Lessons on financial fitness from Graeme Holm of Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm and his partner Rebecca Walker are the founders of the Infinity Group Australia. After working with different banks in the country, they realized that banks were in business to make profits without caring whether their customers were benefiting or not. They took six months developing a business plan that would address the financial needs of the people. Their key focus was the Australian mortgage market where people struggle a lot with loans repayment.




Australians were suffering from lack of guidance on how to manage their finances. Graeme Holm wanted to offer solutions that would guide everyone on how to manage their finances better. He wanted to change the scenario whereby banks were offering very poor deals to their customers.




There is no guidance from the banks on how the borrower could utilize the funds well, yet they expected him or her to repay the money on time failure, to which one is slapped with extra charges. Holm believes that banks want to see their customers struggle with repayment so that they can earn more from interest rates and penalties.




What solution did Graeme Holm come up with? He brought a different approach to the management of finances which involves borrowers working with personal bankers. From his experience of 17 years in the banking sector, he is conversant with all matters finances, and he is best suited to help Australians with debt reduction.




Infinity Group Australia offers a variety of services in property investment, debt reduction, and retirement strategies. Once you start working with Infinity Group Australia, they will not leave until you have repaid the debt in full.




Clients who have worked with the company so far attest to saving in three months what they did in 12 months previously. An average of $41,000 is the amount most of their clients are saving in 0ne year. With such amounts, it becomes straightforward to clear a loan in a short time.




Infinity Group Australia conducts research that goes into the daily household spending of the clients. Most families tend to waste their resources on household expenses unknowingly. The personal banker will help the client develop a weekly budget that will cater for expenses such as travel, entertainment, gas, and foodstuffs.




The company discourages clients from using their credit cards. Graeme Holm believes that if you cannot afford to buy it cash, you do not need it. Credit cards are the worst enemy in financial management.




The bottom line




By working with Infinity Group Australia, one will be able to cut on cost while at the same time maintaining a comfortable life. This company will help you live off debts by facilitating quick repayments.

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