OSI Food Solutions Company

OSI was founded in 1909 as Otto’s meat market and its name changed to Otto & Sons in 1928. It later became OSI industries in 1975 and grew internationally. OSI Food Solutions was begun by Otto Kolschowsky, a Germany immigrant. It supplies food products to a number of the large restaurants businesses. OSI Food Solutions has quickly grown to be one of the top large producers of value added food products in the world. It manages 65 entities in 17 countries and it has employed over 20,000 people.

Brands with retail and hotels are able to leverage OSI Food Solutions abilities and its global reach to process high quality food items. OSI food products are set to be able to satisfy many customers’ interests. OSI organization works very hard to be the largest manufacturer of food services in the world. The organization has acquired a venture to operate in the Philippines.

The organization has satisfied the standards of environmental standards ISO 14001, and AU audit scheme too of being a standing organization in food security and safety regulations that re needed. The company has acquired Baho food company, Chicago food processing firm, and the Flagship company. David McDonald is the president of OSI organization.

The company produces all its products in accordance with customized specifications for the clients. But the company does not give a standard index of food products rather it works together with the clients in identifying the kind of products and favors customers want creating a personalized procedure for each customer.

OSI Food solutions has an experienced group of staff that is able to prepare a menu of items for breakfast, lunch, supper, food deliveries, snacking and cuisine menus that are included with delicacy of protein products and vegetarian options too.

The organization has a poultry facility that provides a range of items for hotel services like batter and bread chicken pieces and chicken meat balls. It is also able to give raw cuts via its department in US and China. Beef products are also produced in the company and they include raw, cooked, and formed items like burger, meat balls, meat loaf, and steak.

OSI Group’s Long History With McDonald’s

Looking at OSI Group today, it’s hard to believe such an internationally renowned company began as a local butcher shop.

Today, OSI Group has over 20,000 employees working at over factories and offices in 17 countries. It’s not too far fetch to say OSI Group built the world’s current globalized-food-economy.

OSI’s story began in 20th century in Chicago, Illinois. At the time, Chicago experienced an influx of German immigrants, growing the German-influence throughout the city. In the early 1900s, more than one-fourth of Chicago’s residents were of German descent, many stopping there before heading west to settle on farmlands on the western plains. Otto Kolschowsky was one of those German immigrants.

Two years after arriving in Chicago, Kolschowsky opened a small butcher shop in Oak Park, Chicago. He dedicated his craft and his family trade to assist the community, cementing his place in booming Chicago.

By the end of the First World War, Kolschowsky expanded his shop into the more lucrative wholesale business. Soon, he had enough money to move to a more prominent Chicago suburb in Maywood, Chicago. In 1928, he rebranded the company as Otto & Sons and introduced his children to the business.

Throughout the Second World War, Otto & Sons remained a vital part of American life. The once little butcher shop became one of the largest meat providers in the region. After the war, the boom of the returning workforce made expanded Otto & Sons’ reach even further.

The end of the war also brought together two of the current world’s largest food companies. As suburbs popped up all across America, family restaurants covered the American landscape. In 1955, Ray opened the first McDonalds. At the time, he owned a franchise restaurant for Richard and Maurice McDonald. After convincing them to let him open a McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois, he met the Kolschowsky sons.

As McDonald’s grew, Kroc needed more meat suppliers to grow with his brand. Otto & Sons attached themselves to McDonald’s in the 50s.

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OSI Industries: Expanding Their Presence

When you are dominating the global market with fresh meat, it only shows that you know what you are doing and will continue to be a presence in the business of wholesaling. OSI Industries is just one such business. They are the best at what they do and their meat is delivered with the quality and freshness that it should have, making it a force to be reckoned with.

When Tyson has to lay off workers and closed down one of their meat facilities, OSI Industries bought the building to expand for business. This was a brilliant business move. Plus, they can call back those workers who have lost their jobs so that they can work again. It is a good thing to consider rehiring a group of workers because this is good for the economy. It has always been about putting people to work and OSI Industries does just that. Without them getting that building, the company can not expand. It is a must that OSI meet the demands of the people who enjoy their meat and buying the facility will make that happen. There would be job opportunities as well as pleasing the customers. When you are distributed of ground beef, seafood, chicken, and baked goods. They also wholesale pork to various stores and restaurants. If you are looking to be a part of that arrangement, this company will gladly get you started. Your restaurant will have fresh meat that your customers will come to enjoy. They may not know that you buy your meat wholesale from a variety of places, but OSI is the company to buy it from.

