How OSI Food Solutions is Reaching the World

OSI Food Solutions now has more than 64 facilities around the globe. The fact that they could be opening more facilities around the globe is highly possible. As one of the world’s largest food suppliers, the company has worked to grow their presence in Europe and China. With the company operating in more than 17 countries and 20,000 employees, OSI Food Solutions is amongst the largest of privately held companies in the United States. One of the reasons this company has such a strong foundation is it’s beginning. Starting out as a small family business in Oak Park, Illinois, OSI Food Solutions took pride in offering high quality meats and customer service to all of those who were living in the community.

The founder of OSI, Otto Kolschowsky, was determined to provide the best food products that he could for this small village of immigrants that hailed from Germany. Otto knew what it took to come into a new country having traveled by boat just two years prior to starting his business. Opening his meat market was about taking pride in his unique skills and the type of work he knew best. It was around 1928 that the business was officially named Otto & Sons. It was from this point that their business began to grow as they opened up other locations in nearby towns.

The mid 1950’s would bring even more good news when Ray Kroc opened a burger franchise known as McDonald’s. This was the beginning of a solid relationship between Otto & Sons when Ray Kroc chose them to supply the fresh meats and other goods. With this partnership as McDonald’s was growing, this meant that Otto & Sons was growing as well. Supplying meat for their hamburgers became a top priority, and it was just the right combination of business to help OSI grow into OSI Food Solutions. Click here.

McDonalds And OSI Group

OSI Group have become a major food supplier and a corporate goliath. They started off as a small retail food store and expanded into a wholesale food company after the war. Starting off in the early 20th century Otto immigrated to Chicago, which was then considered one of the immigration hotspots of the world. Most immigrants would get a farm and start producing. Otto instead opportunity out to make something that will last him his family for generations to come. After the first world war his expansion to a wholesale company allowed him distribute more to farther regions of Chicago. During 1950s, Kroc, who was a franchise developer in California came across the opportunity to buy McDonald’s group.

Before that he had entered into a verbal agreement with Otto and Sons. According to this agreement, they will distribute ground beef to Autos stores nationwide. After auto bought the McDonald’s group, it was speedily becoming a force to be reckoned with on a national scale. Without any major corporate agreement Otto and Sons became a distributor for one of the fastest-growing food processing corporations in America. In the early 70’s the opportunity to reduce cost of food production while increasing the meat quality came about. Now OSI Group could freeze food and produce them at cheaper rates. They created the installed a food plant specifically aimed at producing meat for McDonald’s restaurants nationwide displacing other low rate meat distributors.

This solidified their position as one of McDonald’s major meat distributors. A decade after this OSI Industries started looking globally in continents like Asia Europe and South America. Lavin, a former banker became the managing director of the company with the specific goal of overseeing its expansion to other parts of the world. Currently, OSI Group is one of the largest food producers in the world majorly due to mergers and joint Ventures. They have currently made about 6.1 billion dollars in sales and don’t look like stopping anytime soon. 1987 marked the start of OSI Group presence in the Asian region, after a joint venture with K&K foods in Taiwan. Subsequent Ventures with Jen West in the Philippines and a Chinese food organization cemented their position in the Asian region. Click here.

OSI Making sure that McDonald’s Big Macs Stay Safe and Free of Preservatives

 Today we live in a world were we constantly worry about the foods we are putting into our bodies, the ingredients they contain, and the preservatives they might include. Many people are strongly believing that McDonalds burgers are full of preservatives, even though it is advertised otherwise, and it has not been proven. This led to the OSI factory in Günzburg Germany, being toured, and allowing us to see where these Big Macs really come from.

OSI Group is the company that supplies the burger to McDonalds, they produce about 5 million burgers a day, and about 30 million a week. The company may have a big turnaround rate, but they work hard each day, to make sure the burgers they send out are up to standards.

