve the services rendered to them. Though his schedule is ordinarily tight, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum knows how to attend to various matters keenly. Besides, he safeguards his time well with the patients. See the doctor’s hospital affiliations here.

How he generates his ideas

Before anything else, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum usually focuses on any activity that he wants to develop. For instance, he makes the idea, and later investigates and executes it to attain the best method of handling it. Finally, he initializes a distribution plan to guide him, in his transactions.

Exciting trends for Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

The doctor believes that if an organization develops value-based healthcare, then their activities would develop more efficiently. For instance, if the values of the patients compare to the analysis, then the facility would generate a measure that would help in estimating the cost of treating the patient. Moreover, he believes that he is more productive when he connects with other surgeons and doctors in his department.

Dr . Ira Kirschenbaum advice to the upcoming generation

Dr . Ira Kirschenbaum advises the younger generation to be aware of their activities and anticipations in life. Even though some professionals exist in their aspired careers, they can use their expertise to excel in their future ventures. Thus, they should task themselves with identifying an excellent professional and learn from his success. Watch the advice the surgeon gives on Youtube.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, Building a Legacy

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon who has a cosmetic surgery practice and currently owns multiple medical spas in Austin, TX and New York City. She serves as a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery where she oversees the their communications. She also serves on the Executive Committee of the ASAPS and will soon become the first female president of this organization for cosmetic surgery. She has been recognized and honored for her work and academics as a surgeon in plastic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is also a mother to twin boys where they reside in Austin, TX. She is regularly in the media as she is a go-to source on topics such as teenage plastic surgery, mommy makeovers, breast implants and other technological advances in surgery. She has made several guest appearances on national television on channels such as Fox News, Dr. 90210, VH1, NBC, ABC, CBS and many more. Not only has Dr. Jennifer Walden appeared on numerous television shows, she also is an established author. She has published several articles and has presented at conferences nation-wide teaching other plastic surgeons all of her skills and techniques.

Dr. Walden enjoys giving back to her local community and to those who are in need. In 2016, she was nominated in second-place for the Austin’s Woman of the Year. She has volunteered as a surgeon on medical mission trips and also supports programs providing nourishment to children in her local area on the weekends who are in need of assistance. On Dr. Walden’s Instagram, you can see photos of her home life, work life and philanthropic charity events and conferences. On her social media account, you will even get a closer look at her plastic surgery before and after photos as well as learn the steps and skill-sets it takes to perform various types of surgery. She often features clips of “behind-the-scene” appointments with her patients as well as reviews from her medical spa clients. Her cosmetic surgery practice has raving reviews and is worth checking out.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Combines Compassion and Skill in Patient Care

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a Dallas, Texas-based physician and plastic surgeon who has consistently been ranked as one of the nation’s most compassionate doctors according to patient reviews.

Dr. Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon who is affiliated with several hospitals in the Dallas area including Pine Creek Medical Center and Dallas Medical Center. Dr. Jejurikar received his medical degree from the University of Michigan Medical School. In addition to attending the University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Jejurikar also completed his residency and training as a plastic surgeon with the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers.

Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and a board-certified plastic surgeon. He focuses on performing cosmetic surgery primarily to the face, nose, breast, eyes, and body of his patients. Dr. Jejurikar is the beneficiary of a large amount of training in the finer details involved in the art of plastic surgery. He has been able to use this training to help his patients achieve the desired outcome. Dr. Jejurikar manages to blend his natural warmth and sensitivity into his practice.

Dr. Jejurikar is part of a select few physicians who have been honored with the prestigious Compassionate Doctor Certification by Patients Choice. Nearly 100 million patients across the country rate their doctors and provide feedback based on their experience with their physician. To receive the Compassionate Doctor Certification a physician needs to achieve a nearly perfect score on both bedside manner and overall ratings from their patients. Only the top 3% are given the compassionate doctor recognition. Dr. Jejurikar Said in part that he felt honored and grateful that his patients gave him such a high rating and positive reviews.

