An Insight on the Career of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a very popular and respected name when it comes to the law field. He is from Brazil and is normally based in the city of Sao Paulo. The specialty of Bruno Fagali lies in different law branches like regulatory law, administrative law, ethics, urban, compliance and electoral law. He has been serving in the law field for a long time and has therefore been able to acquire a lot of expertise and experience in the legal system of Brazil as well as internationally. Since the year 2006, Bruno has been serving in various law firms and has managed to serve in different capacities. The respected attorney is the proprietor of the Fagali Law firm which is a private and independent firm which he founded. Recently, the attorney was appointed to serve at the Nova/SB as the Corporate Integrity Manager. Check more on to know more.

Bruno Fagali enjoys the success in his career mostly because of his experience in the law sector. He went to study at the Pontifical Catholic University immediately after he completed his high school studies. While at the university, Fagali managed to study his undergraduate degree in Law whereby he specialized in Administrative Law. After leaving the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Bruno Fagali went on to the prestigious University of Sao Paulo where he managed to acquire his Master’s Degree in State Law. Fagali began his practice in law in the year 2006 when he served as an intern at the Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. He then went on to Ramires, Manesco as well as Perez. In the past, Fagali has serves as a lawyer at the Radi Call as Associates Advocacy where he served for two years.

Bruno Fagali is an associate and coordinator of advertising and ethics agencies commission which is under the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics. In order to acquire more skills in his line of work, Bruno Fagali has undergone complementary training in advertising and marketing, legal ethics compliance, electoral law and parliamentary law. Bruno Fagali is known for his fluency in French, Spanish, Italian as well as English. When not practicing, the established attorney likes to write research papers and publications. Learn more:


A Transitional Man Named Choudhry

We think of Sujit Choudhry, and we think of a rare exception to the rule. Just think a moment about what you wanted to study growing up. Did you consider biology, finance, business, or were you into active sports with a dream of going pro? All of these are valid options, but one man choose a different path as you’ll discover.

Mr. Choudhry is the face of a movement many are unaware of. What they don’t see is the force of one man’s decision and his ability to move nations with his daily work objectives. What Sujit Choudhry does is more than comparative constitutional law. His work is in creating revolutions where people aren’t starting wars.   Read Sujit’s answers to questions in this interview on

What we see instead are nations that become great, bigger and inherently better. And you may now be asking how all of this can happen. The answer is relatively simple and easy. It’s called comparative constitutional law. Don’t be misled by the statement. This law is a common process in thinking and theorizing.

Gather everything you know about the scientific method for example. This process requires the practitioner to create a theory, gather information, make a test to validate this theory and then test a bit more or in varying conditions. The process of comparative constitutional law follows the same pattern.

The only change is its objective when compared to science. To simply say it, that objective is to transform nations. Often, nations who undergo this process with Sujit Choudhry are in need of civil order. This can happen by first understanding the process of constitutional development.  To read blogs, visit Sujit’s page.

Which is the process whereby study and examination is put into practice and to uncover both what we know about civil rights and what we discover as most beneficial for the same. The long standing track record of Sujit Choudhry is evident of his ability to synthesize change and transitions for many nations across the globe.

Hop over to this and check this podcast, featuring Sujit Choudhry.

Sujit got his start as a professor, became a dean and then created his own center. To learn more about Sujit, visit his official website at  This group is The Center For Constitutional Transitions. The work of the agency is impressive with a long route before it. Nations need change, and this entity will be one of the major powers who implement such development for countries globally.  Check for additional article.