How the Ingredients in EOS Lip Balms Help Keep Lips Soft

Evolution of Smooth has become one of the leading manufacturers of lip balms today. This company’s success was in large part due to the marketing strategies used to target millennial women. Rather than just promoting the product as a gender generic lip balm, the founders behind this company chose to approach their target audience using the same strategies designed to promote beauty products, click now. Since their balms had been specifically created to appeal to women between 25 and 35, it was easy for them to play upon the differences their products had in relation to what was currently available on the market. These differences included using natural and organic ingredients as well as providing a variety of intriguing flavors.

EOS lip balm’s Blueberry Acai flavor of balm gets its natural flavors from plant extracts that have been certified as organic by Oregon Tilth. To help add moisture and protection to dry lips this balm also contains ingredients such as coconut oil and vitamin E. The natural flavors of blueberry and acai also enhance the balm with antioxidant properties as well as a pleasing scent.

Another balm designed to stimulate the senses is Evolution of Smooth’s Pomegranate Raspberry flavor. Also made with natural plant extracts, this balm is designed to glide smoothly across the lips. Ingredients such as Shea butter and jojoba oil help keep lips soft and supple, shop here now!

The company’s Coconut Milk flavor is also made to help soften dry lips. Rich in essential plant oils and vitamins C and E, this balm provides lips with hydrating properties that last all day long. Like all of the balms produced by Evolution of Smooth, their Coconut Milk flavor does not contain phthalates or mineral oil. The balms available in the company’s lines of Smooth Spheres and Visibly Soft Spheres are also designed to glide on discreetly without color.

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