Roseann Bennett Talks What Makes Her a Successful Therapist

Roseann Bennett is an accomplished marriage and family therapist. She has over 10 years of experience in providing people from all walks of life with therapy. She works as an in-home family therapist through her practice Center for Assessment and Treatment based in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

Based in New Jersey, Roseann Bennett Therapist provides therapy throughout the Garden State, mainly operating in the counties of Warren, Somerset, and Hunterdon. She sat down with to talk about how she starts her day, how she remains productive and her greatest career accomplishment.

Roseann has a very strong work ethic, right after she wakes up she hits the computer and checks emails. She then drives to the office and as the head therapist, co-founder, and executive director she oversees all aspects of her clinic. Her daily tasks vary each day, these may include writing new policies, developing programs, going over the clinics budget and of course providing therapy. Since she is a therapist first and entrepreneur second, providing therapy is her most frequent task.

During the day, Roseann Bennett Therapist remains productive by taking notes. She is a very “old school” therapist that largely relies on pen and paper note-taking. She does use email as well as maintain a blog but she feels during therapy sessions that handwritten notes help her remain focused and remain attentive to the client.

Roseann Bennett began her career at Seton Hall University, where she received her Master’s in Psychological studies. Two years later she would obtain her Specialist in Education degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seton Hall. In 2009, she would open up her own therapy clinic Center for Assessment and Treatment. She believes her greatest career accomplishment is being told by her therapy peers that she has proven herself as a compassionate therapist family and marriage therapist.

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How Roseann Bennett Runs Her Therapy Center


Roseann Bennett recently sat down for a interview about her career, business, and how she runs her everyday life. First off, Roseann is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She earned her EdS degree in marriage and family therapy at Seton Hall University. With an education in tow, Roseann started helping individuals, couples, and families sort through their issues so they could live happier lives.


Roseann Bennett had a vision of opening up the Center for Assessment and Treatment for a long time. Finally she took the plunge with her business partner and husband, and they opened the charitable organization in 2009. The great thing about the center is that they don’t turn away people, regardless of if they can pay or not. The compassionate therapist is solely focused on helping people, no matter who they are, where they come from, and so on.


Coming into the office in the morning, Roseann Bennett comes prepared and organized. Since she holds a lot of the responsibility for the center, her day consists of coordinating the center’s programs, overseeing the activities, steering employees in the right direction, and also meeting with patients. This is quite a lot to handle, but Roseann does it without second thought.


On a daily basis, Bennett’s first priority is her patients and giving them insight into their lives. Then, Roseann Bennett has to develop new programs, doing a lot of writing, and clerical things that come with running a business. At the end of the day, Roseann updates her to-do list, prioritizes her tasks, checks her schedule, and updates her planner.


To balance out all of the stress throughout the day, Roseann loves to read in the evenings. She also loves to get a weekend massage to alleviate the pressures of the week. Refer to This Article for related information.


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Roseann Bennett Talks About The Benefits Of Canine-Assisted Therapy


Stress is the body’s way of responding to different demands or threats. When your brain senses danger, imagined or normal, the body’s defense kicks in rapidly to fight the stressors. In such cases, you may need to seek the services of a therapist. As a resident of Hackettstown, New Jersey, you may have heard of Roseann Bennett. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). See This Page for additional information


Background Information

Roseann Bennett has been a therapist for more than a decade. Within that period, she has interacted with many clients. She has worked as an in-house therapist as well as an outpatient therapist. While working as an outpatient therapist, Roseann Bennett noticed that some clients were in dire need of her therapy services; however, financial constraints hindered them from accessing her therapy services.

Since Roseann Bennett is passionate about her line of work and she wanted to make a significant change within the community, she liaised with her husband Todd Bennett, and together they formed the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2010.

Roseann Bennett is the sole financier of the not-for-profit organization. By forming this organization, Roseann Bennett wanted to ensure that people from all walks of life could access the mental therapy services that they are in need of. Despite being financially deprived, the Center for Assessment and Treatment will not charge you anything for the services that they offer.


Additional Information

Besides forming a not-for-profit organization, Roseann Bennett has also been offering quality therapy services by making use of canine-assisted therapy. Canine-Assisted Therapy entails the use of dogs during a therapy session.

Since Roseann Bennett has worked with children and adults, she noticed that children do not open up easily about their issues. As a professional therapist, Roseann Bennett had to look for a useful approach while dealing with children. She came across canine-assisted therapy. While implementing canine-assisted therapy, Bennett uses a therapy dog called Jack.


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Roseann Bennett Helping You Get Through Psychological Issues With Ease


Roseann Bennett is one of the most popular and experienced family therapist based in New Jersey. She is also the founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. With the experience of over a decade as an in-home therapist, Roseann Bennett has worked with numerous families, individuals, and couples, and helped them overcome various mental health and relationship issues.


With the kind of experience she gained as an in-home therapist, Roseann Bennett decided to take her practice further and started Center for Assessment and Treatment. It helps families, as well as individuals and couples, tackle their psychological and relationship issues in a very organized and systematic manner so that they can move on in their life without any strings attached that would interfere with their psychological health.


Roseann Bennett has studied EdS in marriage and family therapy from Seton Hall University and then went on to do MA from Seton Hall University in psychological studies. The innovative treatment methods used by Roseann Bennett have become very popular among her clients who have benefitted greatly through the approach she has adopted.


Roseann Bennett has helped many people overcome the struggles they face internally. It makes it very difficult for people to adapt to change in their lives, especially after a breakup, divorce, loss of a loved one, or any other major tragic event. If you are not able to move on in life after such an event and want some help or push to live life normally, Roseann Bennett would help you get through it with ease. Learn more about Herdsman in his interview with IdeaMensch HERE.


Roseann Bennett updates herself about the latest treatment methods and techniques and ensures that the clients can recover quickly from the situation they are in. If you want some assistance with your mental health or want some counseling for your relationship or family issues, then Roseann Bennett is the perfect therapist to help you get through it.


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Roseann Bennett Talks About Autism

There are many things educators and family should know about autism. Roseann Bennett wrote a very informative article called “Information Everyone Should Know About Autism.” Here is some information that can be found in that article.

In her interview with IdeaMensch, one thing that Roseann tells us is that autism looks different in different people. This means that everyone’s autism is not the same. When you meet someone with autism that person does not represent everyone with autism. Every person is unique even people with certain disabilities.

Another thing that Roseann Bennett tells us in her article is that being a bad parent does not cause autism. Even if you were the best parent in the world you can still have a child with autism. Many people blame parents for not nurturing a child in their younger stages. However, this is completely untrue and does not cause autism. Some things that actually cause autism is substances that mothers take while they are pregnant, infections, and other abnormalities.

Another thing to know about autism is the sooner children get their diagnosis the sooner they can be on their way to more independence. They will have more opportunities for treatments that help with autism. They also have less behavioral issues when this is caught sooner. It also lets parents be more involved in getting them more social interaction early on so that it improves as they age. Refer to This Article for more information about Bennett

There are many different things we can learn from Roseann Bennett’s article about autism. We learned that not all people with autism are the same, bad parenting does not cause autism, and having a diagnosis sooner can help with a child’s independence. By knowing these things we are steps closer in educating other people on autism and what it’s like living with this condition. We can also advocate for better treatment.

Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy. The Center for Assessment and Treatment has helped a number of patients and their families through times of stress and trial.