Dr. Jejurikar also utilizes cutting-edge technology in his practice allowing patients to preview potential alterations to their body or face using the Crisalix 3D Imaging system. In addition, patients can utilize MYTOUCHMD to find educational videos, images, and information on procedures that allow them to obtain the correct expectation for what a procedure involves.

Brian Torchin Helps To Connect Chiropractors With Patients

Brian Torchin is an east coast entrepreneur who has made a career out of helping others pursue their careers. However, Brian’s business isn’t just any staffing agency. It has a special focus on helping those within the healthcare industry find rewarding jobs. Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC started out in Pennsylvania, expanding to Delaware and Florida. Today, there are also offices in Europe and Asia.

Brian started his career as a chiropractor himself and that enabled him to see that there was a need for a staffing service specific to the healthcare industry. He realized that a staffing service could help facilities stay staffed during nights, on weekends, and on holidays, when it was especially difficult to get help. The company focuses on helping chiropractic offices with their staffing needs and will also supply hospitals with therapists, assistants, and chiropractors as needed. Additionally, HCRC Staffing provides training, background searches, and professional consulting services to their clients. Read more on about Brian Torchin

In addition to his administrative tasks, Brian also maintains a blog on his company’s website. He often writes about the best tips for hiring a chiropractor and what to look for in hiring support staff, as well as other topics intended to help offices with their hiring choices. Torchin likes to keep the blog focused on how his clients can provide a better experience to their own clients through better office management.

One particular article focused on offices that weren’t patient friendly. In it, he writes that every staff member should treat every patient with the respect they deserve. He suggests training staff members to interact as though their jobs depend on each patient’s satisfaction, because it does. Unhappy patients will look for another chiropractor, sooner or later.

Brian Torchin tries to keep his clients happy as well. He recognizes that his service has to be able to provide personnel for immediate staffing needs. When an office is lacking support staff, it may mean costing an office thousands of dollars or the loss of patients. That’s why Torchin pledges that his service will supply any client’s needs within 48 hours. That’s a promise that helps his company remain the number one choice for chiropractic offices worldwide. View:


Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Plans To Attend Medical Conferences This Year

A Short Bio Of Dr. Rod Rohrich:

Dr. Rod Rohrich practices medicine at UT Southwestern University. He’s a plastic surgeon, and his patients have had great experiences with him. In addition, his colleagues think well of him. In fact, Dr. Rod Rohrich has upcoming speaking engagement.

What Are His Upcoming Speaking Engagements?

Dr. Rod Rohrich plans to speak speak at the following medical conferences:

  1. The Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting:

Not only is Dr. Rod Rohrich going to speak at this conference, but he also organized it. He continues to play a strong role in the management of the conference as the chairman of its board. Speakers at the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting discuss technologies and techniques that are used for rhinoplasty.

  1. The Cosmetic Surgery And Medicine Meeting:

This meeting was also arranged by Dr. Rod Rohrich. Dr. Rod Rohrich is also one of the event’s most noteworthy speakers. The Cosmetic Surgery And Medicine Meeting is a good place for doctors to improve the techniques that they use during plastic surgery and begin using new technologies during procedures.

The Baker Gordon Symposium:

While this conference was not organized by Dr. Rod Rohrich, he will be esteemed faculty at the conference. The Baker Gordon Symposium features live surgeries. Viewing these procedures is a great way for any physician to improve his or her plastic surgery techniques. The symposium is quite popular among physicians, and it’s going to take place on February 8th.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Has A Positive Impact On The Community:

Dr. Rod Rohrich donates money to charity. In addition, he helps to ensure that people have better access to healthcare. Dr. Rod Rohrich improves access to medical care for children living in Dallas. However, he also works hard to improve access to healthcare for people who live in underprivleged countries. Follow  Rohrich