Jason Hope Sits Down For An Interview With Inspirey

The first question given to Jason Hope by Inspirey during his sit down interview was how did he get started in his business. Inspirey also asked what was the motivating factor behind his business startup. Jason Hope said that after he completed his undergraduate studies in finance and later on his graduate studies in business at ASU, it was natural for him to enter the business world.

He was drawn to the mobile tech industry at first because Jason Hope realized that the technology had impacted a large amount of people. It was also ripe for change and innovation when he first entered the mobile communications field as well. These factors made this industry a very appealing category to start a business in.

Jason Hope still believes that the mobile communications sector has a lot of potential for changes. This coupled with Jason’s vision as a futurist is what ultimately lead him to sell a premium text messaging service to mobile phone users. While his business was not as successful as he had hoped, it did lead to him becoming highly interested in technology and medical research. It also reinforced his vision as a futurist businessman to learn more: https://angel.co/jason-hope click here.

Another question asked of Jason Hope was how he managed to obtain his first customer for his business. Jason Hope said that he obtained his first customer for his text messaging service through a referral. Mr. Hope was doing marketing work for a company while he was developing his mobile text messaging service. He got a referral through the job he performed there. Jason took the opportunity offered by referral and he used it to grow his professional network as well as land his first customer for his business.

Inspirey also asked Jason Hope how long it was before he became profitable in his venture. Jason Hope said that he became profitable almost immediately. His fast profitability in his business allowed him to invest in other tech startups and expand his investment portfolio.