Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an online marketing company that uses different ways to promote businesses. When Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion, it was only dealing with video email marketing. Video email marketing is a strong way to connect with your clients.
In 2014 talk fusion expanded to incorporate several other ways to enable you to reach your customers:
• Fusion on the Go
• Video News Letter
• Video automatic responders and E-subscriptions
• Video blogging
• Video sharing in social media
• The Talk Fusion wall
• Connect(webinars)
All these digital marketing tools are available for you at different prices depending on the type of package you buy.
The WebRTC Recorder
As of May 2016, Talk Fusion has launched a new WebRTC Recorder. The WebRTC Recorder is an ambitious innovation to make it easy and fast for marketers to connect with their leads. You can employ this technology when you are using Firefox and Chrome browsers to record videos.
WebRTC comes with many other benefits including:
1. Instant recording
2. All-in-one synchronization
3. And Fast playback.
Talk Fusion is known to use such superb technologies to keep their customers a notch ahead of their competition. They are among the first companies to incorporate WebRTC Technology into their services. You can now use the new WebRTC Recorder when video emailing or for Video Newsletters. They are in the process of employing this technology to the other products they offer.
Customers of Talk Fusion using Chrome and Firefox can access the benefits of the WebRTC Recorder. To use this new product, just click video Newsletters or video email from the dashboard and go to the ‘webcam’ option.
If you are interested in enjoying the new Talk Fusion product, just sign up for a 30-day free trial. Enjoy sending video Emails and video newsletters to your donors, customers, friends and family free of charge.
Talk Fusion has now reached 140 countries across the globe. It was founded in 2007 to help small and big businesses, individuals, communities, friends, family and animal organizations to reach their customers in an easy and efficient way. Many companies are already using the products of Talk Fusion.