In order to keep the meat safe and to standard, the OSI Group makes their employees follow very strict rules. These rules include the prevention of sick employees working, the ability for them to wear anything that could go loose into the meat, and before entering everyone must were specific clothing. The also require workers to do handwashing before entering the factory and they make any visitors follow the same requirements.

When it comes to the meat, it arrives in large pieces where it is then checked to make sure it is bone free, and then put into containers. The meat later gets minced and then a machine turns them into the burgers. The factory often selects a few burgers to grill and test, to make sure that make it to fulfil the companies standards.

All burgers are placed in plastic bags and placed into boxes to be shipped from OSI. The boxes are stamped with information about were the meat came from, that way if there are issues when arriving at McDonalds then it can be tracked back to the source and resolved. OSI Group makes sure that the process of making the burgers is safe, to standard and that the burgers are preservative free.

David McDonald Address Customers Concerning Husi Shanghai

OSI Group has always been recognized for decades. The institution is respected when it comes to the manufacture and packaging of high quality food products that have been made in the ideal atmospheres. The company products are preserved using the right ingredients. The leaders of OSI Group are like no other in the market. These professionals are experts in management, and they have never been scared of making OSI a leader in a market that has undergone shocking changes. David McDonald takes a huge tasks in the company. The professional has served in the food company for decades, and this is why he was offered the role of president. The company board of directors knew that he was capable of handling the challenges in the global food market. David McDonald has not disappointed the company since he took the position of president several years ago.

As the president of the successful organization that has already impacted lives in an international level, it is the role of David McDonald to address all the customer demands. The businessman has recently come out to speak about the recent happenings in Husi Shanghai. According to the experienced president, this is a serious matter for OSI Group, and it is going to be handled by professionals who are highly experienced. If there are any people who will be found guilty of the crimes that have happened in the branch in Shanghai, then serious actions will be taken by the company. The company chief executive officer apologized to the customers for the unfortunate turn of events, and his juniors have also supported the move. The company top leadership has announced that it has taken fast measures to address any shortcomings that have resulted from Husi Shanghai. David and his team had to send a special delegation to conduct serious investigations so that they could know what has been happening in the affected region. The team has already accomplished its first mission, and they are expected to give their recommendations very soon. Any official from the company who will be implicated will face the consequences of their actions.

Guilherme Paulus Reveals the Secrets to Becoming a Better Entrepreneur

Guilherme Paulus is the current president of the GJP Hotels. He is also the founder of the CVC company. He is a well -known and successful Brazilian entrepreneur. After he was done with his studies, Paulus secured an internship opportunity at IBM where he worked for a certain length of time before he decided to venture into the entrepreneurship industry.

Guilherme Paulus reveals that the idea to establish his company came from a colleague by the name Carlos Cerchiari. They met when travelling during which Carlos shared his dreams of establishing a tourist agency. They decided to come up with a partnership to establish the agency. Paulus chose a good and strategic location which was just at the exit of a movie theatre. They worked together for some few years before Carlos decided to exit and venture ino another business.

Paulus always ensures that he starts his day by being thankful and optimistic. He is always ready to face what another day brings along. He has a diary where he schedules all his daily and weekly activities and this avoids confusion and also saves on his time. This also makes him orderly. He believes that ideas are mainly brought to life through faith. For an idea to either fail or succeed, it must be put into action.

Guilherme Paulus loves the way technology is simplifying our day to day activities. Technology has made it easy to access information that is of great importance to the business. Information such as customer preferences and opinions are very crucial for most business managers. Paulus ensures that he offers close supervision the various facilities under his management. He holds discussions with both the customers and the employees and from this he gets to know their views and suggestions. He advises the young people to always seek for advice and especially form the elderly people who have knowledge and have also undergone various life experiences.

Guilherme Paulus strongly believes that what maters a lot in today’s society is the way one integrates both hard work and knowledge in their endeavors. He terms the combination unbreakable.