Review on the New EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm is one of the new trending commodities in the market. It is manufactured by a company known as Evolution of Smooth, EOS. The lip balm is supplied to malls and retail shops for the customers to buy. This lip balm is created from organic ingredients with no animal origin. The manufacturers also add organic hydrating compounds that help in preventing the lips from cracking.

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The packaging of the lip balm has been designed in a way that buyers can easily spot them among the many other brands in the market. EOS Lip balm comes in different flavors such as Vanilla Orchid, Hibiscus Peach, coconut, Shea butter, honeydew, grapefruit and many others. EOS lip balms also have jojoba oil and vitamin E as significant ingredients. It has also been tested by a dermatologist. This ensures that EOS lip balm doesn’t cause any allergies or skin diseases that may result in health risks to its users, view here.

EOS has recorded huge sales for these products. This includes the sales recorded by the retail stores that purchase these vegan crystal flavor lipsticks for resale. These retail stores are the famous Walmart, Walgreens etcetera. This unique brand of lip balm has gained so much popularity such that celebrities like the Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have them in their makeup bags. The packaging of this product is very appealing to the eye. Anyone who loves them wouldn’t miss spotting the pastel-colored orbs.

The company has been making huge profits on a daily basis and have even attracted media houses who invite them for interviews, refer to Having risen from zero to a hundred real quick, many editors for magazines have written articles about this vegan flavored lip balm.

The users of this vegan lip balm have given positive feedback to the company through their website and other social media platforms. Its use has enhanced the beauty and the smoothening of lips.

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