Larkin and Lacey Foundation: We Believe in Freedom

Cultures of diversity have struggled very hard to fight for their emancipation and personal rights for many years. But very recently, Africa was hit with domination and enslavement, which has been a cruel and heartless problem even for other countries all over the world right now.

In a retaliatory move, move, many individuals who have already been slaves for some years, have started to rebel and fight against those who have subjugated them and had finally been able to gain the freedom and peace that they deserve, which is the independence that many oppressed people need now.

As much as we would want this right this minute, it must first be granted by officials, and there are many people who feel that their luck can be pushed further so that in return, it will give them the permission to resources and cheap labor.

Luckily, two people were able to give those troubled immigrants a voice to fight against those who have oppressed them. Those two individuals are Lacey and Larkin. Both of them have shown their compassion for helping the underprivileged through their organization, which they have called the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

Since the group has been formed, it has been well known for providing immigrants and those unfortunate people with financial support to fight for their human, civil and migrant rights. Throughout both of their careers, they have been able to face a lot of false convictions. Aside from that, when they are not working, they live a pretty exciting life.

Lacey & Larkin are journalists since they travel and go to different places almost all the times, they write about most of their accomplishments and have spread it around to make the world aware of what has been happening to those poor migrants.

The organization that they both created has also been responsible for providing immigrants with places to stay among many other things that can be found at the Southern Arizona Camp. Most migrants cross over to the Mexican border and seek shelter at the premises of the foundation. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Aside from that, the group has also been able to help deportees and families on the other side of the frontier, and assist them to regain their personal belongings and properties that have been confiscated by security when they reach the border of Mexico and the United States.

All of the above mentioned are only a portion of what the organization has been able to contribute to those in need. They have also felt that the security personnel that can be located at the borders take an interest in their personal belongings and keep it for their personal use without the intent of giving it back.

Through the organization’s efforts, they have been able to protect and grant migrants freedom. Under the watchful eye of the two journalists Lark & Lacey, they have been able to give families the happiness that they deserve free from the bondages of oppression from those people who do not deserve to be killed.