Greg Secker: A Succesful Forex Guru

Greg Secker is a famous entrepreneur and was born on 18th February 1975. He is a philanthropist, trader, and renowned international speaker. His skills of speech are recognized globally and he happens to be one of the leading businessmen alive. He believes in his family life so much. He plays his fatherly roles in a unique way. He is the founder of a great company like Knowledge to Action Group. The group is a combination of very many industries that include Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, Capital Index and also the Greg Seeker Foundation. The above organizations teach many people how to succeed in their trading.

Greg Secker, just like many successful people have come from a humble beginning. He started a small company called Thomas Cook Financial Services and then moving to a foreign exchange and created a business called The Virtual Trading desk. The above platform was the first one that offered forex trading that used to act in real time. It provided traders with quotes for transactions relating to foreign exchange. He also joined Mellon Financial Corporation as the Vice President. This is a fortune 500 bank that is located in the United States. His trading knowledge grew tremendously after the exposure in travelings and interactions with finance gurus. He decided to open learning to trade after 3 months that worked in efforts towards helping people with potential in forex trading. It has held so many seminars and workshops and has trained more than 200,000 people across the globe.

He joined the training business because he saw many people struggling to begin trading. He just had the passion for many people to have the knowledge of trading financial transactions so that they can change their lives. He trades forex from home and that is how his life has changed and that of his family members. He started at age 27. He was happy to have made decent profits within a period of three to six months. Greg Secker first customers were families and friends whom he trained and started doing very well. They learned the learned to trade program that eventually made them great traders.