Geoffrey Cone Develops Legal Papers To Document Foundation of New Committees

Geoffrey Cone, the famous executive of the Cone Marshall law firm in New Zealand, has recently developed a series of legal documents in an effort to bring awareness to the formation of new regulative committees in the New Zealand government. During an interview with a local business publication, Cone stated that he was asked to develop the documents by upper level government officials and expressed his honor to have been chosen to complete the task. Cone discussed the focus of the legal documents by stating that he designed the documents to address the formation of new committees that will likely have a profound effect on the New Zealand tax code, explain ways in which the committees will serve the New Zealand population, and address potential concerns associated with the development of the committees.


Formation of New Committees

Cone described several new measures that will be put into effect by the tax committees in an effort to better assist New Zealand tax attorneys. According to the Cone Marshall executive, many incentives are currently being discussed in the committees and are expected to be added to new taxation legislation in coming years.


Committees’ Effect on New Zealand Population

Geoffrey Cone also discussed the impact that the formation of new committees will have on the New Zealand population. Cone believes that the new committees will serve the New Zealand population through the adequate legislation of foreign and domestic tax codes. Cone is pleased that the majority of the committee members share a history of successful citizen-oriented legislation. Cone believes that these committee members will continue to implement legislative practices that are considerate of average New Zealand tax payers.


Potential Concerns Regarding Committee Development

The executive stated that the primary concern with the formation of the committees was that the committees would have the power to enact taxation measures that reflect values that are not in keeping with the general public in New Zealand. Cone assured citizens that the new committees would not possess inordinate power and would include the election of members to particular committee groups. Because the committee members are elected, Cone believes that New Zealand citizens will always have the ability to ensure that their values are reflected in new tax legislation.