Stream Energy Leading the Way in Corporate Generosity in Texas

Stream Energy is a retail provider of electricity, wireless telephone services, home services, protection and natural gas in America. Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji founded the firm in 2005.

It supplies energy in Washington, DC, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. However, the other services are available countrywide.

It uses direct selling to market the products to customers. It buys energy in bulk and distributes to its associates to market directly to consumers. Since its inception, the company has steadily grown its revenue collection.

In 2017, it got an annual return of over $7 billion in revenue collected in about seven states in America.

Stream Energy is making a name for itself in Texas and America as a whole with its philanthropic activities. American corporations are known for their generosity.

Unfortunately, Texas ranks the lowest in terms of corporate generosity. Stream Energy is reversing this trend, and it is raising the ranking of its home state.

In collaboration with American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, they have been at the forefront of the campaign to minimize cases of homelessness in Dallas.

They have been especially active in giving donations to victims of natural calamities, such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, and the Texas Tornadoes.

They donated $10,000 to the 2012 Hurricane Sandy victims through the American Red Cross.

In 2016, in the wake of the Tornadoes that ravaged Texas, the company joined hands with the Salvation Army to give emergency supplies to the victims.

The Stream Energy Associates gave their donations, and the company doubled them before forwarding them for distribution to the residents.

After the Hurricane Harvey, which brought down as much as fifty-six inches of rainwater in Houston, Stream Energy Swung into action in partnership with Hope Supply Co.

They donated cash, time and labor to help the victims rebuild their lives. Stream Energy also provides transport for relief supplies to be taken to victims.


Stream Energy – New Leaders and Expansions

Stream Energy is a direct-selling energy provider based in Dallas, Texas since 2005. The business has a reach in several states such a Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington D. C., Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and most recently in Delaware as well.

The company of Stream Energy has been quite successful. For its 12 years of operation, the energy provider has reached a collective revenue of over $8 billion and considering the company is swiftly expanding its reach of operation, Stream Energy is in for a profitable future in the energy sector. Read more at about Stream Energy.

In November 2017, Stream Energy recruited a new Executive Vic President and Chief Executive Officer. The positions were assumed by Mr. David Faranetta who is dubbed a veteran in the energy sector. Mr. David Franetta has been looking after the financial planning of Stream Energy, as well as the reporting of business, tax, accounting, and treasury transactions.

Before Mr. David Faranetta became a part of the leadership of Stream Energy, he worked with other energy businesses. Previously, Mr. David Farantta worked at the company of Luminant as CFO of TXU Energy for the corporation. Luminant is a generator of electricity which they put on wholesale. Right before Mr. David Faranetta joined Stream Energy, he was the Senior Vice President of Planning and Treasury of the company Vistra Energy, also headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Mr. David Faranetta has achieved a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Moravian College. After that, he attended the Lehigh University, obtaining an MBA in Business Administration.


Stream Energy had a successful close of the year 2017. The company accomplished to expand its reach two times over the course of only four months. Stream Energy previously served in 10 states. In September 2017, the energy provider started offering its services to the state of Illinois. In early December, Stream Energy started being available in the state of Delaware as well, offering its full service.

The company ha started gaining momentum, and it stated that it intends on using the speed to expand further. Over the next year, Stream Energy aims to start being available in at least a couple of other states. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.