Expanding your company in the same city it was founded is a wonderful thing. You will find that you have much love when you bring jobs to the people. If you find yourself wanting to work for OSI Industries, you just need to find out where they are going to open a facility and show up to work. You can celebrate and hear “well done” knowing that your meat is coming from a prominent and dominant leader.

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OSI Group and David McDonald

The food industry is vast with many companies vying for the top spot but OSI Group arguably takes the lead. They have gained much recognition over the years with President David McDonald leading the charge. The company has worked hard over the years to ensure they are always putting their best foot forward.

David McDonald always had a love for agriculture and food as he grew up on a farm in Iowa. He knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the agriculture industry and went on to earn a degree from wellknown Iowa State University. Joining the team at OSI Industries in 1991, David McDonald’s hard work and ambition paid off as he was promoted through the ranks and ultimately landed the position of President. Read more about David McDonald at Inspirery.

As President of OSI Group, David McDonald focused on building a foundation of strong partnerships and company expansion. David made such an impact in his position as company President that he was given the Wallace E. Baron Outstanding Senior Award. This recognition set him apart from other businessmen in his field and gained him much respect in the industry.

OSI facilities are currently located in over 17 countries and is leading supplier of pizza, sandwiches, and more. They also boast a whopping fifty facilities in several countries. The company also has a sound business partnerships all over the world and is working on becoming the largest supplier of poultry products in China. David plans on making OSI Group a global brand with ethical customer relations.

David prides himself on developing and maintaining communications with customers, ultimately securing his position within the industry. Word of mouth has made a huge impact on the company’s growth thanks to the support of devoted customers. Word of mouth is a tried and true way to gain recognition and respect in business. The company strives to come up with better ways to serve its customers by rolling out new products and services. Be sure to take a look at David McDonald’s website for more information about him and OSI Group’s next business venture.

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Joel Friant: His success and His Original Habanero Shaker

It was in his Thai fast food restaurant (the first of its kind) that Joel Friant had his idea for the Original Habanero Shaker.

Before this Joel had worked in real estate. He was a salesman, and he was quickly learning the business and paving the road to success. He also remodeled homes and sold them for a profit, proving his business savvy.

Confident in his business abilities, Friant opened his restaurant in 1995, earning him the nickname “The Thai Guy.” The restaurant was well reviewed and the customers loved the spicy food. Joel wanted to find a way to put this spiciness inside his customer’s kitchen and he began to experiment with Habaneros. He perfected a method of drying and flaking the peppers, and soon the Original Habanero Shaker was on every major retail grocery store in the state of Washington. People were crazy for it.

Joel sought new business opportunities in a familiar place: real estate. He became a salesman once again and quickly climbed the ranks to become the top salesperson in his office. This prompted Joel to venture further into the real estate business. He had learned about mortgage rentals and opened an office that presented them at reasonable rates for real estate buyers.

In 2008 the financial crisis hit, and Joel was inspired to inspect the elements of success. HE analyzed the traits of successful and unsuccessful people and invented a new way to look at business and finance.

Joel used his investigation into success to help other people by holding seminars over the web and writing articles for business publications. He continues to share his wealth of knowledge and is currently studying how cryptocurrency can help people achieve success. He also continues to sell the Original Habanero Shaker, expanding into new markets with its classic and spicy flavor.

How Beneful Dog Food Stacks Up to Other Brands

To get a better understanding as to how Beneful brand dog food stacks up to the competition, we only need to look at how your dog will respond when they see that delicious food in their bowl. The first thing you notice is those huge chunks of farm-raised chicken, then you can not help but see and endless array of colorful and healthy dog food accents ranging from blueberries, spinach, to pumpkin.

Your dog is getting 23 essential vitamins and minerals in each meal, minus all the fillers that you find in other brands like grains and corn. Beneful brand dog food not only looks and tastes good, it is the healthiest option for your furry family member. Your dog will thrive after eating this brand dog food, bursting with energy while the food helps them to live a healthier life.

Taking a look at the production of the Beneful dry dog food, we see employees at the US-based facilities performing several food quality checks from the beginning to the end of production. These employees feed their dogs the same food because they see exactly what is going into every single bag of dog food. Compared to the rest, Beneful is the only choice when the health of your pup is a top priority.