Jed McCaleb, Riding The Wave Of Cryptocurrency

In 2011, Jed McCaleb diverged from Ripple and Mt. Gov to form Stellar. This was in response to a need to form a separate platform to ensure the future of cryptocurrency. Jed felt that centralization of money payment systems, such as Paypal and Swift have reached their growth potential. In order to create a decentralized cryptocurrency, Jed sought a money unit that could use nodes outside of the labs. Because as it stands with Ripple, the nodes could not run separately, and this was concerning to Jed. So, as the ultimate anecdote, he said that open system Internet protocols should have been created as non-profits. Jed McCaleb also implied network run technologies of the Internet would have been more successful as for-profit protocols.

Jed McCaleb saw Stellar as the cryptocurrency that could change digital monetary systems for the better. Thus, expansion and growth would occur without any major overhauls after implementation of the lighting network. The Stellar alt coins are called, lumens and they’re capable of making 100 to 200 transactions at once. These are considered responsive network transactions because the completion time is between one and five seconds. The lumens are ranked among the top ten cryptocurrencies, according to market saturation. Market saturation refers to the markets where the digital currency is used instead of an alternate digital payment method.

As the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Stellar, Jed McCaleb has always been on the verge. His first business, Mt.Gox is credited with being the premiere bitcoin exchange. Additionally, he was responsible for the very first large, peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, eDonkey. However deep Jed is into technology, he also has a heart for helping others. His concerns for people left without full financial stability after infrastructure collapse led him to create the Stellar Development Foundation. The Foundation seeks to use artificial intelligence resources towards funding constructive research for the greatest impact. According to Jed McCaleb, technology will enable cryptocurrency to correct the imbalances that currently exist in the financial system. A global system that Jed believes hinges on world participation; more people need to get involved with transformative cryptocurrency.

Nick Vertucci: Secrets of Real Estate Flipping

Nick Vertucci is one of the most successful real estate flippers in the history of the United States. He managed to acquire the knowledge about real estate flipping from a friend who introduced him to the concept. According to Nick Vertucci, when he was younger, his father died, and his mother had to work hard to provide the family’s daily needs. He had to move out of the house when he was 18, and he had to look for ways on how to earn money. He invested in assembling computer parts, and he earned a decent amount of money from his business. He soon had his own family, but everything changed when an economic crisis took place in the 2000s. His business failed, and he ended up bankrupt.

The friend of Nick Vertucci told him one day that a real estate flipper is in town, and he was invited to join one of the seminars. He learned a lot from the speaker and tried real estate flipping on his own. Real estate flipping involves the purchase of cheap property and selling it to the market at a higher price. Real estate flippers must know the real estate market, and they would need to work with professionals who would help them find a buyer. Once the house has been renovated, it can be advertised for sale. Newlyweds and families who had to move in immediately are the main customers of real estate flippers.

Nick Vertucci managed to acquire more wealth from real estate flipping, and currently, he has been visiting major cities across the continent sharing the secrets of real estate flipping. He is hoping that more people will follow suit, and he promised them that they could be wealthy in the shortest period through the method. Because of his success story, many have followed him and tried to do what he did before.