Magnises is What the Millennial Expects:

The Magnises Company makes it possible for the professional Millennial to easily connect to a world-class city, such as New York; as well as another socially prominent metropolitan area–in way of Washington, DC. The card has been launched in each of the preceding Metro markets. It is planned to launch in other major cities, too.


What makes the black, metal Magnises card unique is that it provides the Millennial user with a way to pay for purchases and services in the city.


According to, Billy McFarland is the CEO and founder of the Magnises Company. Billy McFarland has made it possible for the Millennial professional to connect an existing debit or bank card to the Magnises card, in order to pay for services and items, throughout the city.


The Magnises card has an impressive appearance. When the member makes use of it, as a pay option, the impression, of his using it, is highly-favorable. Such a card provides the impression that the user of it is not only influential, but exceptionally prosperous. The $250 annual fee is reasonable; and is an ideal investment, in acquisition of the card.


However, the element of pay is only the beginning: The user of the card is able to attain easy access to many of the best cultural and trend-setting establishments, in the city. He or she experiences price-levels for stylish services, entertainment, and cultural activities, considered “bottom basement” pricing.


McFarland, wisely noted, that his Millennial niche, required a rich and lavish lifestyle, at an affordable price. He made this expectation possible by way of partnering with, literally, hundreds of trendy vendors and promoters. As a result, the membership of the black Magnises card has swelled, proportionately. Click Here:


Some of the areas wherein discounting is provided include the following:


1) Fine dining experiences at some of the city’s trendiest eateries and theme-based locations;


2) Discounts for nightly entertainment venues;


3) Reduced pricing, in the way of tickets, at major sporting events;


4) Discounted tickets to Broadway shows;


5) A stylish Penthouse, where Millennials mingle, after work hours, over a refreshing libation;


6) Cultural activities, in the form of art exhibitions, by some of the highest-regarded artists in the city;


7) An amenity referred to as ClubPass–small monthly fee for this amenity–allowing the Magnises member into popular nightclubs, with no “wait time.”


8) A contemporary work space, that normally goes for $500 monthly; however, offered to the Magnises member, for a reasonable $99, monthly.


9) Hotel rooms generally priced at $255, nightly, offered to the Magnises member for $79, nightly.


10) Terrific discounted seats to Broadway shows;


11) Access to runway, fashion shows;


12) Access to beautiful rooftop garden locations, at premier city spots.


13) There are get-togethers on yachts,


14) Excursions to blue skied, bluer water, white sandy beach locations–wherein, the Magnises member, is transported to the destination, by way of private jet;


15) Sunset get-togethers at premier city spots, where the Magnises member views the sun setting over the city’s horizon;


16) Discounted tickets to food events; and more.


Most assuredly, the listing of amenities is amazing. Too: there is now a handy concierge app, made available to the Magnises member, in order that he or she may conveniently plan his or her evening out.



The preceding events; cultural and social functions, makes the small investment of $250, annually, once again, a clear purchasing choice, for the active professional Millennial, who wishes to connect with everything his city has to offer. Find out more details:


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