Graham Edwards and His Inspiring Work For Telereal

It is usually said that success comes with utmost dedication and complete disavowal of the possibility of failure. This is something that is understood by Mr. Graham Edwards as helps navigate and lead the future of Telereal, which he has been leading since its operations in 2001. It was even said that the first Telereal could not be possible without the diligence and continual support of Graham Edwards.


The Beginning

It can be said that the most crucial part of growing a business is its initial parts. It is when the risk of failure is most ripe, most powerful, least inevitable. With the kind of risk that is being faced by Telereal during its initial stage, it’s little wonder that they needed the expertise of someone like Graham Edwards. With his help, Telereal was able to fly high to its potential. It was with him that the company was able to build links with BT Plc, which is a telecom company.

The transaction that best defined the success of Graham Edwards is the one that he was able to pull off with British Telecom, which resulted to an acquisition of about 6,700 properties that’s worth more than £2.38 billion ( This was a joint venture that indeed shaped the future of the market and the economy of United Kingdom. This was a time when the operations of Telereal was just a merge between Land Securities Trillium and Pears.


Identity Behind Graham Edwards and Telereal

It’s one of the most amazing things in the world to be able to run a company and grow it to its full potential. With the kind of involvement that Graham Edwards did for Telereal, it is evident that there’s still more to the company and his leadership than meets the eye. There will still be new challenges in the future, and new risks to face, and it’s a good thing that the best days of Telereal are still not over, and Graham Edwards is still here to make a lot of improvement to the entire operations.

The future of the global market and economy may look egregious and dismal at first glance, but with people like Graham Edwards at the frontier of projects, all these challenges will be easy to deal with.