Milan Kordestani: Ambitious Entrepreneur with Equestrian Roots

In considering the fact that Milan Kordestani is an entrepreneur who has successfully established himself as CEO of his own company at such a young age, it can be agreed that both his life and the choices he has made exemplify the limitless achievements that can be obtained when self-confidence is exerted, opportunities are seized, and individual potential is invested in with maximum effort. As a child, Kordestani grew up in Stanford, California where he attended Phillips Brooks Elementary School. However, following the divorce of his parents at that time, Kordestani and his family moved to London, England where he attended Eaton Square School in 2009. But his experience in England was short-lived and he and his family moved back to California in 2010 after being in England for a year. Yet, upon his return to his hometown, Milan Kordestani’s life began to take an interesting turn.

At the age of 10, Milan Kordestani began to develop an interest in horseback riding that ultimately evolved into a deep passion over the following years. With persistent determination and enthusiasm, Kordestani pushed himself to excel at the skill and was even recognized by others as having an innate sense of expertise at the sport with an impressive desire to challenge himself to be the best and accept nothing less than. Moreover, he grew to become such a proficient equestrian that he began competing in world championships where he placed several high rankings including 3rd and 2nd place in the Worlds Championship Horse Show. Certainly, Kordestani’s drive and focus did not just end at his extracurricular activities. Rather he had an inbred ambition to fulfill himself within all aspects of his life.

While attending Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton as a sophomore in high school, Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farms. Milan Farms is a company that teams with other farms across the country to produce quality/organic poultry, eggs, herbs, and spices. Upon becoming a trademarked company in 2016, Kordestani had the privilege of expanding his company to include three individual farms that specifically focus on distributing eggs to the west coast and transporting saffron internationally. Nonetheless, while operating under the quality management and innovative vision of Milan Kordestani, Milan Farms made history by becoming the first farm to ever hydroponically grow saffron on microfiber sponges. Though, in spite of having accomplished such a feat, Kordestani continues to push the envelope through experimentation to create the best methods to produce top-of-the-line crops.

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