Rona Borre is the Best Example to Follow Whether You are a Man or a Woman

When Rona Borre started Instant Alliance from the spare bedroom of her Chicago, she knew exactly what she was doing, and she didn’t waver for one second. Even though there was no one there at first but her and her bulldog, Henry, she dressed in a business suit and showed up.

Before her new startup adventure, Borre was the leading account manager for a large, global staffing company where she broke every existing sales record that they had, and she wound up controlling a $30 million block of business. Now she is the head of her business and setting all kinds of records of her own.  More articles on

There is one factor that Borre says that most other staffing agencies miss. That factor is the relationships that must be formed when working with client companies. This is vital as she has to know all about the leadership of the company along with the company culture and how a recruit would fit in. What exactly is the client looking for in the way of a new employee?

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Once those questions are answered, then Borre and her staff shake the world to find that employee. This method works better than running hundreds of candidate by the client. History has proven Borre right as backed up by the fabulous results Instant Alliance has enjoyed.  To learn more about Borre and her company, hit