Jose Borghi and the Success of Mullen Lowe Brasil

Mr. Jose Borghi co-CEO of a leading ad agency Mullen Lowe Brasil. He joined the firm in 2006 after it merged with his previous workplace. He became President and assisted in the restructuring of the corporation. Jose Borghi majored in Advertising in 1988. His professional career began with his position at Standard Ogilvy when he started working for the company in 1988. Borghi also worked as Talent writer for a few years. Mr. Borghi has received many awards throughout his career in the advertisement. In 1999 he won the Archive editor award; he has been awarded 20 Lions at Cannes, 15 awards at the New York Festival, 16 April Awards and much more. He is the creator of a vast number of media campaigns for companies such as Honda, Fiat, and much more. Over the years he has worked with more than fifty major brands such as American Express, America on Line, LG, Delta Airlines, Iveco, Toyota, Samsung and much more. Click Here for more.

Today, Mullen Lowe is an advertising provider for a large number of international companies, and it is also among the leaders of Brazilian advertising. The ad agency prides itself on the innovative eye-grabbing advertisement campaigns, on their creativity and the proactive team of advertisement creators. The Mullen Lowe Brasil has its headquarters located in São Paulo, and it also has an office in Rio de Janeiro. It came to be from the merge between Borghierh Creative Intelligence and Lowe. It was renamed to Borghi Lowe after the major restructuring of the corporation in 2012. In May 2015, the ad agency became part of Mullen US and Mullen Lowe Group emerged. In Brazil, the advertisement agency has been known under the name of Mullen Lowe Brasil since the June of 2015. The agency has become extremely successful and has grown a lot through the mergers it has been undergoing in the recent years. for more.