Medical Advances to Watch and Business Advice from Dr. Dov Rand

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers is a health facility dedicated to helping individuals as they grow older by maximizing their health. Founded by Dr. Dov Rand, the facility has been existence for more than 15 years (Drdovrand).

A Bioidentical Hormone Specialist, Dr. Dov studied at Rutgers University and Howard University for his undergraduate and medical degrees respectively. Upon completing medical school, he joined the Saint Barnabas Medical Center for his internship. Dr. Dov Rand later went to New York City and joined the Albert Einstein Medical Center, where he was a resident doctor.

During this period, his interest in health and nutrition piqued. Consequently, he started looking at the effects of what people eat and how they treat their bodies. Eventually, this interest led to the formation of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers.

In medicine, Dr. Dov Rand says that the way forward in medicine is in preventive medicine since making healthy lifestyle choices sets up people for success in the future. Additionally, he is thrilled about the advances in genetic markers testing and is an active researcher in regenerative medicine.

Markers come in handy in showing someone’s predisposition to a given disease. This way, a more person-centered approach to healthcare can be taken in helping you avoid the disease in question. On the other hand, with incredible advances in stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine will become more pronounced in future as the science develops.

As a medical practitioner, Dr. Dov Rand values interactions with his patients. This genuine care has seen him receive referral business from clients who have benefited from his services. As such, he says as an entrepreneur, you should be passionate about whichever field you operate in.

Additionally, for an entrepreneur, you should take the time to be the best at what you do by participating in continuous professional development. You can do this by engaging in extra reading in your respective field and attending conferences in the same.

For budding entrepreneurs, Dr. Dov Rand’s advice is believing in whatever you want to achieve no matter what others say. However, you should understand that failure is part of the entrepreneurial journey. Lastly, once you put your mind to something and get the right motivation, Dr. Dov Rand says it is amazing to watch what you can achieve with the human spirit.

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Jeunesse Global Taps Into Natures Reserves

Jeunesse Global is one of the more surprising success stories coming out of the global health and beauty industry over the last decade. Founded in the garage of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the company went from humble beginnings to become one of the most dominant players in global direct marketing.


Both Ray and Lewis were no neophytes in the health and beauty game. The couple had spent nearly an entire lifetime founding and growing businesses in the industry. After more than a dozen successful startups, both Ray and Lewis convinced themselves that they would finally hang it up and retire for good, allowing them to spend more time with the grand kids.


But the reality of days without anything meaningful to do slowly started grinding away at the couple. Soon, Wendy Lewis had begun selling health and beauty products out of their garage. It didn’t take long for Randy to jump in, beginning, in earnest, what would become Jeunesse Global.


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Both Ray and Lewis have long been natural entrepreneurs. It wasn’t long before the couple’s latest business was selling more than $1 million per year. By the end of their fifth year in operation, the couple had grown Jeunesse Global to having thousands of distributors and doing tens of millions each year in sales. See This Article for additional information


With Lewis’ extensive contacts in the industry and experience with new product development, the couple was able to create some of the most innovative products that have come along in the last ten years. One example is Reserve. The health drink contains the powerful antioxidant resveratrol. With all-natural ingredients, including aloe vera, green tea extract and grape seed, Reserve taps into nature’s own reserves of oxidative-stress-fighting elixirs.


The product, like everything else in the Jeunesse lineup, has been meticulously engineered to contain only the purest ingredients and all-natural products. Reserve has been scientifically demonstrated to decrease the incidence of oxidative stress, dramatically lowering the risk of diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke in those who regularly use the drink.


Users also report that the taste alone of Reserve is addicting, an attribute common to all of Jeunesse’s health drinks.

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