Save Money And Stay Comfortable With Goettl

Located in the heart of the Southwest, the Goettl brand of air conditioning repairs and maintenance technicians has been providing high quality customer service for the better half of a century. The company has recently become a major part of the social media marketing revolution and has published a quick guide to keeping any property cool and comfortable during the warmest months of the year, based on their own abilities as some of the world’s most impressive HVAC technicians.


The “Goettl Tells All” guide provided through includes a number of tips for keeping any home or business property cool and comfortable, including taking basic maintenance steps to ensure each and every part of a HVAC system is working correctly. Air filters that are not changed regularly can cause many issues for a property owner and reduce the level of efficiency in any property. New technologies can also make a major difference to the way we live our lives in war areas of the world, including the use of a digital programmable thermostat; Goettl have recently been a driving force behind the arrival of connected and zoned cooling systems, which can be programmed through a Smartphone from anywhere with Internet access.


The Goettl brand has been built around a number of pillars of success, including the best in customer service the company was always well known for; under new owner Ken Goodrich the Goettl brand has played a key role in many community programs, such as the installation of new units for those who are struggling to make ends meet.


In a bid to make sure its next generation of technicians are among the best trained in the U.S. the Goettl brand has partnered with the College of Southern Nevada to develop a new training areas and various scholarships for military veterans and those with family members within the HVAC industry.